Why Nobody Knows How Eels Reproduce

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Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Alex Brown


  • jackishere
    jackishere4 timer siden

    what if eels are actually aliens?

  • Sid Huhndorf
    Sid Huhndorf6 timer siden

    What if Eel Larvae don't actually float from the Sargasso to the European waters; but instead hitch a ride inside the digestive tracts of humpback whales during migration cycles? Eaten, pooped out, eaten, pooped out; until they are in the correct waters which they would probably recognize the same way the mature Eels know where to go to get to the Sargasso.

  • Kyriveli
    Kyriveli13 timer siden

    It's simple, when a eel and a woell love each other they kiss and make a wish.

  • Maureen Cummin
    Maureen Cummin15 timer siden

    So interesting.

  • Arnau Castarlenas
    Arnau Castarlenas16 timer siden

    I love the 0:00 heyy, 42 here

  • The Creature From The Black Lagoon
    The Creature From The Black Lagoon20 timer siden

    I know how eels reproduce

  • badass t-rex
    badass t-rex23 timer siden

    1st. I shouldn't watch this video 2nd. I watched the whole video but no answer 3rd. Yes i still got my balls..

  • Damian Long
    Damian LongDag siden

    The elver black market is ruthless

  • Stupid Stories
    Stupid StoriesDag siden

    He always finds a way to make us imagine disturbing things

  • Sean Price
    Sean PriceDag siden

    imo sigmund freud is more *infamous* than famous.

  • OrphanCrippler
    OrphanCripplerDag siden

    'fruout hishtory'

  • Taylor Glenn
    Taylor GlennDag siden

    Uh I know how they reproduce it’s not hard to find out

  • Paul Mclaren
    Paul MclarenDag siden

    I think EEElon musk has something to do with this.

  • Aidan Finley
    Aidan FinleyDag siden

    As sam o'nella said....

  • Paul S
    Paul S2 dager siden

    nice storytelling but really just uncovered a lot of unknowns, and I wonder why nobody has collected eels from the Sargasso for study?

  • Sound Books
    Sound Books2 dager siden

    9:00 cant stop watching the lady drop her chalk and pretend like it didn't happen

  • The Man Downstairs
    The Man Downstairs2 dager siden

    whoever wrote the pun "sexual *eeling* " into the script deserves a pat on the back and a slap on the face

  • Tatag Nasrul
    Tatag Nasrul2 dager siden

    It is so pleasing to watch this while snacking deep-fried eel

  • talentless cult member
    talentless cult member2 dager siden

    This is a great example of how little we know about our oceans

  • George Cowsert
    George Cowsert3 dager siden

    Eels literally go through the same process literally every pokemon goes through... Wack.

  • AnimeSniperWolf 17
    AnimeSniperWolf 173 dager siden

    This is feeding my knowledge of animal reproductive bits uwu

  • Bella Blackmist
    Bella Blackmist3 dager siden

    As soon as I heard about the Beatle theory I knew it had to be another facinating case of multiple species actually being one

  • Ryan Ergo
    Ryan Ergo3 dager siden

    They deserve privacy smh.

  • Elliott Martin
    Elliott Martin3 dager siden

    “42 here”

  • Lotus
    Lotus3 dager siden

    What if the eels just do it externally

  • Fisher and Hunter Do Stuff
    Fisher and Hunter Do Stuff4 dager siden

    Maybe Ella breed in underwater caves in the sargasso sea

  • Abdul Hamid Hassan Ali
    Abdul Hamid Hassan Ali4 dager siden

    Eel's are like pokemon, noone knows how they reproduce, the eggs just appears out of nowhere when 2 of them are together.

  • Damn Yankee’s Daughter
    Damn Yankee’s Daughter4 dager siden

    What if some of his drunken friends swapped out creatures to screw with him? Laughing their butts off as he published his findings

  • WeThePharaoh
    WeThePharaoh4 dager siden

    Silly goose. Mommy and daddy never told u how babies are made? When two eels love each other very very much they engage in a special hug. I will tell u more when u grow up.

  • Gilrael 123
    Gilrael 1235 dager siden

    You bastard, that last line...

