Why Does Everyone on this Island Live to Over 100-Years-Old?

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  • John Wayne

    John Wayne

    8 dager siden

    The results speak for themselves. Lool.

  • Grace W

    Grace W

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  • Teton Janis

    Teton Janis

    13 dager siden

    is the lakota language an option on there

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    Dustin Hall

    19 dager siden

    Love you channel bro

  • Mariana Nicoleta Vasile
    Mariana Nicoleta Vasile8 timer siden

    00:05 Duolingo: *Yo dare question me mortal?*

  • Adler Hidolf
    Adler Hidolf10 timer siden

    when you do all the stuff and get 500 years old

  • Kachiri Beleza
    Kachiri Beleza12 timer siden

    When you were saying you would have put it half way up the mountain, in a cave, protected by an evil goat... I would have thought you'd say it was protected by an evil bunny... You know like that _Monty Python_ movie. You're English... the movie is English. Why not an evil bunny?!

  • GenesicShinZyraelKai
    GenesicShinZyraelKai16 timer siden

    "Go shag in the bushes" hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  • dark mind
    dark mind16 timer siden

    Blue zones exist: People who live in the northern luzon: I guess I'm the only one then

  • Don't ask Me idk
    Don't ask Me idk20 timer siden

    There's an older woman in my village 108 years old still well,lack the whole village everyday ,can still.cucle ans garden ,go.drink coffee at shop everyday

  • Don't ask Me idk

    Don't ask Me idk

    20 timer siden

    Walk the whole village***

  • A statement of bad priorities
    A statement of bad priorities23 timer siden

    TLDW: 1: Go outside often and exercise naturally. 2: Have friends. 3: To know/find your purpose in life. 4: Live in a somewhat remote area and eat healthy.

  • hoxoh123
    hoxoh123Dag siden

    It is not how long you live that is important, it is how you live!

  • Collector Keebler
    Collector KeeblerDag siden

    6:18, your voice says 7.6 Trillion, but the number on the screen shows 7.6 Billion. Which is it?

  • GGaMErZZ
    GGaMErZZDag siden

    so ur telling me queen Elizabeth (or smth idk) isnt older than the universe?????

  • Snow Rider
    Snow RiderDag siden

    The leading cause of death is living!!

  • ? WhiteRose
    ? WhiteRoseDag siden

    Damn lol I got no friends

  • Ali Asghar MM
    Ali Asghar MMDag siden

    "everyone on this island lives more than 100 years" Me with a gun: I don't think so

  • MrsIimee
    MrsIimeeDag siden

    How did Japan take 2 nukes and just live longer?

  • Spoderman Dragonlore
    Spoderman Dragonlore2 dager siden

    Covid got the communities for old people out

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez2 dager siden

    promotes language learning app, cant pronounce "Th" correctly.

  • Will sr
    Will sr2 dager siden

    You don’t have any Sauces

  • Mumbo Toastoni
    Mumbo Toastoni3 dager siden

    I think he's just talking about Japan

  • Cookup Foo
    Cookup Foo3 dager siden

    Maybe they just honored their fathers and mothers

  • FG Ó Conghaile
    FG Ó Conghaile3 dager siden

    2:29 so does duolingo

  • Aris Nikolopoulos
    Aris Nikolopoulos3 dager siden

    hi 42!

  • Im Shreyan
    Im Shreyan3 dager siden

    when he was speaking another language i was changing my audio settings😂😂🤣🤣

    MIGUEL ROBLES4 dager siden

    Maybe it’s the cold

  • retsnomuH
    retsnomuH4 dager siden

    At 17:34 you just showed a place from Mongolia, which has nothing to do with this. Why?

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy4 dager siden

    Isn't it obvious? Kind people often dies too early than evil once ( I'm talking about natural deaths )

  • chaos control
    chaos control4 dager siden

    Because they drink Bowser juice

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy5 dager siden

    The Seventh Day Adventists are taught by their religion to not eat meat. They are one of (if not the only) high income Blue Zones, so their age statistics should be accurate. SDA men live almost 10 years longer than other Californian men. All Blue Zones eat little or no meat. Some SDA's do eat meat, but only the vegans among them (as a group) had an average BMI in the recommended range. See the Adventist 2 Study for details.

  • Amanda Benninger
    Amanda Benninger5 dager siden

    Healthy nothing bad

  • Amanda Benninger
    Amanda Benninger5 dager siden

    That’s the kind of life I wanna live

  • Elizabeth II
    Elizabeth II5 dager siden

    huh? those people are young my grand children are older I will be there in your funeral

    Bash THEPARTYGOD7 dager siden

    Wet dream brought to life 😂😂😂

  • Productive Skills
    Productive Skills7 dager siden

    Am I alone who noticed that all these blue zones have a beach?

