Why Is This Magic Mushroom About to Save Humanity?

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  • Jeff
    Jeff5 timer siden

    I have been doing clinical research on mushrooms for over 20 years. They work very well.

  • R Mak
    R Mak5 timer siden

    In Fungi i trust.

  • Richard Mängelmann
    Richard Mängelmann10 timer siden

    Don't forget the Fungus growing in Chernobyl right at the reactor where its most radioactive. It supposedly can transform radioactivity into its own energy.

  • Richard Mängelmann
    Richard Mängelmann10 timer siden

    Now I feel like the trees are watching me whilst I walk in a forest. Just imagine that. Wegotta fly over that huge plastic continent in the ocean and let it rain fungi.

  • Storm
    Storm12 timer siden

    Thoughty has confirmed that moldy bread is gross "grabs note pad"

  • devjock
    devjock19 timer siden

    Missed opportunity to call the network "the fungusphere"..

  • Will Register
    Will Register19 timer siden

    I hope my player loves you as much as I do

    SAM JARIRIDag siden

    He talking facts that's why we should make shrooms legal

  • oc3an Oc3an
    oc3an Oc3anDag siden

    I hope humanity perish

  • Nathan Kiefer
    Nathan KieferDag siden

    Good dude, real fungi.

  • Stimulus Dragon
    Stimulus DragonDag siden

    If it's beneficial to man it will be outlawed or taxed.

  • Jima Forwood
    Jima ForwoodDag siden

    Tsili n agar.

  • Max Stead
    Max Stead2 dager siden

    Holy Moly, The Happening is happening!!

  • Sylvain Rochette
    Sylvain Rochette2 dager siden

    lol you used a mushroom screenshot from my old HL2 MOD insects infestation I was working long time ago (thumb image)

  • ARCYT Gaming
    ARCYT Gaming2 dager siden

    This might seem wrong but I love this pandemic and how it is getting rid of the dumbasses in the world.

  • MajorMoron
    MajorMoron2 dager siden

    To quote ol'man Hawkeye: "Don't do this. Don't give me hope."

  • Brandon Jensen
    Brandon Jensen2 dager siden

    How did mushrooms come to be

  • Bob Sagit
    Bob Sagit2 dager siden

    Forty 2 here like buddy your annoyinh cause your name as well lol wtf forty 2 if obviously what it turns into with your mus stash

  • subzero00fucksgiven
    subzero00fucksgiven2 dager siden

    So if I can figure out how to grow a mushroom on my head and get it to connect is that the ultimate trip or something like taking a limitless pill🤔😂

  • Fhadz Ye
    Fhadz Ye3 dager siden

    The beginning of “the last of us” if this is not done correctly.. lol

  • artofnoly
    artofnoly3 dager siden

    Wanna be kept in the dark and fed on bullshit?? Join the millions of little mushrooms who believe what they hear on Fox News!

  • Tané
    Tané3 dager siden

    I’ve been thinking on the same lines, that mushrooms have a unique future in medicine!!I take a -wheatgrass/reishi powder in my juice-daily. I’ really believe that building a strong immune system is key to overall good health. Your video is well done & a wealth of information, for which I’m hugely grateful ‼️Thanks 👍😊

  • tom michael
    tom michael4 dager siden

    Holy crap! Thaw was fascinating, seriously. It reminds me of the facia in the human body, please do a video on that. What I really like about your videos too is that I learn a new bit of information I have never heard of before, ya know like when you go 'say what'.

  • Youtube_Blue Drako
    Youtube_Blue Drako4 dager siden

    My opinion is global warming is fake because of space technology they can make clouds rain and warm the world.

  • Micah Corlew
    Micah Corlew4 dager siden

    that toenail close-up was totally uncalled for

  • Mapzi M.E.S
    Mapzi M.E.S4 dager siden

    the vikings also enjoyed magic mushies :D

  • Valeria Bottura
    Valeria Bottura4 dager siden

    Jujutsu 11:04

  • Cameron Walker
    Cameron Walker5 dager siden

    All three of your first comments were 100% wrong. Wow

  • Opal
    Opal5 dager siden

    PCB is short for printed circuit board, I got really confused after you said they were *once* used in the manufacture of electronics. After looking it up now I see you were talking about something different

  • samurai 20
    samurai 205 dager siden

    The virus helps with overpopulation and carbon emissions so...

