Why Did Everyone in 1518 Dance Themselves to Death One Day?

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    Scott Miller

    2 dager siden

    @Kurumi Tokisaki You got it on the first try - it's been going through my head all day.

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    Highatlast Dabs

    4 dager siden

    How bizarre that shit is catchy

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    I'm blue da ba de..

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    I have ear-worms playing in my head almost constantly, so anything and everything. Whenever I hear a song, I gets stuck.

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    Gian Miguel

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    Gangsta paradise but only the choir

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    TungstenCarbideTmpr.Dag siden

    How do you stop ear worm- you need to recall how that songs ends and play the very end in your head a few times.

  • Fact Checker
    Fact CheckerDag siden

    Military experiment using drugs in what they consumed Just for experiments 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • ooflord dynamics
    ooflord dynamicsDag siden

    Me: " _old Godzilla was hopping around, Tokyo city like a big playground when suddenly batman burst from the shades and hit em with a bat grenade. Godzilla got pissed than began to attack, but didn't expect to be blocked by shaq, who,opened up a can of shaq flu.... Old Go-_ " oh wait what was I meant to be doing?

  • Michael Molisky
    Michael MoliskyDag siden

    Evil placebo

  • Anna Hoang
    Anna Hoang2 dager siden

    A psychogenic illness sounds so much more terrifying than a physical one...its like possessing your own mind 😯

  • KimchiYeo
    KimchiYeo2 dager siden

    I do have random fits of dancing rage and singing that last about an hour or so but most of the time there is actual music playing haha ^^;;

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    in your head ,in your head Zombie, Zombie, Zombie

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    My ear worm is the harry potter theme song

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    Captain Cock-Strong3 dager siden

    The great mystery of dancing yourself to death, but first a word from Keeps. Is ur hair falling out?....WTF?

  • TeD van Loon
    TeD van Loon3 dager siden

    the funny thing is a few years ago I wrote a story which would be part of the sidestory of another story which mainly revolves around a sorcerer which curses a aristocracy to dance forever on a party they held for killing someone that was a criminal in their eyes. the sorcerer shows up as the muzician and puts them into a trance to death because of their egoism, greed, order, and vision of being better.

  • TeD van Loon
    TeD van Loon3 dager siden

    Well you just brough me on a great Idea, however I think I should first test it in the past to avoid specific organisations from finding out how I did it.

  • TeD van Loon
    TeD van Loon3 dager siden

    perhaps disney was recording a movie and they needed to rerecord it alot.

  • Mark Mongan
    Mark Mongan3 dager siden

    No one tried to sedate them? Mushrooms. I knew it. As soon as you said MDMA hadn't been made yet neither rave clubs, gotta go with mushrooms. No, still not correct? Such interesting videos :) Reminds me of going to the city and just standing there staring up at the top of a sky scraper and see how many folk copy you :)

  • Nylox
    Nylox3 dager siden

    You'd expect a lot more sam o nella fans than are present

  • Miguel Moreno
    Miguel Moreno3 dager siden

    History of tiktok

  • Mr. Moonlord
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    Ich freu mich immer wenn er was über Deutschland redet xD

  • Here To Chill
    Here To Chill4 dager siden

    It’s clear that ur a normie loser. They all were eating moldy bread and the very powerful drug made them all synchronize due to hive mind and mass psychosis spread like wildfire.

  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams4 dager siden

    Maybe some kind of bug larva got into the peoples brains and caused them to do that. It happen to other animals before.

  • MoJoe Rogue
    MoJoe Rogue4 dager siden

    "You can dance if you want to, You can leave your friends behind. 'Cuz if you want to dance, and you don't dance? Well you're not gonna die 2 weeks later from still dancing"

  • Araye
    Araye4 dager siden

    We have it today... it's called TDS

  • daesligado
    daesligado4 dager siden

    Couldn‘t prions or parasites be an explanation?

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    Since I like this channel so much, I decide not to skip any ads as my support. Keep going ,moustache guy

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  • GamerCentric
    GamerCentric4 dager siden

    Lots of interesting theories but IMO its most likely some crazy guy just drugged everyone during some kind of feast. :)

  • Lickdark Dark
    Lickdark Dark4 dager siden

    They were tiktokers

  • mandolin joe
    mandolin joe4 dager siden

    it may be a type if mushroom ~~~

  • KSloyan
    KSloyan4 dager siden

    The timing of this video though....

  • KSloyan
    KSloyan4 dager siden

    Billions of people at the moment are suffering from a psychogenic illness....

  • KSloyan
    KSloyan4 dager siden

    It was Covid-19....