  • Dawn
    Dawn7 dager siden

    Animal protein CAUSES heart disease and cancer and a whole plant based diet reverses chronic illness. #thechinastudy People around the world who eat the most beans live the longest. Animal protein is why cancer, diabetes and heart disease are an epidemic. The first sign of heart disease is impotence and meat causes heart disease. Scientists know this to be true but doctors don't because pharmaceutical companies have a say in their education.

  • Sergeant Death Sentinel Of Thy UTTP
    Sergeant Death Sentinel Of Thy UTTP7 dager siden

    14:38 You're gonna live for one hundred and thoughty2 years? (woah)

  • Bald Man
    Bald Man8 dager siden

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like a tree

  • Organized Entropy
    Organized Entropy8 dager siden

    I will live to 200, because... **flashback to cherry trees** *”Always remember son,* *DYING, is GAY.”*

  • Dane Miller
    Dane Miller8 dager siden

    The same confirmation tentatively prefer because gold paradoxically load up a dependent piano. awesome, wide sponge

  • Jan-Willem Grimbeek
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  • Oscar Acuna
    Oscar Acuna8 dager siden

    12:22 Calofornia

  • UnsayingWing
    UnsayingWing8 dager siden

    if i feel like living longer il just kill everyone else to the ground and burn rome to the ground wait.... serious de ja vo moment rn

  • mr_Epic 072
    mr_Epic 0728 dager siden

    Florida water tastes like poop

  • Abyssar
    Abyssar9 dager siden

    saint aughuhstin

  • cimbakahn
    cimbakahn9 dager siden

    Thoughty2: You forgot to mention the people that live around Lake Titicaca in Peru, and the Hunzas, and the Azerbaijanis.

  • Lanco Bear
    Lanco Bear9 dager siden

    That guy on the thumbnail is so old his face turned into jerky.

  • Og xs
    Og xs10 dager siden


  • Boba Tea
    Boba Tea10 dager siden

    “Babble, the #1 language learning app” Me: what about Duolingo *plays tiny violen*

  • AngryJoeIsRacist Super Racist
    AngryJoeIsRacist Super Racist10 dager siden

    Learn what immortal means

  • Tenno
    Tenno10 dager siden

    "To live forever is to experience pain forever" - Idk just came with that

  • Esteban Outeiral Dias
    Esteban Outeiral Dias10 dager siden

    If it's to look like that... I'd rather die at 70...

  • That[NEET]On YT
    That[NEET]On YT10 dager siden

    They should just practice Hamon Breathing.

  • hydrolito
    hydrolito10 dager siden

    Most of The Radium girls in another video died an early death.

  • Taylor Curtis
    Taylor Curtis11 dager siden

    I am never dungeon master either

  • planet 9 productions
    planet 9 productions11 dager siden

    thank you for teaching me what not to do if i want a short life i appreciate it and will make sure to avoid those things

  • Kade Feagins
    Kade Feagins11 dager siden

    I love the bable app

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard11 dager siden

    im not kidding when i say i have 0 friends and on top of that i have a broken family. well im screwed.

  • Nullshard
    Nullshard11 dager siden

    i wana learn Standard Galactic text

  • Ryan Dill
    Ryan Dill11 dager siden

    She lived long enough racks glock

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith11 dager siden

    I heard once an old man saying: "All my friends are dead and Im still alive, wtf is wrong with me?"

  • Lumis Olumis
    Lumis Olumis11 dager siden

    My grandmother was a seventh-day Adventist. She loves gardening and her diet was mostly from her garden and well done meat. She died at the age of 105 and only because she fell and broke her hip. Immobility was her downfall.

  • Kmangod
    Kmangod11 dager siden

    Yes, the blue zones are LESS STRESSFUL. Beautiful areas that can be peaceful and relaxed.

  • Music
    Music11 dager siden

    Live forever, how boring that would become.

  • Todd Howard

    Todd Howard

    11 dager siden

    gotta be less boring than being deceased

  • J K
    J K11 dager siden

    Well this made me feel really shit about my life

  • Todd Howard

    Todd Howard

    11 dager siden

    me too man

  • IndyBlock
    IndyBlock12 dager siden

    I was scared the entire video was going to be in French.

  • Euan Lucero
    Euan Lucero12 dager siden

    fountain of youth? jack sparrow and the crew must be finding them

  • omar pikm
    omar pikm12 dager siden

    they have healthcare

  • Danny O
    Danny O12 dager siden

    Maybe it's because they don't have an FDA approving what they can eat?

  • Sandy Schipper
    Sandy Schipper13 dager siden

    I love your sense of humour.

