Why Has Nobody Ever Seen the World's Most Famous Movie Director?

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  • Lombe Bwalya
    Lombe Bwalya5 timer siden

    I think “The rise of skywalker” was written by this Alan Smithee

  • Lombe Bwalya
    Lombe Bwalya5 timer siden

    What do you mean, we’ve seen George Lucas

  • Abe Matt
    Abe Matt21 time siden

    I think taking pseudonim 'felix' while beign suspected as a communist is not a good idea

  • Colin Brash
    Colin Brash23 timer siden

    Hey forty two.

  • Will Register
    Will RegisterDag siden

    Blessed is the lord.

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez5 dager siden

    I didn't know about Alan's game programming prowess. I knew about Fred Fuchs thou.

  • Viper
    Viper5 dager siden

    Voodoo One. Viper's on station.

  • Rickbearcat
    Rickbearcat5 dager siden

    Rodger "E"bert, not "Eh"bert.

  • Jeremy Glassford
    Jeremy Glassford7 dager siden

    I knew the answer the moment I read the title of this video, but still watched it for the interesting tid bits. Thanks!

  • Patrick 25
    Patrick 257 dager siden

    He doesn't exist. Never let his nonexistent hold him down.. Alright.. Am out..

  • Jurassic Monkey
    Jurassic Monkey7 dager siden

    That's really scraping the bottom. Unsubscribe.

  • 2wheelphoto
    2wheelphoto8 dager siden

    I didn’t even know there was a sequel to the birds.

  • llamawalrushybrid
    llamawalrushybrid9 dager siden

    9:45 Now kids, this is called a "hypocrite" :p No hate, but your titles man. xD Put me off for a great while I admit.

  • Tamir Chetrit
    Tamir Chetrit9 dager siden

    I think you have one of the most interesting channels in NOlocal, I hope you will advanced with more viewers because you’re worth more.

  • Thoehn
    Thoehn9 dager siden

    Gods bless Eric Idle!

  • Xo_starboyy Rolis
    Xo_starboyy Rolis10 dager siden

    Worst video put out by Thoughty2 who directed this piece of shit????

  • Xstream Game Reviews
    Xstream Game Reviews10 dager siden

    You need to get rid of that stupid mustache. It's one of those things you're gonna look back on and say "Well, I was clearly a prick"

  • Morrigan KASA
    Morrigan KASA11 dager siden

    Some of those films sound entertaining to me. Cult Classic possiblity.

  • Draeas
    Draeas11 dager siden

    So, who's watching "Burn, Hollywood, Burn" tonight? Maybe it will get a cult following

  • nobody
    nobody11 dager siden

    1:00 kinda horrifying

  • Claro1993
    Claro199311 dager siden

    7:18 The irony that the last film he directed didn't get the Alan Smithee directing credit.

  • Cancel Mitchell
    Cancel Mitchell12 dager siden

    Hollywood is full of the real mental patients

  • Captain Caveman
    Captain Caveman12 dager siden

    The pseudonym Alan Smithee has transcended the movie industry into many other areas. One of the first times I remember seeing it is in a game called wild arms 3. They used Smithy instead of Smithee. Getting the tip of your penis caught in a car door... I hate it when that happens...

  • Jason Wilde
    Jason Wilde13 dager siden

    There will be a Director someday that goes for Razzies intentionally.

  • Jason Wilde
    Jason Wilde13 dager siden

    1:49 Nowadays if you aren't a Communist you are ousted from Hollywood. My how times have changed.

  • Adam
    Adam13 dager siden

    Paused this video to watch Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (you can find it on YT). Tbh I wouldn't want my name on that thing either.

  • Thomas Korn
    Thomas Korn13 dager siden

    I wonder if Bollywood has a version of "Alan Smithee"?

  • Anwar Alexander
    Anwar Alexander14 dager siden

    Can something that never existed die? He's quite the remarkable man

  • hydrolito
    hydrolito15 dager siden

    They could get Weird Al to sing as a surgeon for less.

  • eddieamazon
    eddieamazon15 dager siden

    Jimmy Neutron has an episode that has a director character named Quentin Smithee- likely a nod to this, especially since when the characters look for info on Smithee it turns out there’s no info on him at all. Also, I absolutely adore all the Douglas Adams bits in this and other episodes. My first thought when I found this channel was how appropriate it was that the name sounds like The Great Answer. Well done.

  • Douglas Harper
    Douglas Harper18 dager siden

    Very interesting video. Thank you. One note: Roger Ebert pronounced his last name with the first "E" long, not short.

  • mark baker
    mark baker20 dager siden

    Who didnt get the douglas adams clue?

  • JZ's Best Friend
    JZ's Best Friend20 dager siden

    Could Tommy Wiseau be Alan Smithee in the flesh, sort of?

  • Gary Hall
    Gary Hall21 dag siden

    As soon as I read the title, I knew who it was going to be lol

  • Zeth Bebit
    Zeth Bebit23 dager siden

    Alan Smithee's first movie: Task Failed Successfully

  • JZ's Best Friend

    JZ's Best Friend

    20 dager siden

    The best movies don't deserve sequels.

