Why Is There a City Full of Dead Pirates on the Ocean Floor?

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  • Vladislav Ohremenco
    Vladislav Ohremenco2 timer siden

    Nice Mustache

  • Sam Streeter
    Sam Streeter7 timer siden

    As an american I can confirm that no one in america calls quarters "2 bits". We call them quarters

  • CluelessDragoon
    CluelessDragoon21 time siden

    So this place was Detroit before Detroit...

  • Ashton V.
    Ashton V.Dag siden

    System of the World by Neil Stephenson. Great series of books. Tho I said that, don't go off half-cocked!

  • Cameron Rigney
    Cameron RigneyDag siden

    42 here

  • Oneofurfriends
    OneofurfriendsDag siden

    More pirates videos please

  • Andrei-Razvan Tutuianu
    Andrei-Razvan TutuianuDag siden

    When i heard Port Royal, I was expecting in the next shot to be slides with Fps number comparison, dlss on vs off :))

  • Cody l
    Cody lDag siden

    Never heard anyone say two bits.. (American here btw)

  • R&D Productions UNLIMITED
    R&D Productions UNLIMITEDDag siden

    I liked for the quantitative easing comment

  • Spoons soup
    Spoons soupDag siden

    imagine caring abt colonization

  • VeteranRedBeard
    VeteranRedBeardDag siden

    Sounds like God turned a sinful place into a wholesome one. Imagine that

  • bunnytrax04
    bunnytrax04Dag siden

    City on the ocean floor because man-made climate change was at it’s worst in those days. The ocean just doesn’t swallow up cities like it used to.

  • Ts Uy
    Ts UyDag siden

    The quixotic laborer concomitantly pray because switch informally disagree towards a tasteless relative. pushy, cheap satin

  • d: Darren Willson :D
    d: Darren Willson :D2 dager siden


  • SirSleepsAlot
    SirSleepsAlot2 dager siden

    I only know this exists because of Assassins Creed lol

  • AJ Shores
    AJ Shores2 dager siden

    I can confirm that we in fact do not call it two bits- not a one of us

  • Brendan Parr
    Brendan Parr2 dager siden

    Tortuga 😏

    IRON MAGE2 dager siden

    Pilfering predatory port-royal pirates, practising pirating with patches, peg-legs plus parrots. Privateers paid pieces of eight prepared to plunder, parley or prance on planks!

  • Danzo Shimura
    Danzo Shimura2 dager siden

    Holy jesus i used to watch you before the mustache and you had a suit......

  • Daniel Haley
    Daniel Haley2 dager siden

    hmmmm .... nice scuba diving tour around a dead ... gone .... city. Boom Sha-ka-la baba ... . Gypsy Trail

  • Ivan Matias
    Ivan Matias2 dager siden

    wtf? Colombus was portuguese!! what the hell are you talking about????

  • Corn Pop
    Corn Pop3 dager siden

    As a descendant of dutch pirates im offended

  • Roman Glomb
    Roman Glomb3 dager siden

    so port royal was a fun place like las vegas today :-D

  • RhythmOvPain
    RhythmOvPain3 dager siden

    I was watching these vids back in 2014 - 2015 and this is easily the best video I've seen you make.

  • David Massey
    David Massey3 dager siden

    I'm Jamaican I approve... The third F should be flight... Due to the airport and all

  • Gurpreet Deol
    Gurpreet Deol3 dager siden

    uncharted 4 vibes

  • Darth Revan • 420 years ago
    Darth Revan • 420 years ago3 dager siden

    Hey look it's the mustache guy from a million ways to die in the west.

  • Erica Stein
    Erica Stein3 dager siden

    I would watch a video on the history of world currency

  • Dman6604 Yt
    Dman6604 Yt3 dager siden

    They stuck a cross in it

  • Chris Roberson
    Chris Roberson3 dager siden

    It sounds like "hey forty two here" or is it just me?

  • Paul Lamont
    Paul Lamont3 dager siden

    17:40 Is it legal to dive there? Is it protected from relic hunters?

  • Seth Jordan
    Seth Jordan3 dager siden

    Could’ve sworn I was subbed to you...

  • Tom Flett
    Tom Flett4 dager siden

    12:21 😂😂😂

  • Nina de B
    Nina de B4 dager siden

    You chose to compare Port Royal to Pompeii.. Really????.. Isn't there a more famous and legendary city that that instead of a volcano involves water and sinking and the Wrath of the gods.. Even the Jews wrote an entire yet very fiction drama chapter to this in their book of lies well before Solon and Plato visited Egypt.. Oohh it's just on the tip of me tongue. Ooh what's that pond between Africa, Europe and the America's called again?? They even named a mountain range after that town.. Ooohh damn, what's that name again??!?!

