Why Everything We Know About the Black Death Is Wrong

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Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Joshua Hallsworth


  • Thoughty2
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    Receive an Amazing New Player Pack, only available for the next 30 days! Play Conflict of Nations for FREE on PC or Mobile 💥 con.onelink.me/kZW6/a167ca5f

  • Carlo Lowe

    Carlo Lowe

    22 timer siden

    Type in 1970s covid on you tube it's a weird one says covid won't effect us for 50 years

  • IcedFate


    Dag siden

    the real plague is all these mobile skinner box games and the pandemic has been going for over a decade , with no cure in sight, claiming more victims daily . . . . . . i'm playing dragon quest tact as I type this...

  • Journey Into Coco

    Journey Into Coco

    Dag siden


  • CaptainDuckman


    5 dager siden

    @Michael Bubble There are multiple theories that dispute the rat flea idea as being the main cause of the spread of the plague through Europe.

  • CaptainDuckman


    5 dager siden

    game looks even worse than Raid Scam Legends

  • Sedit T
    Sedit T19 minutter siden

    The fact that Walled Cities worked during the black death pretty much flat out rules out the Bubonic plague so I am not really sure why this nonsense continues to be discussed. It is almost surely some sort of Hemorrhagic fever like Marburg or Ebola.

  • Vickie Lawson
    Vickie Lawson4 timer siden

    At 7:08 - is that the black spy from Mad Magazine's Spy vs Spy?

  • jay Sheffield
    jay Sheffield12 timer siden

    Fourty2 watched that weird girl on Joe Rogan

  • Alex Popa
    Alex Popa14 timer siden

    Seems to me like someone out there played a nasty Plague Inc. scenario during the 14th century.

  • Platanis2008
    Platanis200814 timer siden

    Covid has destroyed reliability of politicians, scientists and media-do not compare it with proven pandemics, it's a fairy tale...

  • Manuel Quispe
    Manuel Quispe21 time siden

    Venus farting sounds more legit than any bullcrap that comes out from WHO

  • Lilly Flower
    Lilly FlowerDag siden

    Don't forget. No one washed their hands. Ever.

  • Graham dodd
    Graham doddDag siden

    Public hugging!! I nearly choked laughing. Thank you for even that alone x

  • Android Arkitecht
    Android ArkitechtDag siden

    "In our current pandemic we know exactly what it is." Oh Really? You might want to rethink that statement.Oh to see so much knowledge wasted... Pearls to swine.

  • Blender Geek
    Blender GeekDag siden

    Two bubonic plagues started in China Asian flu started in China 2 coronavirus outbreaks started in China What's with China and all the deadly viruses?

  • Mark Dunbar
    Mark DunbarDag siden

    Your lectures are v engaging informative educational 😁 I have as you said always thought the Black Death was spread by rat fleas now my understanding is that we spread it ...I once dug up sculls and bone from a plague pit at Liverpool Street station digging footings for the new trains back in 1980 we had around 12 sculls and loads of bones that we re buried hopefully we did not disturb them too much may they 🪦 RIP 🧐

  • RU Listening
    RU ListeningDag siden

    Pan Dem ick coutour

  • 2005RavenR6
    2005RavenR6Dag siden

    Planet farts would be a better explanation than the CCP propaganda the WHO passed on as facts.

  • Nicolas Kean
    Nicolas Kean2 dager siden

    Has anyone else realized that the areas of the world the viruses are coming from, are also to be believed where humans first started.. its like the beginning is trying to end lol

