Why Mind Reading Might Be Possible

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  • Mark John Towse
    Mark John TowseTime siden

    Joe McMoneagle, not Mick...

  • tumtuaresagitur
    tumtuaresagitur11 timer siden

    FWIW: pariNaama-traya-saMyamaad atiitaanaagatajñaanam (ati-ita-an-aagata-jñaanam).... ; ) yogasutrastudy.info/yoga-sutra-translations/ysp-sutras3-01-3-20/ (suutra III 16)

  • Dr. FeelGood
    Dr. FeelGood17 timer siden

    Yes, you did know. I can't let them as there's already a flag there.

  • Dr. FeelGood
    Dr. FeelGood17 timer siden

    But you showed my card and I was like, "wtf? "Then split second later, was like, "I am I am one of those 1/6 people who thought the same as thoughty2!"

  • David Stewart
    David StewartDag siden

    We will eventually master our 'other" abilities. You have to wonder about the reality of ESP when you consider that our species has records of this for literally thousands of years. Kind of hard to maintain the lie over all this time.

  • DNA39 Pilot
    DNA39 PilotDag siden

    Well how do you start an event, actually several events that has happened in my life. At a young age, around 4or5, I proclaimed to my mom I could see into the future. We was on a drive to see my grandma, when I made this proclamation. My mom wanting to humor herself and teach a normal perspective of social construct, she asked what was ahead of us on the road we was driving. (Side note, my dad was big into meditation, yoga, and Martial Arts chi perspectives). I closed my eyes and reached this state of feeling, I projected my self forward, miles ahead of our location, I came up to a white van, no windows, sitting on the side of the road. I describe the van to my mom. As we was driving we get to a 3 way stop, she turns right, which technically changed the name of the road. She starts to explain people don't have these abilities, and I need to not act pr say these things. About a mile on the road we turned on, just before the last stop sign on that stretch of backroads. She turned the slight bend in the road, there it was, a white utility van, no windows, sitting on the right side of the road. Christmas gifts. Was always accused of looking or finding gifts, because I could tell what they was before opening. Dating my future wife. Now 20 years of age, dating my now wife, I told her I can sometimes read minds and sometimes tell the future. Of course she is wanting to test this. I worked nights while going to college, she worked days in a well known sporting goods office building. One day while taking her lunch she went to the local mall and went in and purposely bought something to test me. I was at home asleep no clue she was even doing this. She calls me later that evening before going to work, she right off says, I bought a gift for you today, you have to guess it. She didn't say where she bought it, or what store, just bought me a gift. Again, as I did with my mom, I closed my eyes. This one was odd cause I felt I was looking with her eyes. I described walking up to the mall, in through a specific entrance. Then I was in the store walking around. I saw drinking glasses and her hand reaching out and grabbing a glass with a picture on it. Now, I'm describing this to her over the phone. I paise for a moment and the picture on the glass became clear. She bought me a Goofy glass from the Disney store.. Next one with future wife. Another time she was testing me, again a lunch trip, this time to the park. I got something for you today, you have to guess. Just like before, close my eyes. Right off I said, your'e at the park. Your walking around the pond, I see your standing at a tree. You reached up and broke a tree branch off. (I gave her a hard time on that. Lol) I focused on what was in her hand, and seen the fuzzy buds of a Pussywillow tree. We don't by Christmas gifts for each other anymore, when we did, I wasn't allowed to think about them. Lmfao. My daughter hated me because I always knew before she did things. I have many other odd things and stories happen over the year, not sure what to make of things. Can say it's definitely odd and disturbing sometimes.

  • Cricket Man
    Cricket ManDag siden

    14:46 I NEED THIS GIF or VID!!!

  • Zandrus
    Zandrus2 dager siden

    Someone send me the link to the articules hes talking about

  • Austin Dement
    Austin Dement2 dager siden

    How did he actually guess my card?

  • S B
    S B3 dager siden

    You just changed the cards

  • toaster bath
    toaster bath4 dager siden


  • jacksonlar
    jacksonlar4 dager siden

    What if you were required by law to sign up for that?