  • lee Roberts
    lee Roberts5 dager siden

    Is joe Rogan in the comments?

  • Midwest Monstaz
    Midwest Monstaz5 dager siden

    Paul Stamets is sitting in his mushroom hut 🛖 like “world needs more research on mushrooms huh? oh, now you need me.. Now you love me.”

  • Steve D
    Steve D5 dager siden

    Is it a British thing to call it “Fungie” instead of “Fungi”? (Pronunciation not the spelling)!!! Just curious?

  • Chris Torres
    Chris Torres6 dager siden

    Smurf power

  • Howie L
    Howie L6 dager siden

    woah I had no idea that mushrooms were so awesome, thank you sir!

  • Charlene Woods
    Charlene Woods6 dager siden

    The shivering shield italy double because buffet potentially bake amongst a infamous playground. picayune, savory pizza

  • Lakeva
    Lakeva6 dager siden


  • Miftar Kasumi
    Miftar Kasumi6 dager siden

    He watched "Fantastic Funghi", of youbhavent watched this documentary, its highly recommended

  • TrebleizerQuartet
    TrebleizerQuartet6 dager siden

    Don't eat the red ones. Psilocybin is relatively safe, but the stuff in the red ones is bad news. Everyone I know who tried them ended up immediately cooked.

  • the boring company
    the boring company6 dager siden

    Give that fungus a noble prize

    VICTORIA LORD6 dager siden

    I love your videos; they are always interesting and I am learning something everytime I watch one; Thank You❣

  • Gwendolyn Nowlan
    Gwendolyn Nowlan7 dager siden

    is the answer we will be tripping balls so when the world explodes we won't give a f

  • Fieldy Snutzz
    Fieldy Snutzz7 dager siden

    Every thoughty2 video title i wanna know the answer to, but dont wanna listen to thoughty explain it

  • jeamial matty
    jeamial matty7 dager siden

    I can see where star trek discovery got their inspiration from. Lol

  • Tararyze 11
    Tararyze 117 dager siden

    Amazing 🤩

  • Daniel Bannin
    Daniel Bannin7 dager siden

    Plastic can actually be super heated and diffused back into gasoline through the breakdown of molecules in tap water and seperated back into gasoline, diesel, and even kerosene. And its not hard to do, the closer plastic gets to the center of the earth the hotter it gets which then makes plastics turn back into natural gas through heat and pressure.

  • Thunder
    Thunder7 dager siden

    "that stuff growing on your big toe that your too afraid to see the doctor about" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • A N G E L
    A N G E L7 dager siden

    lol just say you do shrooms and done

  • A N G E L

    A N G E L

    7 dager siden

    i love mushrooms

  • Conscious Reminders *with Reah
    Conscious Reminders *with Reah7 dager siden

    🌻The power of psychedelics!! I've had many experiences that have opened my consciousness to the wisdom of the universe.. I highly recommend any soul seeker to experience the magic in the shroom 🌻

  • xBane
    xBane7 dager siden

    I feel like some mycelium can break down plastic aswell from experience

  • cheya1191
    cheya11918 dager siden

    The comments on here are epic🤣🤣

  • John Foster
    John Foster8 dager siden

    and why every Grateful Dead Fan (Dead Head) LOVES Dead shows ! ! !

  • Eric Gentzke
    Eric Gentzke8 dager siden

    Is it ever not after a rain in Oregon? Only saying it as a thought experiment like how many days after it rained did it “just rain” on Oregon

  • Mūn Man
    Mūn Man8 dager siden

    I’ve been looking for a video like this for a while... Little did I know that Thoughty2 had my answers about mushrooms

  • Farhan Ismail
    Farhan Ismail8 dager siden

    psychedelics are the only hope for this ego infested, money driven , robotic humanity we are facing today.

  • MrArcher0
    MrArcher08 dager siden

    Who was the smoking hot woman at the beginning?

    FANATIC FORAGER8 dager siden

    A successful reform is a delivery of historical data, whilst being a fungï✨ 🍄 🎼

  • Alejandro Amador
    Alejandro Amador8 dager siden

    Incredible the hidden universe we’ve been ignoring.

