What Would Happen If We Built a Real Dyson Sphere?

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Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Jack Stevens


  • Thoughty2
    Thoughty22 måneder siden

    What do you think? Will humanity ever build a Dyson Sphere? Don't forget to check out Stellaris: Galaxy Command play.stellaris.com/Thoughty2 and use your code THOUGHTY2 for in-game bonuses!

  • Banny Boi

    Banny Boi

    Dag siden

    yes if we figure out how to change somethings atoms into something different

  • Gavin Richards

    Gavin Richards

    Dag siden

    Me on 15:31: immortal species!? That’s like making us a godlike beings! And it’s definitely like we are continuing our god’s legacy! Weird isn’t it?

  • Quickbrick


    5 dager siden

    Eventually people will make one but i dot think there is enough material of anything in our planet so we would need to travel to different solar systems and planets to even mine or extract enough material. But if humanity learns how to get to different planets and solar system (before we kill each other or extinct ourselves) then ..... yea it’s not happening unless we find a duplication glitch

  • StarCultiniser


    6 dager siden

    ​@alertonoff 4 ..... but we are talking about this happening verry far in the future and with satalites that can be added over time gradually, true it seems crazy to do it now but so was building skyscrappers or going to space a thousand years ago would have also been insane and impossible to pay ....

  • Leeroy Graycat

    Leeroy Graycat

    6 dager siden

    Full sized? Nope. That would require the world being able to work together under a unified, functioning leadership, which is, in my opinion, far less likely than accomplishing all of the mechanical challenges required to build the structure. That, and I don't think we have that much time. ;)

  • ZylethX3N0
    ZylethX3N02 timer siden


  • FuckMSM MSMislies
    FuckMSM MSMislies15 timer siden

    We build it, containment field fails and good bye earth as it becomes a sun and possibly a black whole.

  • Key Master
    Key Master16 timer siden

    I wonder if a Dyson Sphere would make it possible to have life on plaints that receive to much sun because of blocking out the sun when required tho reliability would be a scare

  • David Attenborough
    David Attenborough17 timer siden

    "fossil fuels are made of plants." abiotic oil wood like to have a word with you.

  • JPV The Gamer
    JPV The Gamer18 timer siden

    With great power comes great electicity bill

  • JPV The Gamer
    JPV The Gamer18 timer siden

    Everybody gangsta till we change global warming into cosmic warming

  • Will Register
    Will Register20 timer siden

    Nothing proves the retarded NPC nature of mankind than the idea of a Dyson sphere

  • jack thompson
    jack thompson20 timer siden

    What would happen when the sun next expands?

  • Will Register
    Will Register20 timer siden

    I hope the player realizes you npc suffering is not good to me the player character..., nvm

  • Michael Toney
    Michael Toney20 timer siden

    We’d have to harvest the mass of a planet to build this or more.

  • ExtraSpedy
    ExtraSpedy22 timer siden

    would it be possible to focus the light and solar radiation of a star using a ton of mirrors in a Dyson sphere at a planet and burn the planet apart? idk if this is a stupid question.

  • cmdr tremyss
    cmdr tremyssDag siden

    underqualified youtubers lul

  • HinDae085
    HinDae085Dag siden

    I thought the Dyson Sphere was a solid structure, as opposed to the series of rings you displayed. Which honestly makes the moral dilemma of harvesting the entire system a moot point. Those planets would be shut off from the suns light anyway once the Sphere is finished. The idea of the brain though is terrifying.

  • Laurenzo ENT TV
    Laurenzo ENT TVDag siden

    Ummnmmm I think it might actually be a Dyson space vacuum cleaner built by dyson itself!!😂😂

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan SmithDag siden

    Just wondering would having this Dyson sphere effect the amount of sun light / energy? Cooling the earth 🌎

  • Sharann
    SharannDag siden

    3:57 the actual graph is stagnating to 10-11 Billion

  • Rhino
    RhinoDag siden

    If the sun is so hot, that it burns everything that even comes close to it... How are you going to build a sphere around it??

  • Elijah Bossola
    Elijah BossolaDag siden

    Dismantling other planets for materials? Just make a cobblestone generator

  • Karsty
    KarstyDag siden

    If resources are a problem, why don’t they just build a cobblestone generator?

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary SmithDag siden

    Orrrrr. Just make mini suns here on earth with fusion. Which we shoullllld in theory have in the next 60 years.

  • docthebiker
    docthebiker2 dager siden

    A single Dyson ring, probably growing from a ring of satellites, would seem to be the way a sphere would evolve. But would any civilization need to build anything bigger than a ring?