  • Qansax Geed
    Qansax Geed4 dager siden


  • Lovely Panda
    Lovely Panda6 dager siden

    I don't know about scientists lining up to become priests, but my chemistry & physics teacher in high school was a devoted Jehovah's witness.

    xBLOXMENx6 dager siden

    I have crush on your crush classmate

  • Tony Frick
    Tony Frick6 dager siden

    Banging... lmao

  • JustinTheDragonKing
    JustinTheDragonKing6 dager siden

    Oh my goodness he knew most people wouldn't remember the cards with a lot of hearts on it and took advantage of it and removed the cards that are easy to remember how dare he? XDDD

  • rader james
    rader james7 dager siden

    I have started singing a song and turn the radio on and the song was on. going to call someone pick up the phone to dial and they were on the phone.

  • Galenical Hoover
    Galenical Hoover7 dager siden

    18:13 Dr. Alex Jones Bwahahahaha!

  • Berry anderson
    Berry anderson7 dager siden

    I dont know if this can pe possible or not but i have truely experienced precognition when I was 13, one day me and my dad was going on an highway on a bike and their was a random man infront of us; when we were going well i noticed a cow in the right field and idk how but a thought suddenly came to my mind that it will hop left and will crash to the bike in front of us, so till the time i told my dad the cow hop and crashed in the front bike but fortunately we were somehow escaped that crash, and from that incident i truely believe in 6th sense even if no one else

  • Garbage


    6 dager siden


  • Christopher Velez-Cabret
    Christopher Velez-Cabret7 dager siden

    But how did you choose the card I picked

  • Thoehn
    Thoehn7 dager siden

    I would sign up with Neuralink in a friggin heartbeat, not gonna lie.

  • Matt Price
    Matt Price8 dager siden

    The FBI already does this. Is this supposed to be funny?

  • Matt Price
    Matt Price8 dager siden

    The sky might be blue.

  • Dude Guy
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  • Random Guy
    Random Guy8 dager siden

    I saw this video in my dreams before I watched the whole video

  • Adam333
    Adam3338 dager siden

    16:34 never used jam as lube but ok!

  • marie staggs
    marie staggs8 dager siden

    OR perhaps the process is through time since we think about it is making it possible through evolution ...slowly as changes do happen according to the need or lack of prior need is seen thorughout history with animals and humans

  • Bomboclaat
    Bomboclaat8 dager siden

    I was lowkey freaked out at 1:13 when u showed 10 of diamonds cuz I thought u we’re gonna say ace of spades so I tried to pick sum different

  • Lilly Flower
    Lilly Flower8 dager siden

    Where is he from?

  • Josh’s Journal
    Josh’s Journal9 dager siden

    Maybe you are already aware of this but there is a guy named Russell Targ who worked for the US government back in the 70’s. He studied remote viewing and had great results. I believe his work was recently declassified.

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany9 dager siden

    I love the diversity of your interests. Your mind just NEVER stops. I can relate.

  • AgarWorstPlayer
    AgarWorstPlayer9 dager siden

    50% comments: I can see the future Other 50% comments: I'm a time traveler from Life is strange

  • AgarWorstPlayer
    AgarWorstPlayer9 dager siden

    I can tell the future. You will read this

  • Garbage


    6 dager siden

    How'd you do that

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name9 dager siden

    9:02 I see what you did there

  • Charles Quinn
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  • thatwasprettyneat
    thatwasprettyneat9 dager siden

    For some reason I always listen to Thoughty2 when I'm folding my laundry.

  • CodyTheChronic Musician
    CodyTheChronic Musician10 dager siden

    Ya know i did acid with my girlfriend and somehow got into "thought tunnels" we were having full conversations in our mind we would speak to make sure we were thinking the same thing and then just bust out laughing at how crazy the hole thing was another couple was tripping with us and i could kinda hear their thoughts echo through these "thought tunnels" kinda like donnie darko if im honest with the transparent tunnel leading out of his chest. So in one sense its cool because i know this to be 100 percent possible but ive never replicated or proven this experience but me and my gf do know that its possible so thats pretty awesome.....also as a practicer of "magick" i can explain fortune telling 1 you make a plan 2 you follow through with runes each rune represents an aspect of life so you shake and cast your runes examine witch are face up and simply think of your life in relation to that aspect and think out where your going and where you want to go. So manifestation and fortune telling go hand in hand and the basis for manifestation is simply self hypnosis (aka programming you subconcious aka learning) but you program your subconcious to draw yourself towards what you conciously desire subconsciously.....but ya know these physological bio hacks are "witchcraft" so remember kids if you plan and follow through your a witch that should be burned :b

  • Jacob Ray
    Jacob Ray10 dager siden

    Imagine a world in 1000 years where anyone with bad intentions and the right power/skill can just pop up and figure out what your thinking.

