Why Was this Huge Ship Found With Nobody On-Board?

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    Try World of Warships now! Register here: wo.ws/2LU8j2o and activate the BOOM code and get cool benefits: 200 doubloons, 2 ships: St. Louis and Premium ship Emden, 20x Restless Fire Camouflage, 2,5 million credits and 7 Days of Premium

  • Donald Carey

    Donald Carey

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    @mac man A carefully thought out image, I might add.

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    mac man

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    @Donald Carey Oh okay mate but i was messing around about Thoughty 2's possible relative as the guy had that late 19th Century look about him.

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    Donald Carey

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    @mac man My great-great-great-grandfather didn't have she same last name as I do (it's a long story).

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    Donald Carey

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    @Fatcine There's a LOT more than that. I never have to wait more than a minute or so for a match.

  • mac man

    mac man

    2 dager siden

    3:50 Your great-great-great grandfather didn't patent Dried Milk by any chance did he?.🤔

  • Sheila M. Michuki
    Sheila M. Michuki2 timer siden

    Love it! Captivating & humorous.🤣🤣🤣

  • Mikko Mengullo
    Mikko Mengullo4 timer siden

    Maybe they landed on the little islands and they forgot to tie or put the ankle of the ship ⚓

  • Lorenzo Notarianni
    Lorenzo Notarianni4 timer siden

    Thankgod I'm not the only one that thinks there is a lot of sea out there !! Greetings from Italy.

  • Paul Wilkinson
    Paul Wilkinson4 timer siden

    There is a theory that two men of the crew, german brothers who’s names I forgot had mutinied against the crew and forced them off the ship

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    Like Thoughty2s site but i pay every month for Premium YT so i get no ads so who gets paid for the 'paid promotion'?

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    That was hilarious!!

  • james paley
    james paley9 timer siden

    They prob got pissed thoughtship was gonna sink. Shite rigging and crew storms and not in right mind and left

  • james paley
    james paley9 timer siden

    They got pissed

  • William Beglen
    William Beglen11 timer siden

    You sir. Tell the stories by gathering proven facts. I really enjoy your videos when I come across them. Thank you.

  • Kubaadamiec
    Kubaadamiec17 timer siden

    they were on board but they were playing hide and seek and hid there forever.

  • Kubaadamiec
    Kubaadamiec17 timer siden

    they were on board but they were playing hide and seek and hid there forever.

  • Taylor FuckYou
    Taylor FuckYou23 timer siden

    Rear view window

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    Azlan AmeerDag siden

    As usual a brilliant video.

  • Terry Fulds
    Terry FuldsDag siden

    Porous Red oak leaking alcohol fumes known to cause unconsciousness and hallucinations. Combined with an unexpected storm and faulty equipment. Sounds like they made a bad decision based on compromised reporting from a crew breathing alcohol fumes, and abandoned a boat that wasn't sinking.

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    Luke 2:52Dag siden

    Why does your name say thoughty2 but you say 42

    SHANOOBS !Dag siden

    Stand name: strength

  • mac man
    mac man2 dager siden

    3:50 Your great-great-great grandfather didn't patent Dried Milk by any chance did he?.🤔

  • Cuauhtli Martinez
    Cuauhtli Martinez2 dager siden

    12:31 if you want to drop anything fragile and suffer a minor heart attack.

    IRON MAGE2 dager siden

    That tashe though.......has anybody told him?

    STEPHEN McDOWELL2 dager siden

    It's amazing that nobody knows were the people went of course I think they all drowned 'but would you jump ship to soon 'I wouldn't I would wait to make sure that the ship was actually sinking 'so if they stayed on board they would likely still be alive

  • Ashikage.
    Ashikage.2 dager siden

    this is like a movie the ghost ship in netflix

  • Ashikage.


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    @SHANOOBS ! oh yeah the monke



    Dag siden

    Stand name: strength

  • Dom Ex
    Dom Ex3 dager siden

    Was 2 minutes of padding really necessary

  • John Smith
    John Smith3 dager siden

    If there was an explosion, the impact would have dislodged and spilled the other barrels of alcohols.

  • Eli Cordova
    Eli Cordova3 dager siden

    What do you hang on the rear view window?

  • Hans, get ze luger
    Hans, get ze luger3 dager siden

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    Daniel Haley3 dager siden

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    VelBoi3 dager siden

    the maw from little nightmares

  • Aussie Taipan
    Aussie Taipan3 dager siden

    The original Gilligans Island

  • Keith Woodcrest
    Keith Woodcrest3 dager siden

    If they were last by those islands .. could they have been on those islands, seeking shelter, and the boat become unanchored during a storm and floated away? Doesn't explain the damage to the ship but it would explain why there was nobody on board

  • omgwerockhard
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  • jan stolk
    jan stolk3 dager siden

    The captain broke a fundamental rule , "you only step up to a life boat ." It makes no sense to leave a large ship to get in a dinghy, I don't think he would have done that volontairily . Mind it happens time and again that people abandon a recreational boat to perish and the boat is found later afloat .

  • MaKayla Ann Goodwin
    MaKayla Ann Goodwin3 dager siden

    My theory is that they got off to spend time on the islands that were mentioned in the log book.

  • Honora Fox
    Honora Fox4 dager siden

    Such a cursed ship and this video has 666K views... Uhmm...

  • Sand Waves
    Sand Waves4 dager siden

    Here's the explanation nolocal.info/have/video/gZuMrLyz12WFrWs

  • chuckschilling
    chuckschilling4 dager siden

    An explosion powerful enough to blow open the cargo hatch would certainly have been powerful enough to cause most if not all of the other barrels to explode. There would certainly have been evidence left behind.

  • Madeline Price
    Madeline Price4 dager siden

    ooh, I'd love to pay her a visit :o

  • Samuel Berson
    Samuel Berson4 dager siden

    That's what they want us to think. But we know it was really the work of Davy Jones.

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    Wow you are a great narrator and storyteller. I enjoy the little puns your put to lighten the mood.Great video

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  • Steven Skorich
    Steven Skorich7 dager siden

    You reversed fore and aft on the diagram (ca. 6:53) when discussing the hatch covers.

  • Scouser Tommy
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    scott Murray7 dager siden

    This is a great video. I didn't know about the research into the alcohol vapour and the lack of burns/scorching that the explosion left. Thoroughly enjoyed the content.

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