Why Eating People is A Lot More Common Than You Think

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    maybe well-done.

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    So what is your thought on flat Earth .Curiosity just my own . I seen a curious thing when I was 10 years old I was with my dad at an auction.

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    Great Video!

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    @randomeditsAGAIN I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins

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    Lady Sunday6 timer siden

    I can easily understand how Elizabeth Bathory was confused on the morals and ethics of using the blood of young girls in her bathing rituals to keep a youthful appearance...lol

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    Beyblades in My heels7 timer siden

    Ok, but did any of this work? Like was it a placebo?

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    notice that in 4:36 ancient was spelled weird

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    is this true?? humans disgust me more with each day

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    Da Vinci ate humans? Absurd! He didn't even eat non human animals! "Although he never mentions whether or not he personally ate meat, Leonardo's writings display a deep concern with animal welfare and horror over the fact that animals are raised to be killed and eaten by humans"

  • Jay Ak
    Jay AkDag siden

    Bad or good, the fact that you think a human like you will heal you is ignorant or any animal for that matter. Most illness is cured by plants not animal or human flesh and blood. I eat meat but I know that medicine is mostly plant based.

  • James Mckinnon
    James MckinnonDag siden

    They still use the blood plasma for tablets today?

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    Eeeew! Eat humans?! Those disgusting, stupid ridiculous losers?! The worst species in the world?! No thanks!!!

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    This is so bizarre I cant believe that its real xD

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    damn it this is why i hate learning about history

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    I have epilepsy. Don't worry, I prefer cola over blood.

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    I Learned this from a movie called "i want to eat your pancreas" a girl is dying and she says to the mc that eating a certain organ or body part

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    i see, someone tag the guy that ate a brain in CNN, maybe he will feel less of a P.O.S now if he can watch this.

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    With crocacin now in cereal, weed killer in most of our meat supply, with fingers now and then found in restaurant chili, I can see how a person could ignorantly eat one 'people'... But eating two or more people cannot be excused. Eat two or more people, and you have a serious problem...

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    8:42 yeah but can it cure covid 👀

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    We are the descendants of retards... wait a second, this actually explains a LOT.

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    Women legally drink men's blood all the time, it's called alimony.

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    Still goes on today. Look up Adrenochrome. Disturbing stuff!!!

  • David Peters
    David Peters9 dager siden

    The earliest Egyptian medicine was entirely practical ...it was only after people began living in close quarters to each other in cities that the nuttiness began. The astrological stuff about herbal medicine in Europe was tagged on to explain how they worked by pseudo herbalists (like Culpepper). The Neanderthals used a lot of herbs. Advert: '24 year old male redhead wanted for medical research'.

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  • Jin Kazama
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    in the future we will be probably able to produce human cells, so cannibalism will be possible without killing

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