  • Janet Jordan

    Janet Jordan

    7 dager siden

    That’s why it’s ignoring us👍

  • Dan Rawson
    Dan Rawson8 dager siden

    Vaccines will Sort the Massive overpopulated problem out soon enough!!! And Stupidity will prove it!!!

  • Selis
    Selis8 dager siden

    So basically just plant a shit ton of fungi everywhere in the right situations. Ok.

  • Don Carmichael
    Don Carmichael9 dager siden

    You now why it was the big drug company’s who stop it magic mushrooming.

  • Donald LoBiondo
    Donald LoBiondo9 dager siden

    Paul Stammets is the guy who hooks up to the spore drive in Star trek discovery through the mycelial Network

  • K
    K9 dager siden

    a nuclear bomb looks like a mushroom, i dont know if that is actually what you wanted to say

    MR GAINZ9 dager siden

    Insane that it's 2021 and our babysitter (government) are still telling us what plants/mushrooms we can and can't have unless we work in a certain field instead of humans freely deciding what's best for ourselves. I can however go to any shop and buy cancer sticks, alcohol and get prescription for meth and all sorts of addicting harmful drugs. Legal highs got banned recently, I know people have lost loved one's but starting a petition to get them banned taking away everyone's choice is not the right way, because if that was the way everything would be banned including grapes lol not understanding something doesn't automatically make it, what about the 1000s of people that didn't die and actually had a positive experience, why do we not get a say and have our freedom of choice removed.

  • Cognitive Dictatorship
    Cognitive Dictatorship9 dager siden

    I notice more replicant types on YT using hand motions to make their delivery seem less robotic & more naturally human. They’re not space aliens, not demons, Soros globalists, reptilians, Big Pharma opioid salesmen or their Washington DC rehab riot customers. They’re YT stars.

  • Cognitive Dictatorship
    Cognitive Dictatorship9 dager siden

    Th last polar shift was thoughty-2 thousand years ago.

  • Lue lauj
    Lue lauj9 dager siden

    Fungus has always been around long before any ape looking creatures on earth. Without them humans won't be walking around here either. Even corns have more DNA than humans. But humans have the ability to break down what we eat and use their DNA. Therefore humans are more closer to fungus than they are to humans. You are what you eat my friend. :)

  • Andre Fecteau
    Andre Fecteau9 dager siden

    no such thing as "waste"...it's just a state of matter

  • Supreme Kaper
    Supreme Kaper9 dager siden

    Magic mushrooms 🤟 mushrooms are anticancer and even anti alhimerizer,

  • Parker Watters
    Parker Watters9 dager siden

    modern days: drugs are bad for you! also them: *has tried making so many drugs and they have some reallyyyy horrible side effects, and they never suggest natural ways and even say that natural ways are bad* if our ancestors knew about how this has gone, theyd be terrified in what humanity has become. but thats nothing new :/

  • Beth A.
    Beth A.9 dager siden

    @0:20 !!!! Too Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣 har to pause video. LMFAO

  • Odio
    Odio9 dager siden

    What do you want to bet that none of this will ever be used for the general population due to the fact that there is more money to be made in keeping people unhealthy. Just ask any doctor...dead patients are dead beats, so if a patient isn't sick yet, don't worry, the stuff your about to prescribe for them will take care of that.

  • 0987654321 1234567890
    0987654321 12345678909 dager siden

    If the world gives you plastic make diesel

  • Sujali Patel
    Sujali Patel10 dager siden

    me who learned about mycelium through Minecraft

  • William Esselman
    William Esselman10 dager siden

    You need to get off of social media. You all are forcing the world into the one you see inside your head.

  • Ron Lambert
    Ron Lambert10 dager siden

    shrooms are amazing!!

  • Santa Cliff
    Santa Cliff10 dager siden

    Could be the answer to our age-old egocentric philosophical question, “Why are we here?” Humongous Fungus: Plastic!

  • Andres Lucero
    Andres Lucero10 dager siden

    I've taken mushrooms in the past. I didn't realize I was bipolar until I was way later older and got diagnosed. When I look back and I used to do mushrooms and LSD I realize that it was helping my bipolar problems. That's my opinion how I feel about it. After I get mushrooms or LSD I know this for a few months are weeks or whatever my brain felt like it was reset.

