What Would Happen if You Killed Someone in Your Sleep?

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    Get 20% OFF + Free International Shipping + 2 Free Gifts @Manscaped with promo code THOUGHTY20 → mnscpd.com/Thoughty2

  • THEssSFM


    10 dager siden

    I died 3 times in dreams. It didn't do anything. I had a 1v1 with knifes against someone who once wanted to kill me in real life in a dream and i won. Nothing happened. Hoaxes tend to exist

  • Nicola Gedye

    Nicola Gedye

    17 dager siden

    You really enjoyed making that advert didn't you :D Cheeky grins all round! If I had balls, I certainly would give it a go.

  • David Fierro

    David Fierro

    21 dag siden

    @Caledonite Tiger Uaaoo here we have an 18th century guy ! I just hope your only girlfriend is not bored, and if she is send her to me ;) good luck and keep it fun !

  • David Fierro

    David Fierro

    21 dag siden

    Thank you for that advice ! I was looking for something like that ;) girls will love it ! Thanks for offering open minded ideas !

  • Andrew Ndekwe

    Andrew Ndekwe

    24 dager siden

    Thanks Mr T

  • Pickled Pickle
    Pickled Pickle4 timer siden

    Answers: they would die

  • V0id
    V0idDag siden

    5:16 i actually liked it, the only thing that could scare me, thus getting me that sweet dopamine afterwards my brain recognized if as fake thread.

  • 𝐊𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐤𝐧𝐚𝐭
    𝐊𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐤𝐧𝐚𝐭Dag siden

    Involuntary manslaughter??

  • Naomi Suibhne
    Naomi SuibhneDag siden

    Oh! Sleep walking! Not like dream killing because I was worried and very stupid.

  • Baron Case
    Baron Case2 dager siden

    Chances are you’d get arrested and prosecuted

  • The Night wing predator
    The Night wing predator2 dager siden

    Only people with exploding head syndrome can comment and like this comemnt

  • The Night wing predator

    The Night wing predator

    2 dager siden


  • Eur Shut Up
    Eur Shut Up2 dager siden

    2:55 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Harry Mudge
    Harry Mudge4 dager siden

    Was that the bite of thoughty2!?!?!

  • Ræchaěl K
    Ræchaěl K4 dager siden

    You will *a u t o d e s t r u c t.*

  • badman2086
    badman20864 dager siden

    is it normal to sit down in ur bed WHEN ur sleeping my mom comes to my room every day before she goes to work and she has told me that while im sleeping im siting in my bed and sometimes im standing up. is that normal?

  • greenman360
    greenman3604 dager siden

    I don't know, but without watching I know it wouldn't be murder, and you'd be found not guilty if they charged you with it. Murder requires conscious intent and premeditation (the latter only applies to the degree).

  • OPgamer 135
    OPgamer 1354 dager siden

    I could just imagine. Charles Dickens, “The Great Expectations of Getting Knocked Up”

  • eligotdripz
    eligotdripz4 dager siden

    Harvey. Sound true i dont know about the rest doe

  • ko-ghost
    ko-ghost4 dager siden

    Who wakes up the knocker-upper.

  • Vicc
    Vicc5 dager siden

    Who wakes up the knocker-upper for him to go to work then?

  • Gestoni Cordova
    Gestoni Cordova5 dager siden

    yeah me, I suffer from Exploding head syndrome. I really hate it.

  • yaboiisanother potato
    yaboiisanother potato5 dager siden

    Free my boi sock. He didnt do nothin

  • Zhyted
    Zhyted5 dager siden

    if you killed someone while sleeping, that person would DIE.

  • SGT. EX
    SGT. EX5 dager siden

    If humans could control each individual part of their body we could levitate prove me wrong

  • Daniel Mortensen

    Daniel Mortensen

    4 dager siden

    we still wouldnt be able to decieve the laws of gravity - even if we could control every single part of our body; we wouldnt be able to levitate, and i dont know where you get that from

  • ThiccDuck 95

    ThiccDuck 95

    5 dager siden

    its not physically possible lol

  • NBD Gaming
    NBD Gaming6 dager siden

    i see now i dont remember this being on how to get away with murder i just have to be asleep when i kill someone makes sense now... Im Joking i wouldn't kill someone probably i cant know the future but it probably wont happen

  • Jestory
    Jestory6 dager siden

    You’d probably go to jail :/

  • I want some ramen ;-;
    I want some ramen ;-;6 dager siden

    *Sock has entered the chat* (Welcome to hell reference lol)

  • LonelyReaper666
    LonelyReaper6666 dager siden

    Funny story i stayed in my room in bed for 5 days straight (i'm both depressed and had gotten drunk the day before i started this inconvenience) i'm very stupid yet smart

  • Mitzi *
    Mitzi *6 dager siden

    When i had sleep paralysis I was 20 and I had already heard of it so when I realized I had it I didn’t want to open my eyes. I woke up but my eyes were still closed and I couldn’t move my body. But I felt something in my room like if it was some entity and it was very terrifying. I was so scared that I did not dare open my eyes no matter what. I felt that I would see something so scary I would have a heart attack and die. So I still don’t know what I wouldn’t Seen and why it felt so scary but I hope it doesn’t happen again.