  • Human Lives Matter!
    Human Lives Matter!2 dager siden

    minute 9 reasearch failure might be due to restrictions of what might a crazy mind use to justify...Rats (to whome we had been compared over centuries to justify progroms) have understood that human beings create always garbage, that for a rat is a good food source.Rats can't swim but traveresed the oceans in sailor ships, with decent knowledge about farming, you know transporting anythin ateable traznsports somewhere a rat.The fastest way to communicate, which revolutionalised the ancient world was a horse station postal system from the Mongols.Equipped the batch from the chinese Emperor (at the time the mongols gad conquered China under GHengis Khan) permited in horse-switch stations any officer to change the horse (so the animals hadn't been used to death and can recuperate.Or even give after 3 days and 3 horse-switching it to the next officer.Which enabled a letter or package to travel lie a horsmen that stay focused and in top shape for several weeks.Also another thought: The aborigines of the Canari Island (which had beeen white) lived in stone-age technology when conquered, because exchange of knowledge between people needs people.Further developmen,t from on invetion can reach more minds and are susceptible to find the talent that furthers it.Like the 30 min.light bilp became a much longer and work changing lightbulp under Edison, which enables people to read books, which furthered medicine among other sciences, and until 2020 the effectivness of a treatment was more important then from whom you heard it.

  • Georgie Smith
    Georgie Smith2 dager siden

    I need more rats dancing in my life, that was the sweetest dang thing

  • Akshually....
    Akshually....2 dager siden

    we also laugh at the plague doctors for thinking wearing a leather face covering would be an effective method for curbing the spread or protecting them from getting it. . . . . . . . . ....wait a minute

  • Stephen Murray
    Stephen Murray2 dager siden

    I remember being taught at school 47 years ago that, the Black Death was a combination of, Bubonic, Pneumonic and Septicemic plague and was only thought to be Bubonic because this had the most visible symptoms. It turns out they are all caused by the same bacteria infecting different areas. My teacher was not a fan of blaming the rats even then but admitted he did not have a better explanation.

  • Leon Perry
    Leon Perry2 dager siden

    WHO actually did come out in the beginning of the pandemic claiming covid cant be transmitted from human to human lmao

  • Blender Geek

    Blender Geek

    Dag siden

    WHO confirmed this on 14 January. Taiwan was urging WHO from December that it was human2human transmitted virus. WHO didn't listen. Also, since Taiwanese too speak Chinese, they were able to get the real reports of Wuhan and so Taiwan prepared early and now look at Taiwan, there is no coronavirus

  • Alexander P
    Alexander P2 dager siden

    You're so good at this, Thoughy2! Classy, funny, and you appear humble. Glad I found your channel when I did :)

  • Honky Tonkinson
    Honky Tonkinson2 dager siden

    I’ve grown a mustache almost as epic as Mr 42, but I’m about to trim it. It goes up my nose when I sleep and soaks up food while I eat. How do you deal with long facial hair?

  • panda now785
    panda now7852 dager siden

    I want toilet paper not gold how dare you

  • Jānis Stu
    Jānis Stu2 dager siden

    At 4:39 your claim is wrong. In USA 521 000 people have died because of COVID 19. That is 0.16% and not 0.001% of population!!

  • Jens Philip Höhmann
    Jens Philip Höhmann2 dager siden

    I once heared that even a HIV- related retrovirus might have been responsable based on an observation that people kind of immune to HIV often had ancestors who lived in regions hit particularly hard by the black death, so they must have been the few survivors of it.

  • Ilja Lobanovs
    Ilja Lobanovs2 dager siden

    Was there a subliminal messages at 1.07?