  • Richard Spencer
    Richard Spencer5 dager siden

    Got my girfriend your book she says it's like 50 shades of Gray for the intellectual.... I hate your moustache

  • Dogeth
    Dogeth5 dager siden

    Eels do appear out of nowhere, in the middle of the vortex

  • Levi-Solomon
    Levi-Solomon6 dager siden

    Sexual eeling 😅 That's a good one Arran

  • Fire Burn
    Fire Burn6 dager siden

    I subbed to this channel in 2016 and first time seeing you upload since then

  • Lord of the beans
    Lord of the beans6 dager siden

    Me who watched Sam'o'nella: "Pathetic"

  • WokeAF
    WokeAF6 dager siden

    We do the same mistake nowadays with fossils of the dinosaur, we give the same species different names just because the fossils of the same species were found at a different stage of its life.

  • Mochi
    Mochi6 dager siden


  • Gartensocke
    Gartensocke6 dager siden

    Couldn't it just be that the eggs like the trash are brought there by ocean currents and were layd back in europe?

  • SmartGoku
    SmartGoku6 dager siden

    makes me not want to ever go swimming in rivers and the sea really

  • Alex Roca
    Alex Roca6 dager siden

    mate you really need to work on your pronunciation, not just of foreign names but you can't even say Moray properly, it's a complete disregard of respect! Totally a symptom of your colonialist english past!

  • Alex Roca
    Alex Roca6 dager siden

    eels up inside you, finding an entrance where they can!

  • Luca
    Luca6 dager siden

    deez nutz

  • Josh Flores
    Josh Flores6 dager siden

    Maybe they mate in biggest deepest cave with small holes that only eel could get in.

  • REAPer_Gaming plot twist guy paid actor
    REAPer_Gaming plot twist guy paid actor6 dager siden

    I didn't even know that people didn't know how eels reproduce wow what a mystery.

  • ChungWei Wang
    ChungWei Wang7 dager siden

    The furry furtive decade phylogentically object because squash behaviourally subtract around a uptight active. macabre, absorbing japan

  • Don Spates
    Don Spates7 dager siden

    i think a few eels may have been harmed in the making of this video.

  • Monique bosman
    Monique bosman7 dager siden

    i think like snakes they pretty muts alike

  • Doug Stubbs
    Doug Stubbs7 dager siden

    So... how do Eels go to and fro from the North Atlantic and fresh water streams in Outback Australia? Calling out obvious Northern Hemisphere Chauvinism.

  • gdlk
    gdlk7 dager siden

    Biggest question of 2021: "So who is gae?"

  • gdlk


    6 dager siden

    who says i'm gay?

  • Mrnibbles 1000

    Mrnibbles 1000

    6 dager siden

    y r u gae?

  • TheCCPfearsANZ
    TheCCPfearsANZ7 dager siden

    We all going to ignore the sea horse giving an eel a hug @6:56?

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar7 dager siden

    Where do butterfly comes from ?

  • Ag A
    Ag A7 dager siden

    anyone remembers in The Witchers, they turn novice witches into a pool of eels for renewable mana?

    THE WATCHER7 dager siden

    5:09 hahhahhaha! funny I'm funny really funny! he said Sigmund Freud liked genital! hahgahahgahhaha!

  • Nathaniel Bruff
    Nathaniel Bruff7 dager siden

    Me: (reads title) (says with confidence) I know how eels reproduce. (thinks for a second) yeah, I have no idea how eels reproduce.

  • Nicholas Deluna
    Nicholas Deluna7 dager siden

    How do they mate? How do they die? How do they reproduce? Is it possible they only mate/produce at a certain time, day, with a certain mate, other special circumstances.....

  • Dæmon Visigoth
    Dæmon Visigoth7 dager siden

    Why does Johann Schmidt look like all four Beatles if you smooshed them together?

  • Matthew Kay
    Matthew Kay8 dager siden

    Nobody has ever seen these garbage patches either. If anyone can direct me to a picture shot from the sky I would appreciate it.

  • NathanNZ TheFisherman
    NathanNZ TheFisherman8 dager siden

    Fascinating! Here in New Zealand we have two native species of fresh water eel. The general consensus is they swim out to sea and migrate north to the Tonga trench/ Kermadec ridge area to breed/ spawn then die. Then the juveniles find their way back to the very same river or fresh water source their parents came from! ...apparently

  • Jonathan Sherbert
    Jonathan Sherbert8 dager siden

    Okay so when two ieels come in contact with each other the female turns herself inside out and then they implode instead of two grown ills swimming away a bunch. 200 baby ills swim away. FACTS# BABY ILL manufacturing.

  • Hisyam Ahmad
    Hisyam Ahmad8 dager siden


  • Freki
    Freki8 dager siden

    eels are so fucking appalling! most hideous creature on earth

  • Mr. Spindle
    Mr. Spindle8 dager siden

    Everyone knows that eels are dark serpentine gods of the void, which feed upon human consciousness.