  • Hawky
    Hawky6 dager siden

    I hear like, a dog bark when I’m tryna go to sleep sometimes... now I’m scared

  • Daniel Fernández
    Daniel Fernández6 dager siden

    Hmmm I shouldn’t of watched this as I’m going to sleep

  • GoldBobcat 402
    GoldBobcat 4026 dager siden

    Not gunna lie, this is just a cheap version of vsauce. We all see it and if you don’t, check out his channel.

  • Night
    Night6 dager siden

    Idk why but I remember my nightmare dream happened when i was 7 where I was in a war and ahem to put it nicely, fighting people and..... then I got killed. :) I'm gonna say it again it happened when I was 7

    ARTEM DORDZHIEV6 dager siden

    I thought this was about a dream

  • Strawberry panda
    Strawberry panda7 dager siden

    Who woke up the knocker upper, another knocker upper? Who woke up that knocker upper

  • Possessed Potato Bird Official
    Possessed Potato Bird Official7 dager siden

    Half skeleton

  • dab nam
    dab nam7 dager siden

    You sound like my mum

  • Silent Ghoul
    Silent Ghoul7 dager siden

    "A muda, A muda? Aye, A muda"

  • Mysic The 2nd
    Mysic The 2nd7 dager siden

    I love that he got he got sponsored by a balls company

  • Toby a Trainwreck
    Toby a Trainwreck7 dager siden

    Answer : you would go to prison

  • Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8
    Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG87 dager siden

    Thoughty: Talking about sleep disorders Also thoughty: Shaved balls

  • BillyTheBjergGed
    BillyTheBjergGed7 dager siden

    ***me watching this video at 3pm in bed***

  • Lando_Blando
    Lando_Blando7 dager siden

    What would happen if i killed someone in my sleep? Simple id kill myself:/

  • talentless cult member
    talentless cult member7 dager siden

    Are there knocker uppers for the knocker uppers? And are there knocker uppers for the knocker uppers knocker uppers!??!?? I MUST KNOW!

  • Vyte Nemunyte
    Vyte Nemunyte7 dager siden

    This guy creeps me out for some reason

  • Fahad xix
    Fahad xix7 dager siden

    Only chug guy can advertise manscapped properly

  • Fahad xix

    Fahad xix

    7 dager siden

    Badlands chugs

  • The Cron
    The Cron7 dager siden

    Ive fallen asleep on my bed, walked up a flight of stairs, and woke up on a couch

  • Weeb Domain
    Weeb Domain7 dager siden

    I've went through sleep paralysis twice and in one of them I couldn't open my eyes

  • Deranged Oven
    Deranged Oven7 dager siden

    Or when you have sleep paralysis but u can move and it rly fucking scary

  • Jackson Tylor
    Jackson Tylor7 dager siden

    But they were not charged as guilty

  • Jackson Tylor
    Jackson Tylor7 dager siden

    It has happened before

  • Viper the Red
    Viper the Red7 dager siden

    I read the title wrong I thought what would happen if you got killed someone in your sleep

  • Eventfultwo
    Eventfultwo7 dager siden

    Does the knocker upper need a knocker upper to make sure they wake up in time to wake people up in time

  • Celestia Ludenberg
    Celestia Ludenberg7 dager siden

    other people with sleep paralysis: [PANIC] me, with my two demons: Izuru, put the gun away, your scaring Bean. [Bean is one of my sleep paralysis demons, he's a small shadow cat/rabbit that will walk/float towards me and then lick me. if he was real I would protect him. yes, Izuru Kamakura is one of my sp demons, he stands over me and points his gun at me.] the best way to deal with sp demons is to make them into character, and then they become less scary.

  • Lostgears
    Lostgears7 dager siden

    I do it all the time; my daughters. Irksome people. Boss. My dreams are my safe sand box. I killed my husband's future mistress and then told him about it right when I woke up. I even told him her age, what she looked like, and what kind of home she lived in. She begged me to not kill her because she was pregnant. I shot her through the stomach and decapitated her. It was strangely realistic because I had to jump on her neck to complete the job. This is supposed to be something that happens 5 years from now.

  • Jamie Blunt
    Jamie Blunt7 dager siden

    Shouldnt have watched this at 3am now i can't sleep...