  • Achmad nizar
    Achmad nizar10 dager siden

    Please add subtitle in your video.. I'm not very proficient with English, most of the times I don't understand what you're saying..

  • Oneness Seeker
    Oneness Seeker10 dager siden

    I spin the psi wheel by intention & using the stinging electric energy in the mouth & head. It's not a game though you have been warned

  • Frank Boogaard
    Frank Boogaard11 dager siden

    I actually made a screenshot, and NONE of the initial cards were there ;)

  • Yasar A
    Yasar A11 dager siden


  • L Middle
    L Middle11 dager siden

    Sometimes you can actually feel someone is watching you, it's an ominous feeling. Something just feels very odd and you somehow know exactly where it's coming from, in direction, distance and height

  • gamer world
    gamer world11 dager siden

    Does anyone know what to call a level of consciousness where a person see himself/ his thoughts as if in a point of view of a second person

  • Deepak K
    Deepak K11 dager siden

    Anyway you play a cheap Card game

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins11 dager siden

    Mind reading is plausible, but the earth being an infinite plane is impossible... Okay...

  • The Docklighter
    The Docklighter11 dager siden

    Most women can read my mind just fine, but thanks to covid my cheeks couldn't be paler or that I don't smell like a drunk with a drinking problem. _jk_ actually, thanks to covid I smell even more like a drunk. _jk. jk_

  • Daeran Gall
    Daeran Gall11 dager siden

    He is a lumberjack, and he is alright.

  • Special Ed
    Special Ed11 dager siden

    U.c. Barkley? Is that the one run by Charles Barkley?

  • Hexinum
    Hexinum12 dager siden

    You look like my history teacher

  • Lukas Jak
    Lukas Jak12 dager siden

    You change all of them begin

  • Derpy Derpstein
    Derpy Derpstein12 dager siden

    Ok i believe this

  • Derpy Derpstein
    Derpy Derpstein12 dager siden

    If you flip it around I predicted that you wanted me to choose the 10

  • Derpy Derpstein
    Derpy Derpstein12 dager siden

    Me and my sister think so much alike that we very often have those moments of thinking the exact same thing

  • NGCSH187
    NGCSH18712 dager siden

    Man said bang ging I’m crying 😂😂😂😂

  • Father Ruins
    Father Ruins12 dager siden

    I got 10 of diamonds, tf... no way he just did that.

  • Nidhin Benny
    Nidhin Benny12 dager siden

    wait how does the card trick work? i chose the 10 of diamonds- i know the missing card bit, he changed all the cards, but what abt the card i chose showing up before that?