  • Boku's PLAYground
    Boku's PLAYground2 dager siden

    Dyson Sphere Program has you doing just this! Hope this gets seen so more people can experience it :D

  • ༒꧁༺F2P༻꧂༒
    ༒꧁༺F2P༻꧂༒2 dager siden

    Sounds like some Halo shit going on here

  • Gamerdweeb Entertainment
    Gamerdweeb Entertainment2 dager siden

    Bro, big brain.... if at distance earth itself and live on it? same time when sun gets bigger and bigger, technically could increase the size of the dyson sphere? dayumm.... eitherway way the glaring issue is sunwaves??? which earth's magnetic field is blocking... so IDK.... feels bad won't see it happen my lifetime :(

  • Theoron
    Theoron2 dager siden

    Wouldn't a dysonspere kill earth? By blocking out the light and killing the ecosystem

  • John Smith
    John Smith2 dager siden

    Use Dyson Vacuums. lol

  • Jack Nerf gaming
    Jack Nerf gaming2 dager siden

    we haven't found aliens because we are looking at a planets past every time we look at a distant galaxy

  • i
    i2 dager siden

    Instead of a solid sphere, why wouldn't we just build a satellites system encircled the sun on low orbit (the Dyson swarm) ? We would need far less materials (though probably still need to dismantle a planet), it will be immune to asteroids (since it is not solid, and in unfortunate cases a satellites get hit, we would only lose a single, replacable satellite instead of having to repair the entire thing), and far cheaper.

  • W Moore
    W Moore3 dager siden

    OMG!! I think maybe we should probably think a little smaller, like maybe a matter anti-matter reactor. Just saying...

  • TheSiamAlien
    TheSiamAlien3 dager siden

    China recently activated an artificial sun... nuclear powered.

  • Unknown User#8746
    Unknown User#87463 dager siden

    but where's thoughty1


    If we made a dyson sphere then every other empire would get an annoying popup saying "imperium of man has built a dyson sphere"



    Dag siden

    @Daniel Pratt for all of Warhammer's OP, turned up to 11-ness the one thing the setting doesn't seem to have much of is gigastructures.

  • Daniel Pratt

    Daniel Pratt

    2 dager siden

    @DIRECT RULE FROM GAMER CHAIR I'm genuinely surprised there aren't a bunch of wrecked solar systems and Dyson spheres in the imperium.



    2 dager siden

    @Daniel Pratt it's funny, if I recall correctly trayzin the infinite has a dyson sphere, meaning the necrons probably did build a dyson sphere

  • Daniel Pratt

    Daniel Pratt

    3 dager siden

    Dem humies got waaaat? WAAAAAAAAAGH

  • 刘玉亮
    刘玉亮3 dager siden

    Stellaris is a great game, but the Dyson Sphere Program allows you to truly experience the construction of the Dyson Sphere🚀

  • Gornijs
    Gornijs3 dager siden

    I've always found it fun to think about sci fi always, ALWAYS having some sort of great precursor species that colonized all the stars and fell into ruin, leaving all the current different species on planets to advance themselves and rediscover the ancient one's technology. But, but what if we're that ancient precursor race in the making? What if we will be the first to expand massively across the stars, only to die out in some grand tagedy far, far into the future leaving our creations as their own species on their own planets? Who's to say we won't *actually* be the first? I mean there has to be a first. What if we're it?

  • Ernest Pierce
    Ernest Pierce3 dager siden

    It would be impossible to make a dyson sphere because it would take more resources than a planet has and would require a resource that couldn't flex or sheer. It would probably need an impossible amount of heat to form it too.

  • NFSdriftmonkEy1 12
    NFSdriftmonkEy1 123 dager siden

    I will begin to comment on everything including stories and memes just because I’m bored.

  • rik rob
    rik rob3 dager siden

    Why bother making the spehere sturdy. Make it flimsy. Let the asteroids punch through, and repair it. Would be cheaper than making the whole thing asteroid proof. Also, by the time we can make a dyson sphere, we would have mastered the ability to manipulate asteroids. We would have cleaned up most of them. Does the sphere need to be solid at all? Couldn't a magnetic shell accomplish the same thing? Hmmmm, I guess a magnetic shell would be a necessary stage in the process of creating the sphere. And thoughty, you never mentioned the required resources. Would we have process all the other matter in the system to make such a structure possible?

  • Over Goddess Washu
    Over Goddess Washu3 dager siden

    We could probably do a Dyson Swarm to begin with for quite a while until we'd develop enough to do something more than just a Dyson Swarm.

  • Purple Fox
    Purple Fox3 dager siden

    I think a Dyson Ring would be more realistic. Or maybe a Dyson swarm

  • Bob Sagit
    Bob Sagit4 dager siden

    Fake and pointless video

  • One_spicyboi
    One_spicyboi4 dager siden

    Like half this video is middle schoolers science report

  • skyt
    skyt4 dager siden


  • Fellwind Wraith
    Fellwind Wraith4 dager siden

    Where would we get that much metal. Earth is 1 million times smaller than the sun how would be produce that

  • Crysy -
    Crysy -4 dager siden

    Ah yes, the Mini mega structure

  • HighmageDerin
    HighmageDerin4 dager siden

    Are we the only life forms that exist in the universe? No. Are we alone? Yes! Why? Because Ted technology needed to travel the distance needed in a human lifetime does not exist!