  • Rohan Jones
    Rohan Jones2 dager siden

    Where does that gp work 🥰😍

  • Indrekk Pringi
    Indrekk Pringi2 dager siden

    THERE IS NO PANDEMIC: Globally; the World Health Organization estimates the common flu kills 290.000 to 650,000 people each year. Until the Covid 19 virus kills more than 650,000 people; it is less deadly than the common flu virus. Corona viruses have been around for 60 years. There are 36 different strains of corona virus, 4 of them have been known to cause infection for a long time. Corona viruses cause between 20-40% of the flu that we see worldwide. Screening tests are not specific enough to differentiate between any of those 36 different strains of virus. It is highly likely that everyone in the world has had some exposure to a corona virus and has probably had some infection of a corona virus somewhere in their lifetime. What most people don't know is that any 'test' for a virus does not test for a specific virus: It tests for antibodies that show up in your immune system to fight a virus. If someone tests positive, what does that actually mean? It means that at some time in your life your body developed certain antibodies to fight certain viruses. So if you test positive, does that mean you have an active infection? Does that mean you had an infection in the past? Does that mean you have an active infection of one of the 36 strains that have been around for 60 years? If you test positive does it mean that you’re sick? Or does it mean that you’ve been exposed to one of these 36 strains of corona virus and that it doesn’t bother your immune system? If you test positive for antibodies that fight corona virus, which strain of corona virus do you have? The new recommendations from the American CDC (and in Canada also)… is if someone is in the hospital with a respiratory issue and they die… then even if you have not tested them… or you tested them and they were not positive…you’re supposed to write on the death certificate “Co-morbidity”. This is driving the numbers up to maintain the agenda of mass hysteria, mass panic and mass fear.. It keeps the panic churning. . It is estimated that 12,000-16,000 deaths annually since 2010 can be blamed on the common flu virus in America alone each year. At least 8,200 people have died this season from the common flu virus in America. NOT from .the corona virus. The reason for these low members is the common flu is now being misdiagnosed as the corona virus. Otherwise the common flu deaths would be about normal: 12,000-16,000 deaths, AND BE IGNORED. There are 3.91 millions deaths caused by respiratory illnesses every year globally. HOW MANY RESPIRATORY DEATHS HAVE BEEN USED TO CREATE THIS HOAX? Recent studies by medical experts have revealed that the rate of infections is much larger by order of many magnitudes. As a result of the increased number of infected people; the death rate for Covid 19 has changed from 1.3% to roughly about .01%... Dr. Fauci himself told the medical community that Covid 19 is a seasonal flu with a mortality rate of .01%... A .01% death rate IS NOT A PANDEMIC… IT Is A HOAX.. Fauci has MILLIONS INVESTED IN VACCINES. Globally, there are 17-18 million deaths each year. Of the 32 main causes of deaths the corona virus ranks at the bottom of the list. Each year there are 3 million newborns who die in the world of pneumonia and 50,000 adults in the United States for the same cause, WITHOUT ALARMS BEING ISSUED. In many cases, they are misdiagnosing the common flu and calling it Covid 19. Anyone who dies of a respiratory ailment is being marked down as dying from Covid 19 They are lying to you. The numbers are being deliberately falsified. THERE ARE NO RELIABLE TESTS that can tell the difference between Covid 19 and all the other flu viruses… never mind the 36 different Corona viruses!!.. ‘ There is NO real “Covid-19” What it is, is that “they” invented a miserable “corona-virus “test”, which as it has been very recently been documented and written in the official U.S. Medical Library Records, is not and cannot detect any actual “Covid-19″… and instead it only detects “corona-viruses” existence in general in the human body… The so called “test” (and we are talking about the so called “credible” one which is working on the molecular level), in addition to the above, also, cannot detect the amount of the “corona-viruses” in the human body… which is crucial in order for a patient to be determined as an actual patient of a FLU…’ In fact: the inventor of the PCR test publicly stated that is was not designed to diagnose ANY virus. NEWS FLASH Updated numbers from the CDC reveal only 9,210 American have died from Covid 19. The stats for overall seasonal death rates this year across Europe are the same if not less than for any other year. The official figures for 24 countries across Europe show, not only that overall mortality is not