  • chaos control
    chaos control8 dager siden

    Ok when can we get to the part where I kill someone?

  • Kokonut_man_
    Kokonut_man_8 dager siden

    but who woke the "knocker upper"

  • Trxpg0d_ W
    Trxpg0d_ W8 dager siden

    Damn 10 years for pre emptive murder ain't bad

  • Super froggy
    Super froggy8 dager siden

    It’s not a myth if you wake someone up when there sleep walking there fight or flight response will activate

  • Daf
    Daf8 dager siden

    I've sleep paralysis about 5 times now in my life and every single time, I see aliens standing over me as if I was just about to be probed 😂😂 Now I know why so many people think they've been abducted by aliens.

  • The Gravemind
    The Gravemind8 dager siden

    At 3 years old I got the peanut butter jar down and painted about 12 cabinets, half the fridge and freezer doors and a pantry door with peanut butter

  • Just some guy with a handlebar mustache
    Just some guy with a handlebar mustache8 dager siden

    for a moment i was confused because there shouldnt be anything iligall in killing a person in your dreams thankfully i was right

  • Cinnamon Waffle
    Cinnamon Waffle8 dager siden

    I clicked because I did a lot of this

  • Real_EyelessMartian 666911
    Real_EyelessMartian 6669118 dager siden

    Imagine being in the age of sword and shield...to be honest I'll like it the ever lurking threat the greatest threat death.....the ecstasy

  • Living Epicness
    Living Epicness8 dager siden

    I once had a sleep paralysis incident. I woke up unable to move, except for my eyes. Realizing what it was I lay calmly, watched the two shadows pass from my bed disappearing through the wall. One was flying and the other just faded. After a while I could move, so I stood up, went to thee bathroom, then went back and promptly went back to sleep.

  • Adam Holland-smith
    Adam Holland-smith8 dager siden

    Unfortunately I was sleep running

  • WhisperingSims
    WhisperingSims8 dager siden

    Sleep paralysis is no joke. It's literally the worst

  • Welkon
    Welkon8 dager siden

    My roommate I lived with has some serious confused arousal, it’s pretty great because he wakes up like a lost dog so I can wake him up and tell him some bizarre thing and he actually temporarily believes it

  • ceePx
    ceePx8 dager siden

    if you wanna commit a crime, be a sleepwalker -this video

  • Wither Horse
    Wither Horse8 dager siden

    333666 view..LOL

  • HypliX'
    HypliX'8 dager siden

    I had sleeping paralysis once in my life. I woke up and couldn't move, opened my eyes and there was a little girl all pale and with a dead stare about 1m from me. Just standing there staring me in my eyes while I couldn't move. She looked just like those demons from movies that take the shape of dead little girls. It felt so real cause I had already dreamed something g totally different when I was asleep.. just woke up and saw her for about 10 very long seconds then I closed my eyes and opened them again and she was gone. Even creepier is this happened about the same time a dude started at my job and he told me he'd dreamed the exact same thing once when he had sleep paralysis. Just being awake, not being able to move and seeing the dead blonde girl. He told me that without even knowing I had seen her😅 pretty insane. This was the only time I've had it and his only time aswell

  • HypliX'
    HypliX'8 dager siden

    I've killed people in my dreams though😅 I've got like 15 k/d ratio

  • Klawizz
    Klawizz9 dager siden

    I could've lived a peaceful life without knowing this

  • FelixKSS
    FelixKSS9 dager siden

    Uh oh, sexomia sounds like me sometimes and i know that i've sleepwalked at least one time in my life...

  • WhiteGoodness
    WhiteGoodness9 dager siden

    Lmao "or is he just pleased to see us"

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily9 dager siden

    Well my father sleep walks sometimes. The last time I went and visited him he ended up making breakfast in his sleep. I woke up went to the kitchen and there he was pancakes and eggs. Though he was talking to the eggs. Lol. Saying how they had to hide from a lion or something.

  • TheMinecraftGamer
    TheMinecraftGamer9 dager siden

    Dat figure

  • Brooke O.
    Brooke O.9 dager siden

    Are we really not going to talk about that commercial?

  • Atul Kapur
    Atul Kapur9 dager siden

    One could argue they were very drunk and committed a crime. Wonder what judgement then ?

  • Melrick
    Melrick9 dager siden

    You gotta wonder, wtf were they seeing inside their sleep to lead them to killing someone? If its out of self defence because of a nightmare then ok thats understandable. But what if it wasnt self defence? Technically that is guilty.

  • Br00mstick
    Br00mstick9 dager siden

    Did somebody say succubus? All jokes aside, I slept walk one time. Walked right past my father I went outside and walked straight into our car.