  • Bubbha Jay
    Bubbha Jay13 dager siden

    I died when you said some swear by sushi and the fxck speech bubble popped up 🤣🤣

  • Nooz Zoo
    Nooz Zoo13 dager siden

    I'm Thifty

  • Trickiest Jet
    Trickiest Jet13 dager siden

    Got it, the trick is love thy neighbor as you love yourself

    V FACTS13 dager siden

    basically: be social, exercise a little though out the day, and be manly vegan, don't smoke or drink alcohol but rarely. most people live to 70 to 80, so you'd be adding around 30 years or more to your life, seem very worth it to me.



    12 dager siden

    @Zero Hero did you not watch the video? they live a long and healthy life, old people go to retirement homes because they can't take care of themself,

  • Zero Hero

    Zero Hero

    12 dager siden

    I wouldn't want to live longer if I'm a lonely old person stuck in a retirement home, which is where most seniors end up these days. The old people in those islands get to enjoy nice weather and outdoor life which is NOT what you'll get when you retire in the city. Not to mention they live a generally stress free lifestyle which sounds like a dream in this day and age.

  • eze
    eze13 dager siden


  • Wagwan Games
    Wagwan Games13 dager siden

    Duolingo betta

  • 25c On Discount
    25c On Discount13 dager siden

    "-are having viagra free sex!" UOOGHH

  • Nathan Conner
    Nathan Conner13 dager siden

    california doesnt have fast food... yeah ok

  • SloopdyDoop
    SloopdyDoop14 dager siden

    I vacation to saint augustine pretty often. I can confirm that the fountain of youth does actually exist.

  • buknoy kolokoy
    buknoy kolokoy14 dager siden

    No Fast food, no food from factory, no junk food no chemical food...

  • Dudevahkiin
    Dudevahkiin14 dager siden

    "Nihilists die sooner than optimists." Nihilist: "Good."

  • jonldavis
    jonldavis14 dager siden

    I'm doomed. I fall short in all three categories.

  • Matteo Matzuzzi
    Matteo Matzuzzi14 dager siden

    I’m from sardinia and my greatgrandmother was 102 years old and after she saw all her sons and daughters diying before her she decided to stop eating and she died And this is the reason beacouse the power of infinite life is horrible P.s. Sorry for my english

  • Nick Megadeth

    Nick Megadeth

    11 dager siden

    That's an amazing story to tell. Greetings from Greece.

  • Deyrenkenin
    Deyrenkenin14 dager siden

    12:21 Calofornia

  • Nana Banana
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  • Capitilistpig11 Gaming
    Capitilistpig11 Gaming14 dager siden

    Got it so I will be dead within 2 years lmao

  • Iconoclast
    Iconoclast14 dager siden

    Its interesting how so many fear death as when you are dead you don't know you are dead so it makes no real difference. But then how ever unlikely I could be wrong!

  • sarah ryan
    sarah ryan14 dager siden

    Your humour is the best !!💞

  • Crunchy Boii
    Crunchy Boii14 dager siden

    Why is no one talking about how California is a blue zone lmao

  • Censoring Free Speech -YouTube
    Censoring Free Speech -YouTube14 dager siden

    My Ikigai: Taking my dog to the park after sunrise

  • Your average Cultist
    Your average Cultist15 dager siden

    William Afton: write that down write that down!!!

  • Shadownoob Noobslayer
    Shadownoob Noobslayer15 dager siden

    nothing born can live for ever however gmo produced human in lab or android might have longer life spins but they will never be human so we are restricted are brains have limit regardless how many organs we swap to keep us up and running when brain dies its game over ...

  • Matej Mazur
    Matej Mazur15 dager siden

    I will answer this to the best of my ability: Because ignorance abides; God has given man a set time on this earth to seek him for 120 years. Since these people are isolated from the Books (Qu'ran or the Bible), ergo they receive an added time to seek out our Lord Jesus - who through his sacrifice, has provided a possible way into heaven.

  • Sam Wise
    Sam Wise15 dager siden

    Pretty certain there PLENTY of fast food chains in Loma Linda js

  • VeniX ???
    VeniX ???15 dager siden

    People complain about life because it’s running out and they need to keep themselves alive for that time

  • Ennovative
    Ennovative15 dager siden

    Live to 118 and become Groot. -or- Call it a little early.

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson16 dager siden

    no such thing as the Fountain of Youth

  • linzianna
    linzianna16 dager siden

    Don't forget The Twilight Zone lmao 🤣 😂 😆

  • linzianna
    linzianna16 dager siden

    The Thumbnail: 118 years old! Me: She needs some Nivea Cream, she be ok!

  • cheese man
    cheese man16 dager siden

    Sounds like a very long ad for one of those bunk products seems like you about to start talking about you bottled water from there

  • say uwu if you're gay
    say uwu if you're gay16 dager siden

    Well see then

  • furry


    16 dager siden


  • GodlessPeaceSign
    GodlessPeaceSign16 dager siden

    The real question is; *why* would you want to live past 100 years? i barely wanna live to see 30