  • Charles Gallo
    Charles Gallo24 dager siden

    i always hear " hey 42 here" idk why lol

  • snickle1980
    snickle198025 dager siden

    I never knew that S&E were unaware of smithee at the time. I'm getting old...But I'm not yet...42

    SAGA THE KAWAii KiLLA25 dager siden

    I’m actually smithy how dare y’all take my name

  • Aleks D
    Aleks D25 dager siden

    Good boy... i am dying right now xD

  • Margaret Max
    Margaret Max26 dager siden

    American history X is my favourite movie, how can he want no credit?

  • another mouth
    another mouth27 dager siden

    I thought this would be about God

  • Sr Koala
    Sr Koala29 dager siden

    I reached 19:00 and really wondered if he forgot to add the "Stick a flag on it" reminder

  • AllYourBaseAre BelongToUs
    AllYourBaseAre BelongToUsMåned siden

    Bet Alan voted in the last election. Seriously. 20 bucks he's on the rolls.

  • AllYourBaseAre BelongToUs
    AllYourBaseAre BelongToUsMåned siden

    I dont know what your NOlocal handle means. "Thoughty2" But I always think of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy when I see a new upload of yours. 42 is and always will be the answer.

  • Marvin
    MarvinMåned siden

    We get it you like Douglas Adams your name is 42 for god's sake

  • Soundless animations
    Soundless animationsMåned siden

    where is thoughty1?

  • xGreen Mtnx
    xGreen MtnxMåned siden

    Nice Fight Club reference

  • vrikey
    vrikeyMåned siden

    Speaking of diversity quotas...

  • Aaron Aprile
    Aaron AprileMåned siden

    in his intro, is he saying "forty-two" or "thoughty two"?

  • Its boyaknow
    Its boyaknowMåned siden

    Never heard of this person

  • Shelley lee Clary
    Shelley lee ClaryMåned siden

    Lol missing keys , puzzle piece, link 🔗 that fall under the table 😂🤣😷🤠😊

  • Shelley lee Clary

    Shelley lee Clary

    Måned siden

    The code , DaVinci knew

  • Chad Hoffman jr
    Chad Hoffman jrMåned siden

    A dog is more successful than me

  • baDkiTTy bLue
    baDkiTTy bLueMåned siden

    The dislikes are from people named Alan Smithee

  • Eternal Darkness
    Eternal DarknessMåned siden

    President of the United States 2016 - 2020: Alan Smithee

  • cimbakahn
    cimbakahnMåned siden

    Thoughty2: Wait a minute! Some of those movies are pretty good! Like Dune (1984), and Scent of a Woman (1992), and Heat (1995), and Supernova (2000).

  • Konrad Zielinski

    Konrad Zielinski

    15 dager siden

    In these cases the directors objected to various recut versions not theeoriginal theater release. At least that is what t_e video said.

  • jonny the boy
    jonny the boyMåned siden

    Did he say Van "Goff" just to be silly? I wouldn't be surprised at all if that is actually the correct way to say it. And that I've been fooled my entire life.

  • ToriTrak
    ToriTrakMåned siden

    Sounds like a award. "And the Smithee for the best director goes to..."

  • shit


    Måned siden

    Director Dick von Penis

  • chris cardwell
    chris cardwellMåned siden

    Great story.

  • Justin Ford
    Justin FordMåned siden

    he didn't let his non-existence hold him back lmao

  • Michael Shumaker
    Michael ShumakerMåned siden

    Why did the DGA care so much if a director doesn't want their name on a movie? You'd think the director could just put a different name on there if they wanted

  • Grey Warden Invasion
    Grey Warden InvasionMåned siden

    Smithee raising from the dead just to direct a bad horror movie sounds very fitting.

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam BaldwinMåned siden

    As soon as I read the title, I thought "Alan Smithee."

  • Melsteriffic Mama
    Melsteriffic MamaMåned siden

    Is it wrong that I now want to view all of Alan Smithee's work? I'll probably make it through one and a half films.


    A name in itself is a sad illusion

  • THE V I L L E
    THE V I L L EMåned siden

    What's the second rule of The Smithee Club?

  • Nuclear Geek
    Nuclear GeekMåned siden

    You laugh, but as a Pittsburgh native, the bloodsucking pharaohs put a real damper on the city's nightlife. I think the documentary should be applauded.

  • Oraidas
    OraidasMåned siden

    You deserve 181 Dislikes.

  • Clinton Boucheix
    Clinton BoucheixMåned siden

    Imagine if film makers changed the movie title everyday to catch a fresh audience. Lucky that movie theatres don't have algorithms.... Yet

  • Τεκμήριον
    ΤεκμήριονMåned siden


  • I Am A Piece of Bread, And I Like Baguettes
    I Am A Piece of Bread, And I Like BaguettesMåned siden

    Just like my dad

  • Robert Willoughby
    Robert WilloughbyMåned siden

    Scarily, "Death of a Gunfighter" is a rather good film......