increasing, but - so far - it is actually well below recent averages. off-guardian.org/2020/03/28/10-more-experts-criticizing-the-corona virus-panic/ Johan Giesecke (ex state epidemiologist, WHO advisor, chief scientist/European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) “I think of it is as a severe seasonal influenza”; “Someone right now is dying from pneumonia and it will absolutely be impossible to isolate this year’s version of corona virus from other forms of respiratory ailments by exclusively claiming it as a causative factor in death. That is criminal negligence. The problem, is that “corona virus” (due to mass media over-magnification) will end up stealing stats from the 1.5-3 million pneumonia cases per year and the 3/4 to 1 million flu cases. In fact, it already is.” Dr. Pablo Goldschmidt is an Argentine-French virologist ;. “There is no evidence to show that the 2019 corona virus is more lethal than respiratory adenoviruses, influenza viruses, corona viruses from previous years, or rhinoviruses responsible for the common cold.” This a scam. Dr. Michael Levitt Professor of biochemistry at Stanford University. “The number of deaths of corona virus in Italy is 10% of the number of deaths of influenza in the country between 2016-2017. German Network for Evidence-Based Medicine “In the majority of cases, COVID-19 takes the form of a mild cold or is even symptom-free. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that all cases of infection are recorded, in contrast with deaths which are almost completely recorded. This leads to an overestimation of the CFR. (Case Fatality Rate) An overestimation of the Case Fatality Rate also occurs when a deceased person is found to have been infected with SARS-CoV-2, but this was not the actual cause of death. The CDC just reported that 94% of Covid deaths had other medical issues. Dr Richard Schabas former Chief Medical Officer of Ontario: “Quarantine belongs back in the Middle Ages. Save your masks for robbing banks. Stay calm and carry on. Let’s not make our attempted cures worse than the disease.” Globe and Mail, 11th March 2020’ “Strictly by the numbers, the corona virus does not register as a dire global crisis” ‘You don’t need to be an expert to see the causes for the concentration in Northern Italy and NYC. as Florence has about 300,000 legal Chinese immigrants taking over its manufacturing, in addition to countless illegal Chinese, who make regular and continuous trips back & forth to Wuhan. Once the outbreak in China became known, and China began complaining a few weeks later that calling it a Chinese- or Wuhan-virus was “racist,” the mayor of Florence encouraged the Italian residents of Florence to “hug a Chinese” to show support. Again, there was a constant traffic between Florence & Wuhan at that time. And Florence apparently has the second oldest population in Europe, if not in the world.’ If you watch this video; nolocal.info/have/video/emqdoNx7vpJ_2og You will understand that the virus was created in a laboratory in Wuhan China.... Second... the global economy has been slowing down for years and a major depression was about to happen anyways... Third: What the Chinese CCP govt did was purposefully spread the virus and wait until there was enough ''reason'' to institute martial law and crack down on its population in order to terrorize and intimidate them because they knew a major economic depression was going to hit China.... If the CCP had not spread the virus, the Chinese people would have blamed them for the depression... This way, the inevitable depression could be blamed on the virus, not on the govt.. What happened next is that all the other govts that knew of the economic slowdown, who knew that a major global depression was coming, latched on to the fake Chinese ""pandemic"" scare and pushed this hoax globally: to avoid being blamed for the oncoming recession/depression. Why did they do this? Because spreading: MASS FEAR; MASS PANIC; MASS PARANOIA; MASS HYSTERIA: MASS BRAINWASHING: Is always good for the ruling class…. MASS IMPOVERISHMENT of the electorate; Making billions of people TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON THEIR GOVTS…. While the .01% get richer from HUGE bailouts to the banks and corporations. Can you say one-world governed by FEAR and HYSTERIA? Can you say GLOBAL BRAINWASHING? Billions of the world’s masses are being impoverished due to this hoax. Over 50.million people died of the 1920 pandemic: COMPARE THAT TO THIS FUCKING HOAX. MASS FEAR; MASS PARANOIA; MASS CONFORMITY; POLICE STATE MARTIAL LAW. While destroying your society, your lives and your livelihoods… WAKE UP YOU ARE BEING BRAINWASHED INTO ILLOGICAL FEAR. NEWSFLASH: Tucker Carlson reported that the American death tolls for 2020 ARE THE SAME AS 2019 THERE HAS BEEN NO SPIKE IN DEATHS IN SPITE OF THE FAKE PANDEMIC. THE NUMBERS DO NOT LIE.