  • Zeph
    Zeph5 dager siden

    Everyday I'm shuffling

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    Baby shark is definitely an ear worm! 😝

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    Commenting just to please youtube algorithm. Nothing to add. You Awesome me Jane.

  • An Introverted Teacher AIT
    An Introverted Teacher AIT5 dager siden

    I'm i the only one that put bangers while watching the video? Now come on, honestly kind of forgot how old i was thanks 42 (:

  • username_Sn1ped ➊
    username_Sn1ped ➊5 dager siden

    I have managed to become immune to psychogenic illnesses by doing nothing

  • Brett
    Brett5 dager siden

    Not surprised. I've heard about this many times. I shouldn't have expected any new info from "forty two".

  • Brett
    Brett5 dager siden

    Occam's Razor kinda says demonic possession was really the problem. Just sayin'.

  • Brett
    Brett5 dager siden

    Christmas carols become earworms for me. It makes me really start to hate Christmas!

  • Covid-19 Rights, Official Mark
    Covid-19 Rights, Official Mark5 dager siden

    The United states government gives the Church the power to untraditional marriage. The Church needs other powers; too, like euthanization, land, print money keep it coming! Nothing religious just politics, give it all the licenses not just untraditional marriages. Thanks.

  • Fflare Xx
    Fflare Xx5 dager siden

    My question is why didnt any of them have a conversation with the person dancing or did the people turn mute when they started dancing?

  • alexander little
    alexander little5 dager siden

    Instead of forty two, you should name your channel, "the skeptic tank." Not only are you a skeptic, but youre also full of shit. It would fit beautifully.

  • alexander little
    alexander little5 dager siden

    This wasnt ergot poisoning. You dont just start dancing on lsd and 400 people certainly wont do that.

  • Gloria Glatt
    Gloria Glatt5 dager siden

    Your videos are so cool. I really appreciate all the research and digging you must have to do to find all this interesting shit. I can’t wait to read your book. Well done mate!

  • The Phenom
    The Phenom6 dager siden

    I feel like this whole thingy centered around a bet, or maybe a promising reward. But ofc, Historians have to play around it as always lol

  • Tim Post
    Tim Post6 dager siden

    Its because of The Song and Dance Man

  • living in a society
    living in a society6 dager siden

    Talk about dance till you drop

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    Delusional Demon6 dager siden

    aww leave Journey alone LOL great video!

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  • Dr. JGscribble
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    Answer to first question... your name

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    I just stopped thinking about Stop Believing the song and u just reminded me 💀

  • Felix
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    Hip to be Square is the worst kind of pain

  • Walter Lopez
    Walter Lopez6 dager siden

    I don't want to say it was...

  • rest in peace bespin soldier
    rest in peace bespin soldier6 dager siden

    This is just called undiagnosed seizures

    OIBOI7 dager siden

    Man we humans are very weird...

  • David D
    David D7 dager siden

    This is the song that never ends...

  • William Gilbert
    William Gilbert7 dager siden

    Basically Covid is a Psychogenic illness. Now it makes sense.. Cognitive dissonance and the placebo effect seems to play a large role too... I subscribed to Keeps, it seems promising 😜

    SOULKING937 dager siden

    It's hard to believe they was dancing for days with no sleep, food or out of breath as I assume some wasn't that healthy.

    ADRIAN CARLISLE7 dager siden

    La macarena🤔

  • Lorrie
    Lorrie7 dager siden

    I can relate to can’t stop believing

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  • Zena Nakazato
    Zena Nakazato7 dager siden

    The dancing plague is real? What

  • Kmangod
    Kmangod7 dager siden

    Pretty much like fear......fear of the corona virus....once it started it hasn't stopped....yet in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, etc....it was known as the flu. Corona virus' have been around for centuries and more, yet this 'strain' put fear in the world. Amazing what people will believe....

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    the funny nerve in your elbow8 dager siden

    they were just vibing

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    Sean STRYKER8 dager siden

    Thoughty listed climate change as a problem. He really uses wikipedia for his research doesn't he?

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    Martin Lévai8 dager siden

    Great video, but please don't use the close-ups for spiders... It's scary as hell

  • nrnenenenejnemrme
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  • nrnenenenejnemrme
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    maybe she was just a robot?

  • nrnenenenejnemrme
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  • Alex CameAndConkered
    Alex CameAndConkered8 dager siden

    Sharky do do is the worst ear worm by far. Whomever came out with that song should be run over by a train. I sickeningly and legitimately be happy with the outcome if that was the case.

  • El Lobo Feroz
    El Lobo Feroz8 dager siden

    I noticed a mass psychogenic illness that started a year ago. It causes people to unnecessarily wear mouthmasks and lose all common sense. Side effects include toilet paper shopping sprees...