  • NymphySwae
    NymphySwae4 dager siden


  • Alan H
    Alan H4 dager siden

    Where else would one expect to find a city of dead pirates?

  • Armedpatriot 86
    Armedpatriot 864 dager siden

    Well they push transgenderism and victim culture on kids in school so old school debauchery should be no problem at all.

  • Art Man
    Art Man4 dager siden

    I'm an American, and I don't know who says "2 bits" 😄

  • 7r!ll3bør
    7r!ll3bør4 dager siden

    "knees deep in sea men" Wouldn't you like that, swedish boy?!

    PROMISE PHILIPS4 dager siden

    Scheduled natural disasters 😂😂😂 Well, the city turned out to be a dream destination for vacation. Moral of the story: Regardless of the current situation or turmoil of your life, keep pressing on, never give up. You'll win and your story will fascinate and inspire others. 😎

  • Mp7ScarH
    Mp7ScarH4 dager siden

    Lol didn’t know Port Royal was real heard it from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

  • Calamity Strike
    Calamity Strike4 dager siden

    I have never heard a person call a quarter "two bits" in my life. That is a lie

  • Grant Gibbon
    Grant Gibbon4 dager siden


  • Gemarald
    Gemarald4 dager siden

    Welp, i know where i'm gonna go scubadiving, way too many pieces of 8 are sitting there, it would be a dishonor not to take them, LIKE A TRUE PIRATE!

  • Romario Gordon
    Romario Gordon4 dager siden

    Hi I like your videos but your information is not 100% accurate

  • Paul Brice
    Paul Brice4 dager siden

    I have never heard a fellow American use the term, "Two bits" other than in Westerns lol.

  • Miguel Moreno
    Miguel Moreno4 dager siden

    Cause God killed them there

  • vixen2ne1
    vixen2ne14 dager siden

    3:09 Was that a Sid Meier's joke?

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R5 dager siden

    Most cities produce a lot of gases but this one has nothing but arrrr gone! 🏴‍☠️

  • Troy Pacelli
    Troy Pacelli5 dager siden

    Now I have to search through the vids to see if there is a history of world currency. That really would be interesting (to me, anyway)

  • Ayantunji Ireoluwa
    Ayantunji Ireoluwa5 dager siden

    God: screw this place in particular 😄 😄

  • negroknievel
    negroknievel5 dager siden

    well done

  • Snafu Begley
    Snafu Begley5 dager siden

    Imagine being in your house and looking out your window to see your house sinking in the sand with no way out, then after the wave hit your pitch black house stuck beneath the sand would fill with water.

  • Isaac Westling
    Isaac Westling5 dager siden

    Shave and a haircut, 2 bits

  • Shellie Werner
    Shellie Werner5 dager siden

    I just love the way you tell and put together your stories !!!

  • Stacy Hill
    Stacy Hill5 dager siden


  • Yuu Takemiya
    Yuu Takemiya5 dager siden

    As an American, nobody says bits as in quarters.

  • HeatherHolmden
    HeatherHolmden5 dager siden

    Been there. Creepy place. Felt all types of strangeness. The beautiful local boat ride across the bay was fun, a great price and we got ice cream.

  • Scoobz
    Scoobz6 dager siden

    I just know that island stunk. 🤢

  • Roof Whacker
    Roof Whacker6 dager siden

    To search for the place I hear all sailors end

  • bon voyage
    bon voyage6 dager siden

    why are pirates called pirates??.............beacause they aaaaaaarrrrrrrr. ok im going now

  • drake dragonbarf
    drake dragonbarf6 dager siden

    okokok .. i admit that at first i was on the fence about some of the videos thoughty makes but they are getting better over time so subscribe i will!

  • G
    G6 dager siden

    Not once in my 28 years in america, have I ever once heard someone call a quarter "two bits"

  • Johnny Kobra
    Johnny Kobra6 dager siden

    Yo as an American of many decades, ain’t no one in any 50 states calls quarters “two bits” Sum bull shit.

  • Finesse Muse
    Finesse Muse6 dager siden

    3:25 "in those days it took up to 2 months to cross the atlantic..." Umm.... depending on what kind of boat your on, (sans 1-3 weeks) it can and does still take about 2 months to cross the Atlantic, given the right time of the year for wind conditions & weather.

  • Fosnyalo 2
    Fosnyalo 26 dager siden

    We didnt find titanic bodies but we found. Pirates bodies....no

  • Bloom HD
    Bloom HD6 dager siden

    13:00 Some people still do that today lol Somehow it's even more sad now... :(

  • Adin Guerreiro
    Adin Guerreiro6 dager siden

    Playing Assassins Creed Black Flag, hearing Port Royal brought back memories🤣

  • Laquinton Wagner's Black Life Matters
    Laquinton Wagner's Black Life Matters6 dager siden

    Cah-RIB-ee-ahn. Thats how its pronounced.