  • Off grid north country Farm
    Off grid north country Farm12 dager siden

    You got my card right ...hum

  • Off grid north country Farm

    Off grid north country Farm

    12 dager siden

    It was a whole new set

  • Off grid north country Farm

    Off grid north country Farm

    12 dager siden

    But they were all gone for that matter

  • Madison Coral
    Madison Coral12 dager siden

    There ARE things we do not understand. Things I did not believe in until it happened to me. I've looked through most of the comments, and I don't see anyone else saying this, so I know this doesn't happen often, or people don't talk about it. I usually do not talk about it. However, I had a legit experience over a number of months where a "new friend" absolutely could tell what I was thinking some of the time. Honestly, I do not know how often she was in my head, or how it worked, but there were many occasions when she let me know . I am NOT a simple person with a glass head. Also, we were not conducting an experiment. She literally almost stalked me. For instance, she did things that I had just thought about doing, while walking with her. Then she came back and asking me when I had done it. Then, taking me to show me the exact thing I had considered doing was done exactly as I imagined doing it. (I realize that example sounds kind of confusing, but I do not want to be specific at this time.) The evil enjoyment she took from watching my reaction was palpable. We did things like having "conversations" without words. It would seem like something where you almost ask a person a question, and you just imagine how they might answer and then what you would say to finish the brief conversation. These are little "self-talks" that everyone does daily without even being conscious of it. Until later, when she asked, "Did that really happen today" with a sickening smile. I pretended not to know what she was talking about, and she repeated the unspoken conversation, word for word. "You know when you asked me....and I said...and you answered...." Word for word the "imagined" conversation we had had. Now, her eyes searching for my fearful response. Like I said there were months of these experiences until I was terrified of this person. Yeah, talk about wanting a tin foil hat! I ended up becoming extremely sick with depression and panic attacks. I'd never felt this before and I just thought I was losing my mind and I had to move home with my parents. I didn't even feel like I could tell them what had happened. How do you explain THAT?!?! I was sick for 4 years. I did not start recovering until I took a chance at the wackiest idea and finally asked someone if they believed in Witchcraft. Recovery started then, and took a long time. My answer was coming to a knowledge of the fact that the concepts of good and evil DO exist and my help came from learning about the one person in the world who could shield me and who has more power than there is in Witchcraft. The blood of Jesus is protection against the enemy and all evil. Obviously, bad things still happen in this world, but we do not have to be subject to evil or spells or any type of demonic influence. I've really said enough. I wish I could tell the whole story, but it is months worth of these events... even after I returned home thousands of miles away, strange incidents continued. I am hoping to write a book and I have a basic outline with many notes. Believe me, I would not bother if this were not true as it terrified me at the time and its still not something I like to think about. So, then, Idk if I believe in ESP outside of the realm of the occult. Idk if I think that a "good person" could develop this "skill" as I do not believe she was able to do what she did on her own, but by delving into witchcraft, she opened up the door for evil spirits. Spirits which would surely help her to have some sort of "power" that was fun for her...at first. But Satan is not in the business of appreciating worship or blessing people with power for their pleasure. There will always be a price to pay. This is a true but extremely shortened account of my experience. It doesn't matter whether anyone believes me. I know what happened.

  • ashgorblood
    ashgorblood12 dager siden

    =l I changed from every card settled on the 3 of clubs then when the cards came up I was like not a single card was the same... I would know I first switched between all of them =l Would of been funny if you could of actually guessed it though

  • Special Ed

    Special Ed

    11 dager siden

    At 1:13 he showed my card the 10 of diamonds.

  • Sosa
    Sosa12 dager siden

    weird how you put puppies on the screen and i’m literally thinking about buying a puppy😅😅

  • PreptiX YT
    PreptiX YT13 dager siden

    I dont think i have powers but ive guessed two names before theyve even been given a name

  • Benjamin Stevens
    Benjamin Stevens13 dager siden

    Maybe whatthese experiments actually show, is that time is not as linear as our normal human perception seems to imply.

  • Praveen Chandran
    Praveen Chandran13 dager siden

    Some people have a sensitive mind. They calculate the possibilities of a situation very fastly. That's misinterpreted as a psychic ability. All these questions in those experiments presented particular questions to participants. They predicted correctly only because they have senstive mind. That's why any of these guys can't predict things other than in this questions

  • • Bubbly •
    • Bubbly •13 dager siden

    Bruh- It’s called *guessing* Ever heard of that?

  • Mister Nobody
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  • Vishal Baal
    Vishal Baal13 dager siden

    42? 🤔

  • samantha Fitzgerald
    samantha Fitzgerald13 dager siden

    Mine was actually 9 not 10

  • sad_cheese67
    sad_cheese6713 dager siden

    so glad someday facebook might be able to read my mind and sell everything i think about

    XMOROVA13 dager siden

    Why are the only auto generated captions in Vietnamese?

  • Ismail
    Ismail13 dager siden

    your next line for your next video Will be “Hey, Thoughty2 here”

  • Najot Helwulf
    Najot Helwulf13 dager siden

    Might be possible? I assure you it is. And you dont need a bunch of silly science to do it.

    NARUHOTEL13 dager siden

    My mind was hacked...

  • Murdock
    Murdock13 dager siden

    Yep, 10 of Diamonds! Though, I suppose I fell into the 1 in 6 chance... Which isn't exactly hard.