  • Wesley Damen
    Wesley Damen10 dager siden

    So psylocibine mushrooms grow everywhere on the planet i live in europe (the netherlands to be exact) and we have them here in the wild and i know a lot of strains from other parts of the world like hawaii or mexico or africa

  • Anita Floyd Sarratt
    Anita Floyd Sarratt10 dager siden

    I was thinking of that Mycelium network that Stamets uses to travel light years away in a second, in Star Trek Discovery btw...then hear that the mushroom guy here is named 'Stamits'.....makes ya go hmmmm

  • Pat Denney
    Pat Denney10 dager siden

    Excellent presentation! Mother nature is extremely awesome! She’s already fixing what we think we need to fix and we’re just learning this we aren’t creating anything we are learning how powerful she really is

  • Todd Bellows
    Todd Bellows10 dager siden

    Never trust anyone who makes fantastical claims.

  • cunobelinusX31
    cunobelinusX3111 dager siden

    I have bad Asthma and COPD, but when I take Psylocibin I breath so well, get a really deep breath.

  • Andre Fecteau

    Andre Fecteau

    9 dager siden

    avoid all nitrates, sulfites and phosphates...common preservatives in food and wine, fish and beer....they bind up your 02 and create the condition your describe...similar to Red Tide here in FL, the sulfites kill the fish by suffocation

  • the pseudo master chef
    the pseudo master chef11 dager siden

    "the earth's getting hotter"... Except for the fact that 74% of America is covered in snow right now...The planet will be fine... George Carlin was right...It's people that are in jeopardy, not Earth...Earth will just remove us for being stupid at some point...And by stupid, I mean fools like Anthony Fauci who tell you right to your face "Nope! That lab that ENGINEERED deadly covid viruses 3 blocks away from where the outbreak started had nothing to do with the outbreak"...And by stupid, I also mean the idiots who listen to his garbage and nod in agreement because he's "an expert"...If everyone dosed on shrooms, they'd wise up and realize "science" has become "political propaganda"

  • David Huynh
    David Huynh11 dager siden

    Two of the greatest plants on earth is ignorantly suppressed for greed. A Weed/hemp + mushroom revolution would have made heaven on earth.

  • Joules Evergreen
    Joules Evergreen11 dager siden

    Mercenary is a good adjective

  • RaiD
    RaiD11 dager siden

    to be fair, at first I thought you were talking about moabs...

  • My Northern Garden
    My Northern Garden11 dager siden

    I've believed strongly in mycellium in my vegetable garden for years. What a cool video this is. Two thumbs up from me.

  • Jesse LORE
    Jesse LORE11 dager siden

    Very well researched and presented. Thanks for sharing

  • Milan Švancara
    Milan Švancara11 dager siden

    Next time you see moldy bread eat it and your brain goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • uspowerbase
    uspowerbase11 dager siden

    Wow! There's a Thought. With what You just said. Our Future, Prosperity and Potential Could Literally Mushroom! Butt then. If the Law is an Ass. Then Government must be It's Shit! Man.

  • Lawrence Shuda
    Lawrence Shuda11 dager siden


  • James Benton Ticer
    James Benton Ticer11 dager siden

    So where can you get these magic mushrooms?

  • David Lingo
    David Lingo11 dager siden

    Why is clickbait about to save your channell?

  • Rogue Dog
    Rogue Dog11 dager siden

    Mushroom season is just around the corner here in north America!

  • William Cox
    William Cox11 dager siden

    Please stop taking psychedelic mushrooms. There's only enough for me. Thank you for understanding.

  • Jamie-Lee Norman
    Jamie-Lee Norman12 dager siden

    I have taken them twice. I had two good trips. That's enough for me. All trees had Christmas light on , but there were no light there. Lol.trip 1. I sat in a suitcase ,swapt it for the couch ,purposely fell into the door head first was laughing for about 2 hours straight . Lol. Trip 2. Lol

  • Tinder Account
    Tinder Account12 dager siden

    It isn't. This planet is fucked

  • StevyD
    StevyD12 dager siden

    Hopefully, there is a fungus that can neutralize the evilness and occurrence of toxic waste like d. tRump.

  • Michael Shields
    Michael Shields12 dager siden

    Anybody get dark souls flashbacks when he was talking bout how strong they were