  • Richard Forhurholes
    Richard Forhurholes6 dager siden

    Here's another fun fact did you know Christopher Columbus was looking for Queen Elizabeth's opium he was headed to China our country was literally founded on drugs

  • Matis Couillard
    Matis Couillard6 dager siden

    Wild guess, they drowned?

    PORTMORE APPAREL6 dager siden

    JAMAICA 🇯🇲

  • K Linzey
    K Linzey6 dager siden

    Got both the audio and book formats of Stick A Flag In It - if you love these videos, you'll love the book

  • BH Shaky
    BH Shaky6 dager siden

    I feel good when they said Jamaica because daaaah I am a jamaican

  • Angel Robles
    Angel Robles6 dager siden

    The first pieces of 8 where coined in 1521.

  • serenity pillows
    serenity pillows6 dager siden

    Sounds abit like hull . Hahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahaha Wasn't expecting that. Although only 1 in 4 inns in Hull may actually be open

  • flaremuse
    flaremuse6 dager siden

    42 thank you for all these years

  • CSRB
    CSRB6 dager siden

    Most popular hipster, this guy saying 42 but writes it as thoughty2. Oh and the mustache n suspenders. You know he’s wearing clean boots with jeans rolled up. Still great work at least for another 42 years?

  • PiggyMooshie0
    PiggyMooshie06 dager siden

    Why does this guy sound like a pirate...

  • Buck Blowdownski
    Buck Blowdownski6 dager siden

    like a twelve-year who smokes three packs a day

  • Mitch F
    Mitch F6 dager siden

    I lived/worked there for two months, really insane history and cool to explore

  • Bobby O
    Bobby O7 dager siden


  • Bobby O
    Bobby O7 dager siden


  • Chris Ker
    Chris Ker7 dager siden

    Men of Sea

  • JustJosh
    JustJosh7 dager siden

    Can’t wait for last Vegas to be flooded

  • Phoenix Milburn
    Phoenix Milburn7 dager siden

    So portion royal back then was just heaven on earth long story short

  • Persian 215
    Persian 2157 dager siden

    As a Jamaican I knew before I clicked arggggg spongebob

  • Callum Borrill
    Callum Borrill7 dager siden

    Yay hull

  • Joe Mackey
    Joe Mackey7 dager siden

    There is a skipping song-chant that I remember from my childhood. 2 bits 4 bits 6 bits a dollar. There were various lines after that, mostly invented on the spot, but it's interesting to find out where the local idioms came from.

  • Joe Mackey

    Joe Mackey

    7 dager siden

    The girls mostly used the next line " I charge 16 bits to make you holler " it's hilarious that they were saying that you can sleep with me for 2 dollars without even understanding the words coming out of their mouths.

  • SpookyTheCat
    SpookyTheCat7 dager siden

    They just blatantely copied the french

  • Nanny Goat
    Nanny Goat7 dager siden

    Love your presentation. New subscriber.

  • JamesGT
    JamesGT7 dager siden

    It ain't cheating if it's in a different century 😂

  • Crypto Salamander
    Crypto Salamander7 dager siden

    It's funny to hear you keep saying Port Royal because I'm here and Canada Nova Scotia and there's a place called Port Royal too

  • Persian 215

    Persian 215

    7 dager siden

    Halifax a Nova Scotia lol

  • Rogue Agent
    Rogue Agent7 dager siden

    As an American whose been to Hull, it seemed rather subdued.

  • Civil Disobedience
    Civil Disobedience7 dager siden

    Fantastic Video imagine the money buried there....

  • DriftKillaa
    DriftKillaa7 dager siden

    Oof for being a informative its pretty uninformative to even mention Columbus cause he didn't exist all historians agree to qn alias is not a real person

  • Yosef Israelite Okimo
    Yosef Israelite Okimo7 dager siden

    Well it definitely should not come as a Surprise that The Creator of ALL things would destroy Abomination, which this Area was not only full of, but they were boasting in their Obscenity. They set themselves up for Destruction even on the Foundation they set their Abomination on Matthew 7:26-27 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and DOETH THEM NOT, shall be likened unto a FOOLISH MAN, which built his house upon the "SAND": And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and GREAT was the Fall of it. John 11:25-26 Yahushua said unto her, I AM the RESURRECTION, and the LIFE: he that "believeth" in ME, though he were DEAD, yet shall he LIVE: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me SHALL NEVER DIE. Believest thou this?

  • Alexander Rice
    Alexander Rice7 dager siden

    Ape’s Concert

  • jrharvey91
    jrharvey917 dager siden

    0 Americans say 2 bits.

  • Jacob Holly
    Jacob Holly7 dager siden

    Hey really love the channel but please never wear that shirt again. Also why are you so set on that mustache?