  • Amos Nimos
    Amos Nimos4 dager siden

    Overshoot day, the day we should all have donne somthing, but did nothing to avoid a crisis when it could still be avoided. Now where f*kt.

  • David Jamerson
    David Jamerson4 dager siden

    There is an alternative to the aforementioned Dyson Sphere that would actually be more efficient for harnessing energy: The Dyson Cloud.

  • Matthew J
    Matthew J4 dager siden

    just a thought if there was not enough materials to build the dyson sphere then maybe use all the meteor that are attracted to the sun, built the screen that can slow down and harvest the meteor. new materials will be discovered too.

  • maya cantu
    maya cantu4 dager siden

    Your videos are dope! ✨❤️

  • Mario Joia
    Mario Joia4 dager siden

    Wait a moment... Doesn't that mean that the Sun would become the new mitochondrion?

  • DJMattEmpathy
    DJMattEmpathy4 dager siden

    There wouldn't be any asteroids if you've used them all to make the sphere

  • josh barrett
    josh barrett5 dager siden

    2:11 came out of nowhere lol 😆

  • Laura Manuel
    Laura Manuel5 dager siden

    Maybe we’d be lucky and it would be a fallen empire that’s happy to just ignore us so long as we remain on our side of space. 😂 and maybe just require our best and brightest minds join them every few centuries.

  • jebes909090
    jebes9090905 dager siden

    Building a dyson sphere is like collecting every tree on earth into a pile then setting it on fire to fuel a giant boiler. Its a batshit crazy idea that would cost soo much more resources, to do the same thing fusion would do at millions upon millions of times less cost, for way more energy.

  • Jeff Valentine
    Jeff Valentine5 dager siden

    Why make a dyson sphere if you can make satélites orbiting the sun having the same effect, no large material need less of a asteroid problem list goes on.

  • Rabid Unicorn
    Rabid Unicorn5 dager siden

    Thing is, such a structure would have to be removed or abandoned and replaced every few billion years when the star implodes into a supernova

  • Sack Boy III
    Sack Boy III5 dager siden

    I’m up next period

  • Ryan Simpson
    Ryan Simpson5 dager siden

    6:30 to get the start of the fucking point i’ve never skipped more on a video

  • Aki Akisautumn
    Aki Akisautumn5 dager siden

    What if a Matrioshka Brain powered by a Dyson Sphere went full on Skynet?

  • TheConvexedGuy
    TheConvexedGuy5 dager siden

    sorry to tell you bud, but we will have long invented fusion energy and far exceeded sun energy output by the time we can actually build a dyson sphere, so it would be rather pointless. Kind of like this video.....

  • FencePanel127
    FencePanel1275 dager siden

    Gamers will finally stop complaining about lag

  • iceshadow625
    iceshadow6255 dager siden

    Instead of a Dyson Sphere, why not a Dyson Disc or Dyson Ring? Instead of fully encompassing the star it would be more like a ring, still absorbing a ton of energy. Also another issue with Dyson Spheres is that they will collapse under their stars gravity. A ring around a star that is spinning would act like a really stretched out planet revolving around its star. The spinning motion creates an outward force that counters the star’s gravity and would technically cause the Dyson Ring to be in orbit. As for the Dyson Swarm, we still have a problem, the satellites nearest the star’s poles in orbit would fall out of orbit and into the star (the equator being the ring that is revolving at the speed to keep it in orbit- all other points would be moving slower and thus slowly drift into the star. Any ring moving faster would start moving away from the star..). Each ring of satellites would need to be orbiting in their own direction which would suggest many different layers to prevent different rings from colliding with each other.

  • Lazy
    Lazy5 dager siden

    So what you are saying is making Death Stars are cool now

  • Eugene Kaiwai
    Eugene Kaiwai5 dager siden

    What if we use the nuclear missiles or atom bombs to destroy a planet like Jupiter to make a small black hole and keep feeding it so it doesn’t collapse then build a Dyson sphere around the black hole and study one up close

  • Eugene Kaiwai

    Eugene Kaiwai

    5 dager siden

    That’s to bad my black hole Dyson sphere has a radiation shield and a particle energy shield around the sphere and black hole doors that open underneath the black hole to consume planets thousands of scientists and wormhole technology and warp speed and a death ray for hostile aliens to name a few

  • theGamingHero
    theGamingHero5 dager siden

    I haven't seen 42 since like 2012

  • lilchorizo02
    lilchorizo025 dager siden

    How bout we build 4 or 8 solar panel arrays the size of West Virgina equally spaced across the equator and make them provide electricity for everybody

  • The New Seorarek
    The New Seorarek5 dager siden

    Am i missing something here? The amount of heat coming from the sun would surely melt anything that we tried so i dont see this happening at all unless we discover some miraculous heat resistant material

  • Dogeth
    Dogeth5 dager siden

    If you think really hard all power is solar

  • Doom Guard

    Doom Guard

    5 dager siden

    Solar power does not work the noise just give you cancer!!!