  • Indrekk Pringi
    Indrekk Pringi2 dager siden

    FAUCI HAS MILLIONS INVESTED IN VACCINES HE WAS INSTRUMENTAL IN FOUNDING AND FUNDING THE CHINESE WUHAN BIO LABS STATISTICAL FACTS: PUBLISHED BY THE CDC: 2019 US pop: 328,239,523 2020 US pop; 330,767,888 2019 US deaths; 2,855,000 2020 US deaths: 2,902,664 2019 US mortality rate: 9% 2020 US mortality rate; 9% 2019 US Deaths per thousand: 870 2020 US Deaths per thousand: 878 Take away the increase in suicides and drug overdoses due to the lock downs in 2020 and there are over 40,000 LESS US deaths in 2020 than in 2019 FROM 2015-2020; CANADIAN DEATHS HAVE BEEN ANNUALLY THE SAME FOR 5 FUCKING YEARS THAT INCLUDES THE YEAR 2020 SHARE THESE FACTS: THE WHOLE THING IS A HOAX

  • Scott Croteau
    Scott Croteau2 dager siden

    The yearly flu is worse than this "covid " all there doing is slowly taking everything from us. They tell us we started to get a spike in #sat the same time that the flu starts.. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  • Duke Nails
    Duke Nails2 dager siden

    It's fairly obvious the black death couldn't have been caused by a bacterium. But thanks for putting people's minds at rest.

  • Peter Kauffner
    Peter Kauffner3 dager siden

    "How will posterity believe that there has been a time when without the lightnings of heaven or the fires of earth, without wars or other visible slaughter, not this or that part of the earth, but well-nigh the whole globe, has remained without inhabitants. When has any such thing been even heard or seen; in what annals has it ever been read that houses were left vacant, cities deserted, the country neglected, the fields too small for the dead and a fearful and universal solitude over the whole earth?... Oh happy people of the future, who have not known these miseries and perchance will class our testimony with the fables." -- Petrarch on the Black Death

  • Danijel Huskić
    Danijel Huskić3 dager siden

    you said and laugh about planet farts,but you claim that bats was fault

  • Kirk Krieger
    Kirk Krieger3 dager siden

    Actually it's 2x as fast as a rat. One rat going east and one going west. Spreading 2x the speed of 1 rat

  • audiotron1003
    audiotron10033 dager siden

    Wonderful, an advert about global conflict and nuclear war. Wait long anough and watch China and the US, Iran and Israel smack 7 bells of shit out of each other as cyber war changes to something more tangeable like full on war. But noooo, let's play the game first. FFS.

  • Isaiah IWC
    Isaiah IWC3 dager siden

    Aka the sponsor is a giant mobile Civilization/Age of Empires

  • Paci
    Paci3 dager siden

    The plague doctor at 15:31 has some nice moves

  • Betty Hello
    Betty Hello3 dager siden

    New fear unlocked: bubonic plague pandemic spread by viruses

  • AnimeSniperWolf 17
    AnimeSniperWolf 173 dager siden

    HA LOSERS RATS DIDNT DO IT BAHAHAHA.. I like rats uwu and y'all gross when y'all call them gross they're just misunderstood ❤️

  • Shane Queen
    Shane Queen3 dager siden

    Covid is not a pandemic or there would be a hell of alot more people dead considering we r more connected absolutely farce

  • Curtis Whitehead
    Curtis Whitehead3 dager siden

    Please do a video explaining why you called it the so called asian flu in the 50s. That sounded like their is a reason for the doubt

  • Tristan Craven
    Tristan Craven3 dager siden

    I think you will find flu is caused by malnutrition deficiency in vitamins minerals and amino acids .flu is not and never will be external . Corona viruses flus cancer aids the very things they said is a virus is actually our exosomes viral coming from our cells to heal and rid the body of toxins ie bacteria chemicals radiation and consumption of to much of something . I'm just waiting for the world to catch up with the real version of the immune system. What happened in china was the bubonic plague . You dont need vaccines you need vitamin D3 and b5 pentathenic acid . That's it . The scientist and doctors are just on the cusp of finding this reality out . That years ago under an ELECTRON microscope they saw exosomes. They thought they where causing deaths what is causing deaths during flus is definitely deficiency.

  • Erin McKeown
    Erin McKeown3 dager siden

    “Suggesting that there were tiny creatures on and in us that are waiting to make you ill could get you thrown in jail”. So in hindsight, our ancestors played themselves.

  • mattias orup
    mattias orup3 dager siden

    But thoughty, when rats die the plague will find a new host, so wouldn't the plague work the same on a corpse, meaning that there is a good chance if 2 individuals lived together and the one carrying it would die, it would infect the other person?