  • Steven Weeks
    Steven Weeks8 dager siden

    "A sniff of a testicle." Well said.

  • Aaron Koenders
    Aaron Koenders8 dager siden

    I unsubscribed only because he says forty 2 instead of thoughty 2.

  • Marcellus Jason
    Marcellus Jason8 dager siden

    Sam o nella academy nostalgia

  • Jv 2JZ
    Jv 2JZ8 dager siden

    Me an intelectual: Toxic Semen

  • F
    F9 dager siden

    15:41 well someones getting eaten out by an eel

  • Nickname
    Nickname9 dager siden

    I watched in search of a time stamp where he reveals how they reproduce. But instead became disappointed in humanity upon finding out its still a mystery.

  • ga mer
    ga mer9 dager siden

    9:02 the chalk fell out of her hand XD

  • G.va10th
    G.va10th9 dager siden

    Woah last time I watched you you didn't have a mustache

  • Soup
    Soup9 dager siden

    did you just blame cuba for the garbage patch? lol

  • well as an expert I'd say
    well as an expert I'd say9 dager siden

    Forty two what?

  • Just A Pineapple
    Just A Pineapple9 dager siden

    11:21 I'm done

  • Elijah Hopper
    Elijah Hopper9 dager siden


  • Omar Cano
    Omar Cano10 dager siden

    POV you found this in tor recomended

  • eagle
    eagle10 dager siden

    12:07 Fix. - 👽

  • JakoborRazor
    JakoborRazor10 dager siden

    What if there are massive eels the size of giant squid? They don’t develop sex organs until they reach their full potential size, which they can only do at depths yet unexplored?

  • yeetus them fetus
    yeetus them fetus10 dager siden

    God: *it just works*

  • mk
    mk10 dager siden


  • weak sause
    weak sause10 dager siden

    6:55 did that seahorse just give that eel a hug?

  • RadioActive Gaming
    RadioActive Gaming10 dager siden

    e(el) girls

  • Eugene Marshall
    Eugene Marshall10 dager siden

    How dare ye disrespect KIRBY !

  • 808 Motives
    808 Motives10 dager siden

    its astounding how often this same situation presents itself in science. Remember those triceratops when you were a kid. Yah turns out its just an adolescent form of the pachyrhinosaurus. Now eels, i cant take anymore.

    KONTAKT10 dager siden

    As a great man once said: "WHAT'S A NIGGA GOTTA DO TO GET SOME EEL DI-" -Sam O'Nella

  • BadLandMan
    BadLandMan10 dager siden

    I love how all the comments are just Sam O Nela quotes.

  • Jordi Zierz
    Jordi Zierz10 dager siden

    Science doesn't have all the answers.

  • Toxic Gamer
    Toxic Gamer10 dager siden

    Instead asking how eels reproduce let's ask the real question. What do eels do for society?

  • LoudWaffle
    LoudWaffle10 dager siden

    So what you're saying is that Aristotle might be correct?

  • Holden McGroin
    Holden McGroin10 dager siden

    When you're down by the sea and an eel bites your knee....That's a moray .

  • Sage Hanson
    Sage Hanson10 dager siden

    "Kind of like what might've happened if Nintendo decided to turn Kirby into a horror franchise." But it is...

  • Oliversandys
    Oliversandys10 dager siden

    I just got it 42 it means the universe, he’s the universe.😀

  • og_otaku
    og_otaku10 dager siden

    So eel are basically pokemon

  • Burned Noodle
    Burned Noodle11 dager siden


  • Bill Sonsen
    Bill Sonsen11 dager siden

    everyone else: ESCALATORS! aristotle: EELS.

  • iPlayGames
    iPlayGames11 dager siden

    Him: mentions Slovenia. Me: *insert "that's me!" meme*

  • IN Pluto
    IN Pluto11 dager siden

    Oldest eel lived to be 155 years. GODDAMN! These fuckers can live a long ass time

  • Foxy _ Cotton
    Foxy _ Cotton11 dager siden

    Explain how immortal jellyfish are made

  • Wesley Damen
    Wesley Damen11 dager siden

    You should do a video about the octopus familly like cuttlefish and such actually the most interesting creature ive ever seen

  • Goober Egg
    Goober Egg11 dager siden

    Y'all are stupid Just put a camera in the ocean damn it's that simple

  • R
    R11 dager siden

    Can live to 100 years old poisonous blood difficult to kill please stop talking about me