  • Erik Swiger
    Erik SwigerMåned siden

    It's so funny, "Alan Smithee" stuck in my head, many years ago, and here we are today. On some level, it caught my attention.

  • AlteranTech
    AlteranTechMåned siden

    I *knew* that your name was a shout out to Douglas Adams. 😂

  • Caveguy22
    Caveguy22Måned siden

    1:34 Is that Emma Blackery in a piece of stock footage

  • Guilherme sampaio de oliveira
    Guilherme sampaio de oliveiraMåned siden

    Why false identities? Just don't tell the audience who made it.

  • Lucifer Fallenangel
    Lucifer FallenangelMåned siden

    It's not gunfire, It's ganfire.

  • Cole Halford
    Cole HalfordMåned siden

    “Presented by thoughty2 written by David Agnew directed by Alan Smithee“ Needs to be a shirt. Thanks for reading. 😉

  • Mermaid_at_Heart
    Mermaid_at_HeartMåned siden

    Hey! I love Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh! lol It's a stinker, but a really fun one: super creative.

  • Alee Enn
    Alee EnnMåned siden

    This video is so meta because Alan Smithee isn't even the correct spelling of the name. IMDb lists it as Allen Smithee. So it's accurate to say Alan Smithee film director, doesn't exist.

  • David H.
    David H.Måned siden

    Hollywood is pile of 3 week old garbage full of dirty diapers....DGA is just the trashman flinging that garbage back into the street 2 blocks down then getting paid to pick said recycled garbage up a second time. Hollywood as a whole should be ashamed for their current state. I honestly think the world would be better if it all collapsed. Bring in the competition....

  • EML Recordings
    EML RecordingsMåned siden

    Worlds most popular movie director ??. Well that my friend would be god and god is everywhere

  • melody williams
    melody williamsMåned siden

    I just don't know how you can keep a straight face with some of the funny stuff you say. You ALWAYS have me in stitches 🤣🤣🤣

  • Avabeth McGhee
    Avabeth McGheeMåned siden

    Incidentally, Sly Stallone thinks you're not good enough to make eye contact with him, EVER.

  • Da'n Dabmouth
    Da'n DabmouthMåned siden

    The birds is a movie idea that should be remade due to better tech and to add some more reality to it, such as more kinds of birds and more diversity. Plus graphics/special effects will be so much better these days.

  • Kimchi Koalaa
    Kimchi KoalaaMåned siden

    it's been a year since i've started watching this channel but i still hear the first line as "hey, forty two here"

  • J F
    J FMåned siden

    Click bate this bad? Damn brov

  • Gareth Evans
    Gareth EvansMåned siden

    Thomas Lee and Alan Smithee are virtually anagrams of each other. I have a feeling they're both derived from the same phrase, I'm guessing it's Latin.🤔

  • elbob086
    elbob086Måned siden

    Haha you wanted to say caught penis in zipper..... Now that hurts 😭

  • Wes Lou
    Wes LouMåned siden

    What happened to your Christmas kfc in Japan video

  • Pallios
    PalliosMåned siden

    Maybe he is just camera shy.

  • Marcus Mysteriously
    Marcus MysteriouslyMåned siden

    Maybe the real Alan Smythee is the friends we made along the way

  • icehall
    icehallMåned siden

    Vincent van Gogh the smartest paint eater

  • Anton Slavik
    Anton SlavikMåned siden

    This is crap. Do better

  • Willa Wolfe
    Willa WolfeMåned siden

    Ebert's evaluation of Alan Smithee just proves he's an idiot. I never knew David Agnew was elusive. Thought he was expunged family. That's not actually a joke.

  • Salik Khatri
    Salik KhatriMåned siden

    Heyy, 42 here..

  • Collins94 Mcr
    Collins94 McrMåned siden

    Could you do a video on nanobots, genome editing, stem cells & the implications, positives and "negatives" for the future & maybe the singularity in 2045, would love to see your opinion on it all

  • Thibish Anbu
    Thibish AnbuMåned siden

    why does he always say forty-two instead of Thoughty2 at the beginning

  • Thibish Anbu

    Thibish Anbu

    Måned siden

    @Mel Pot Thank you, in his recent video he had an auto-generated english subtitle and it shows 42 instead of Thoughty2 Now this gives sense to me

  • Mel Pot

    Mel Pot

    Måned siden

    Not sure but he explains it in one of his videos not sure which one it is though if u do some digging I’m sure you’ll find it

  • Javid Farhan
    Javid FarhanMåned siden

    All of Douglas Adam's work can be summed up to a single number . 42

  • Todd korson
    Todd korsonMåned siden

    ha. your good dude.

  • Jeff Boerst
    Jeff BoerstMåned siden

    I'm 55 and been heavily into film my entire life, so have heard of Alan Smithee quite a bit throughout the years... That said, this is the most inclusive breakdown of the 'man' I've ever heard! Lots of new info to me in this piece! KUDOS! great work, Thoughty! ;)