  • Nindy Sidhu
    Nindy Sidhu3 dager siden

    I would love to have been this guys lecturer at college or uni, just to read this guys essays and assignments. They would be a refreshing read, no doubt.

  • jhon one
    jhon one3 dager siden

    Very interesting

  • Big Foot
    Big Foot3 dager siden

    I heard people with tiny hats were poisoning wells to weaken Christendom

  • C R
    C R3 dager siden

    rats + boats = SPEEEEEEEED!!!!!

  • george thompson
    george thompson3 dager siden

    Imagine if the WHO accepted there was an epidemic at the start...

  • VeggyZ
    VeggyZ3 dager siden

    The corona virus vaccine isn't even a vaccine by definition, it's a DNA modification technology - despite what the liars have said, the man responsible for funding it's development has said so himself VERBATIM - Bill Gates. That's why mark Zuckerberg was caught on camera saying it, and then retracting it later and apologizing for spreading "disinformation" - it wasn't disinformation, it's straight from the mouth of the ass clown who developed it. If you don't believe me, you can find the video on Bitchute right now - I'll link it below just so people can't suggest I'm making that up and endlessly repeat "no proof"... can you tell I'm getting very tired of dealing with close-minded idiots who just repeat what their TV tells them? you likely have no idea unless you're just like me, and spend almost all day every day doing so.... ..anyway, here's the video... www.bitchute.com/video/PWuMvl5sj6XQ/ --- kind of hard to argue with it when it comes from the guy who paid for it's creation's own mouth huh? spread this video around, don't be a coward - most of you have no idea how much danger you're in as a result of this billionaire sociopath and all his eugenicist buddies. On that note, go look up Bill Gates talking about "population reduction" - and note how excited he gets in talking about killing off most of the earth's population. Are you worried yet? be sure to also note, the guy who talks about murdering you with glee is the same one pouring all those billions into 1. technology to spy on you and catalogue you, much like the Nazis did to Jews, and 2. experimental DNA modification technology with horrendous side effects, who has also spoken of using a pandemic to take control of countries across the planet well in advance of Covid surfacing. I really hope some of you wake the hell up - because I wouldn't be posting shit like this on nearly unrelated videos if I didn't deem it to be an existential threat for all of us - and most certainly freedom itself.

  • Amy Gorman
    Amy Gorman3 dager siden

    Just one idea, are we basing all our knowledge of this alleged plague on some, census documents presumed to have been written around this time? Are we assuming these documents are factual and not at all conjured up by governments for other nefarious reasons? Have we dug up plague pits and done an accurate body count then cross referenced that against census documents? As we are aware only the elite and the literate complied documentation, not the common man so no personal diaries of victims families at the time can be found attesting to these events. Just a thought, obviously I’m not wishing to imply that history could be misleading or serve as a tool to project fear into the populous of a plague only being two sneezes and an improperly fitted mask away from striking humanity down but it’s worth thinking about. I mean when has the government or world leader ever told us anything but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth??

  • VeggyZ
    VeggyZ3 dager siden

    I love the plague doctor flipping the bird though... that's got to be you behind the mask.

  • VeggyZ
    VeggyZ3 dager siden

    I can't stand to see so many people assuming what they hear about Covid is fully known and established when the very people that information came from had gotten it wrong numerous times at the onset AND RECENTLY. PLEASE be more skeptical when dealing with power hungry authoritarians.............. you are condemning not only yourselves by your acceptance of bullshit from people who have been wrong over and over, you are condemning your friends and family - because no one is going to be left alone in a marxist takeover.

  • Cindy Koen
    Cindy Koen3 dager siden

    Now I want to go shower! 🤣

  • VeggyZ
    VeggyZ3 dager siden

    Most of those lives that have been lost due to Covid were deaths due to co-morbidity - in other words, they were attributed to Covid but were not covid, they were things like heart disease. The CDC has ADMITTED (they literally updated it on their website in the middle of the night) that the deaths due to actual Covid19 were 6% of the total reported. They call it an "error in reporting" - that big of a discrepancy is not an "error" it's intentional. Look into this one, it's no joke. When your "error in reporting" is 94-96%, and due to a rule / regulation change in CDC reporting guidelines no less, you have a much bigger problem than a virus with a .2% mortality rate.