  • Kristófer Daði Brynjarsson
    Kristófer Daði Brynjarsson9 dager siden

    2:55 yoo

  • Unknown Unkown
    Unknown Unkown9 dager siden

    I've been following this channel for i think a year now. But why did this particular video showed up when i searched for ASMR? 🤣🤣🤣

  • imlikeheroin
    imlikeheroin9 dager siden

    My dyslexic ass read that as "What would happen if someone killed you in your sleep?" 😅

    POTTA H9 dager siden

    Anther reason for not wanting to get up is watching this at 3:00 am like me

    CEO of THERAPY9 dager siden

    This is why I don’t sleep

  • Maxi Bonk
    Maxi Bonk9 dager siden

    When i was Like 6 years old i remember Waking Up at night because my Mom came in (i slept in her bed) i sit Up but thats all i Managed to do. I couldnt even lay Back down again which Makes No Sense at all. My right eye was still closed and i couldnt Open it Up (it felt Like i could but it also felt Like my Body stopped me From trying to Open it) this isnt even the creepiest Part. On my Open eye i saw my mother and the bedroom clearly. On my Other eye how ever i was still in a Dream. (It was Unreal and ik it Sounds Like BS) i couldnt rly Look around. I knew where i was tho. I was Standing in my Backyard looking into the Sky and i Heard a Wolf howl. It was only for a few Seconds i think. Idk how Long i sat there in that state. But when i Fell asleep again i Had a Dream about a Wolf Killing my Family and our horses we Used to hold. This Video reminded me on that Moment. It was scary but i didnt think much of it since i was too Young to Know wtf Just happened. I do remember it Very clearly tho still.

  • Morifor
    Morifor9 dager siden

    Don't watch my videos😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Icewolf Wolfie
    Icewolf Wolfie10 dager siden

    How do you scientificly explain aiming while being asleep?

  • King Cosmas
    King Cosmas10 dager siden

    “Forty two here”

  • KrorgZz
    KrorgZz10 dager siden

    Now I'm scared, I've never sleep walked, but what if i accidentally kill my mother while sleeping

  • Retro
    Retro10 dager siden

    I do sometimes wake up to a very loud bang and then realize it's completely silent it scares me sometimes

  • super soaker
    super soaker10 dager siden

    I was in a deep sleep and woke up cause the ac kicked off then because i was lost in the dark i slammed my nose into my wall

  • Chill 903
    Chill 90310 dager siden

    Well, I did. It was a fictional character sooooo.....

  • Trami
    Trami10 dager siden

    Manscaped sounds good but I'm only 13😅

  • GrickinXD
    GrickinXD10 dager siden

    I have aready I remember I first discover what God is bassicly the meaning of God I dream about me being God I was so being that earth was as small as a tennnis ball I grab earth in my hand and accidentally crush it Does that mean I kill 7billion people?

  • Tristan Jahari
    Tristan Jahari10 dager siden

    As a swiss it‘s pretty funny to hear Thoughty say : „Henry Fuseli“ 🙃

  • Radioactive Assassin
    Radioactive Assassin10 dager siden

    "What would happen if you killed someone in your sleep" I suspect they would die, though I'm not so sure about it. It is possible (but in my opinion highly improbable), that they may even ascend into godhood, I don't know.

  • Robert Romero
    Robert Romero10 dager siden

    The knocker upper huh? That’s what they used to call me in high school.

  • CS Heartless
    CS Heartless10 dager siden

    8:01 8:01 8:02 8:02 8:02 8:02 8:03 8:03 8:03 8:03 8:03 8:03 8:03 8:04 8:04 8:04 8:04 8:04 8:05 8:05 8:05 8:05 8:05 8:06 8:06 8:06 8:06 8:06 8:06 8:07 8:07 8:07 8:07 8:07 8:07 8:08 8:08 8:08 8:08 8:08 8:08 8:09 8:09 8:09 8:09 8:09 8:09 8:10 8:10 8:10 8:10 8:10 8:10 8:11 8:11 8:11 8:11 8:11 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:13 8:13 8:13 8:13 8:13 8:13 8:14 8:14 8:14 8:14 8:14 8:15 8:15 8:15 8:15 8:15 8:15 8:15 8:16 8:16 8:16 8:16 8:16 8:17 8:17 8:17 8:17 8:17 8:18 8:18 8:18 8:18 8:18 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:19 8:20 8:20 8:20 8:20 8:21 8:21 8:22

  • CS Heartless
    CS Heartless10 dager siden


  • CS Heartless
    CS Heartless10 dager siden

    7:13 oh hey they added a new feature to comments, now i can time stamp

  • CS Heartless
    CS Heartless10 dager siden

    Where does this guy learn all this