  • Anime Binge
    Anime Binge14 dager siden

    They're just scared of new types

  • Ace Purple
    Ace Purple14 dager siden

    My girlfriend and me would have moments of telepathy then on day we each did 20 hits of acid and we can literally communicate from anywhere... we call it tapping in...it can actually get annoying have learned to practice wallling of communication at work and other times I dont want her to know what I'm thinking

  • Drat789
    Drat78914 dager siden

    stop speaking in vietnamese and shave your mustache to understand you

  • Prayuth Chan-ocha
    Prayuth Chan-ocha14 dager siden

    "even a noble prize winner" yeah, Malala Yousafzai is noble prize winner so that's not as impressive as it sounds (especially for the peace prize).

  • Nicholas Adams
    Nicholas Adams14 dager siden

    69 15:29

  • Twilight
    Twilight14 dager siden

    ...but I chose 9

  • edward starling
    edward starling14 dager siden

    My friend and i were guess each others numbers one day. One would write the number down and the other would guesd it. We started from 1-10. Then went to 1-20. When those proved too easy, we went to 1-100. 80 % of the time we were guess each others numbers. If we got it wrong, like my number i was thinking would be 24.....she would guess 42. It litally got that creepy where we went to 1-500. Guessed it and thats when we stopped. We both laughed, but kinda creeped out.

  • Koko Kaka
    Koko Kaka14 dager siden

    He changed all the cards

  • Kasey Kellogg
    Kasey Kellogg14 dager siden

    With the proper efforts it can be done.......

  • Cheese Duck Master
    Cheese Duck Master14 dager siden

    The card trick you did, you did get rid of my card but you also got rid of every card and put different card in.

  • Brian LaRoche
    Brian LaRoche14 dager siden

    dont need to, its called indoctrinated people and social media, pure propaganda, mega data takes care of the missing link

  • CHTech Industries
    CHTech Industries14 dager siden

    No, it doesn’t need to transcend the physical world, just the third dimension. In the fourth, data could go back in time. And, if the brain uses 4 dimensions, it could explain many things about it. And, remember. Magic (or, in this case ESP and PSI), is just science we don’t understand. Yet.

  • Hudson Hamman
    Hudson Hamman14 dager siden

    The quality of your videos has really gone down. Plus your jokes are so painful even one makes a video not worth watching.

  • Nameless Person
    Nameless Person14 dager siden

    If people can predict small things just like how we can predict the plot twists in movies just through our intuition, why do they think that it is impossible for humans to predict bigger things in the future?

  • Quick Quiz
    Quick Quiz14 dager siden

    I welcome to look up the "double slit experiment." Once you understand it, will Blow Your Mind!

  • Quick Quiz
    Quick Quiz14 dager siden

    It's quantum physics, the people not predicted the outcome but caused it. This will be proven soon.

  • Matt Logue
    Matt Logue14 dager siden

    9000 tests with 0.03 i guess it is significant but slight.

  • Fat Mayo
    Fat Mayo14 dager siden

    Mind reading is possible. It's called knowing your friend in a physical world, so well you know what they're even thinking. You younger generations with your tech will most likely never understand that. It also won't matter because in five minutes you'll be moved on to the next thing. It's not necessarily terrible because life changes. I hope yall just get it right. The previous generation helped us land where we are.

  • Tony Pepperon1
    Tony Pepperon114 dager siden

    Awe yes... intuition- the underrated superpower

  • Eddzzz
    Eddzzz15 dager siden

    Thoughtytwo I was wondering if you've came across the gateway experience? Is something to do with this whole psychic topic too

  • MVegetto1
    MVegetto115 dager siden

    he changed every card

  • Michael Mounteney
    Michael Mounteney15 dager siden

    "Why"? I think you mean "how".

  • I like Trains
    I like Trains15 dager siden

    lol its simple how you did the card trick, you replaced every single card not just the one Xp

  • I like Trains

    I like Trains

    15 dager siden

    @redkurn that sneaky butthole XD he thoguth we wouldnt notice ;D

  • redkurn


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    he changed all of them 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Nakul Chawla
    Nakul Chawla15 dager siden

    He just changed all the cards 😂😂

  • Special Ed

    Special Ed

    11 dager siden

    Yes, but how did he pick and only show my card at 1:13 before he switched them all.

  • BrianBrian Mckeown
    BrianBrian Mckeown15 dager siden

    How far up his own home is this guy? What a prick....