  • VeggyZ
    VeggyZ3 dager siden

    Also note, how countries that don't have a mainstream media problem also have next to no reported covid deaths, isn't it? HMM. ALSO note how somehow, since the onset of Covid, we've pretty much cured the flu and the cold. Figure that one out. I'll give a hint since critical thinking seems to have taken a nose-dive in recent months.... they are reporting things that aren't covid related, as Covid - and this is actually admitted since doctors started coming forward and being banned from the internet for blowing the whistle. Weird how that mainstream media doesn't touch on any of that information huh? they'll just tell you "stop ignoring doctors" while promoting a guy they pay to be a doctor on TV to tell you the same thing they do - and they obscure the real doctors questioning their bullshit. ...it's really depressing how many people dismiss this outright, when it's actual MD's and people with other legitimate credentials saying it - all because this authoritative looking idiot who contradicts himself every 2 days told them HE's the only doctor they should listen to, because HE'S the one the government pays to talk to us.

  • VeggyZ
    VeggyZ3 dager siden

    Funny how we can see so little of the virus' actual impact despite how "serious" it is, huh? Most of the deaths centered around the hospitals that existed solely to treat covid patients - oh, and nursing homes, which for whatever reason the leadership of several states gave executive orders to, to accept covid positive patients. The videos coming out of China had people conveniently dropping in the middle of the street and bleeding out their eyes - not one other country has encountered anything anywhere near that, and have a suspicious lack of ANY signs at all. When tiktok nurses have that much time on their hands despite being "overwhelmed" according to the media, and people can easily take their phone and record empty hospitals in the most hard-hit states, AND the rules on reporting deaths were changed right at the outset of this pandemic to increase the amount of deaths that would fall under this cause of death, AND doctors and nurses are being banned from social media for a wide variety of claims of lying and impropriety when it goes against the media narrative, AND the adjusted death rate which I can attest IS accurate, because almost everyone I know has had the virus, being .2% or lower, AND the mortality rate in the covid hospitals being in some cases as high as 90% (yes, I am not making that up.), SOMETHING is going on that they are not being honest about. It's called an authoritarian takeover under the guise of a pandemic. Some of these elites wrote freaking BOOKS about doing exactly what we're going through right now, years ago. Guys like Alex Jones detailed EVERYTHING we're seeing today in 2010 and possibly even before that. He isn't the only one, by the way, the elites pushing this on us have written about and spoken about doing it themselves - why we're still buying into all the ridiculous demands is beyond me. Everyone I know except maybe 2 or 3 people caught this virus. Almost none of them actually got sick, despite "testing positive", and the ones who did were barely ill. My mother got pretty sick - but she also survived. The risk is relatively low - yet they make it sound as if it's a death sentence and demand we undergo all this ridiculously authoritarian bullshit for it, and even go as far as to punish people for TALKING ABOUT IT in some countries - which they are also trying to do in the USA, thanks to the authoritarian who recently had our election given to him. I could have made my "ands" go on for several pages because there are so many oddities with this Covid nonsense. Another one I feel compelled to point out, is that those Covid hospitals i mentioned literally get between $30,000 and $50,000 per positive patient they admit and put on a ventilator - in the event someone was doubting there's a reason corrupt healthcare practicioners would actually harm their patients - it isn't the first time this has happened over money. There was a hospital in Texas some years ago, as I recall, that was found to have KILLED at least one patient to take and sell their organs - big money if you get a fresh deceased organ donor. People need to work on their critical thinking ability before signing up for a lifetime of communist dictatorship, and agreeing to forfeit all their rights for "safety" - safety they won't even be provided.

  • Sedit T

    Sedit T

    17 minutter siden

    You spend to much time on Tin foil hat websites my friend.

  • puchybaba
    puchybaba3 dager siden

    I love everything you do! You are my new hero!

  • Jaemz Abad
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