  • Christel Vinot
    Christel Vinot9 dager siden

    Tarantella was the name of a cello solo piece I had to memorize in high school.

  • Colsten Brockman
    Colsten Brockman9 dager siden

    The whole time I thought he was saying 42 and I was really confused but now I realize he is actually saying Thoughty2

  • Colsten Brockman

    Colsten Brockman

    6 dager siden

    @Sonya Cowles thanks

  • Sonya Cowles

    Sonya Cowles

    6 dager siden

    He's saying "Thoughty Two" BECAUSE it sounds like "42." It's an homage to Douglas Adam's "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Gallery" series. In it, a computer calculates that the answer to everything is "42." So, it's an homage, an inside joke, and the truth that he covers everything in his vids.

  • JB Gameplay
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    Push the Tempo! Push the Tempo!

  • yeeet 777
    yeeet 7779 dager siden

    Is yawning a phsycogenic disease

  • linkin543210
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    It’s pronounced enkephalitis ..

  • derPetunientopf
    derPetunientopf9 dager siden

    "Psychogenic illness" Sounds a bit like what many Rebublicans are having. Especially in Texas. Right, right? Okay i see myself out ...

  • Glitche3d
    Glitche3d9 dager siden

    When you see people dancing for months so make a box to collect the corpses

  • Kristofer gg
    Kristofer gg9 dager siden

    Honestly, i do not know why but i just cant stop watching your videos. Thanks man, you just make every day btter for me.

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson9 dager siden

    Psychogenic illness seems very real to me. i have ptsd and schizoaffective disorder and i've heard plenty of stories from therapist's that children and adults who live around someone with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses you may attract it as well.

  • God_speed Jensen
    God_speed Jensen9 dager siden

    By random i was curious to look up on quora ' walking deads is real?' search in the bar. There was this one answer, that suggested the dancing plague being similar to walking dead people and i was really struck by surprise to read that. Then i come to see Toughty talk about this two weeks after. Is these some newly found documents or have they just surfaced to 'trend' at these times? Good video however. It was probably stress related, yes. 😱😵

  • Timmy
    Timmy9 dager siden

    That was the craziest rave I've ever been

  • Benjamin Flagg
    Benjamin Flagg9 dager siden

    This gives a whole new meaning to a “sick beat.”

  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope9 dager siden

    Eh bro love your vids, and your get up. Wanted to ask you if you somehow see this through all the bs, but where is the best place for me to buy your book? Maybe audiobook if it's read by you though. Want to get you the best sum you'd get. Letme kno

  • Where’s Waldo
    Where’s Waldo9 dager siden

    And here I thought it was Dick Clark’s great great great great grandpa.

  • Tesco Express
    Tesco Express10 dager siden

    3:07 when he says *the Council were forced to step in* I imagine someone from Hammersmith and Fulham coming down with a cease and desist letter and a very confused face.

  • StevyD
    StevyD10 dager siden

    Ah-ha! I've been wondering how QAnon has drawn so many Americans into its insane/inane beliefs. Mass Psychogenic illness does fit the bill quite nicely. I might be wrong, but for now, Ah-ha! Thanks Thoughty2.

  • jukete
    jukete10 dager siden

    I just love how every other video features a line like "the germans have a word for this *proceeds to butcher the pronounciation*". But I on behalf of myself and only myself, since there is no one I have talked to about this, forgive you.

  • Cristian Segarra
    Cristian Segarra10 dager siden

    There is more evidence of demonic possession than this plague. Js 🤷‍♂️

  • Kev O'Kane
    Kev O'Kane10 dager siden

    His channel name of Thoughty2 derives from Douglas Adams' novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which Adams' wrote that the meaning of life is the number 42.

  • Mr. Noone
    Mr. Noone10 dager siden

    This takes "dance till you're dead" to a whole new level

  • auke Hofstra
    auke Hofstra10 dager siden

    1518? the Roman empire? ??????

  • FIB


    9 dager siden

    Holy Roman Empire*

  • MathAdam
    MathAdam10 dager siden

    12:54 I doubt I'm the only one scratching my head at this point.

  • Dilbo Gabbins
    Dilbo Gabbins10 dager siden

    So I will give the best possible explanation for this. 15 on summer camp. Someone reads jokes from gaming magazine. I am laughing. Everybody is laughing. One guy has funny laugh and it makes me laugh uncontrollably. That makes him laugh uncontrollably. THAT MAKES ME LAUGH HARDER. FEEDBACK LOOP ENSUES. 60 minutes of uncontrollable laughter. Very hard to stop.

  • Thomas Hansen
    Thomas Hansen10 dager siden

    Dude, you just perfectly explained the Coronapsychosis ... :/

  • ChaotiX
    ChaotiX10 dager siden