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf5 dager siden

    This might be a stupid question, but how do we transfer the power to earth? I understand we could live on a Dyson sphere, but could we do that with a Dyson swarm?

  • kurt minges
    kurt minges5 dager siden

    that's why nature put this covid-19 virus on the planet trying to thin out the herd

  • kurt minges
    kurt minges5 dager siden

    don't save the Earth for your grandchildren .......save the Earth from your grandchildren

  • kurt minges
    kurt minges5 dager siden

    over 50% of live births are unplanned or unintended

  • kurt minges
    kurt minges5 dager siden

    every five days the population of the Earth increases by 1 million people

  • Surynames_Plays
    Surynames_Plays6 dager siden

    but what if that star wasnt diming bc of a dyson sphere but bc that sun is dying maby its sucking its energy back but it will have to come out soon or later we wont live at that point but very far in the futere peopel might actully see a star explode

  • WhiteVanMan 69
    WhiteVanMan 696 dager siden

    I wish thoughty was my teacher

  • ruben cid
    ruben cid6 dager siden

    We can do a dyson swarm that can be done with the current tech

  • savesch
    savesch6 dager siden

    It is easier to build a sun ourselves in small scale or have huge magnifying glass in space and concentrate the rays on a special sun panel.

  • Kelp khan
    Kelp khan6 dager siden

    youtube channel kurzgesagt figured that a dyson swarm made out of really big solar panels, not a sphere would work better, because it will be harder for it to get hit by asteroids and wouldn't need that much material to build unlike a full on sphere.

  • DA Official
    DA Official6 dager siden

    What Would Happen If We Built a Real Dyson Sphere?..it would be privatized and price jacked up agaist us..no? its been all we know in history...so prove me wrong..lol , but that would be an amazing achievement really , has anyone heard what china built?

  • Aryan Mirajkar
    Aryan Mirajkar6 dager siden

    Maybe asteroids would be better than planets, for build materials I mean.

  • MikeyDaKid
    MikeyDaKid6 dager siden

    maybe you would be able to load gta in 4 minutes instead of 5

  • Rainbow heart34
    Rainbow heart346 dager siden

    So we just place the son in a case?

  • Leeroy Graycat
    Leeroy Graycat6 dager siden

    Just don't give Apple the contract for the solar system sized supercomputer, else well have to rely on their "geniuses" to repair it....

  • Nearlyepic
    Nearlyepic6 dager siden

    At 20:00 you talk about how the sun isn't being blocked by a single megastructure, rather lots of very small objects, therefore it's unlikely this is evidence of life. You then go on to talk about how Dyson Spheres as you commonly think of them are impractical, and if we were actually going to do that we'd likely just slowly flood the suns orbit with lots of smaller solar satellites. Did you not think to combine these lines of thought? Maybe ET have some kind of micro satellite technology and they can just release swarms of these things to create quick and easy power generation.

  • brian Drazen jr
    brian Drazen jr6 dager siden

    1 of the problem is we are selfish ignorant species that kill hurt and sell are own species and show that the smallest things a country would kill people for something and it’s sad so if we don’t get past are differences we may never get to interstellar travel or travel though are solar systems

  • Man Man
    Man Man6 dager siden

    Why don’t we just use the thousands and thousands of nukes we have to use nuclear energy? Like the voyager spacecraft is still operational after like 40 years with no close star and no solar panels

  • TZ_Joey
    TZ_Joey6 dager siden

    Filter skip list: 6:15 to skip past the intro setup. Ad break 6:55 to 8:09

  • Drake Darkest
    Drake Darkest6 dager siden

    What about harvesting the sun for metal. There's a guy that says we can harvest the sun to build a dyson sphere. Also build a second earth.

  • Plamen Kisov
    Plamen Kisov6 dager siden

    A the poing we build it even if we are able The Sun will probably even be dead what about a Super Nova? The stars arent also forever nothing is forever

  • Michael Mcalister
    Michael Mcalister6 dager siden

    I think we should completely cover the entire surface of the moon in solar panels. I also think we should change some of our habits and harmonize better with this planet before our offspring gets stuck with the debt.

  • Bojan Kotur
    Bojan Kotur6 dager siden

    But we don't have to build a whole dyson sphere. We just need to build a part of one and that would pretty much be it.

  • VyProductions
    VyProductions6 dager siden

    It's a shame this video came out before Dyson Sphere Program. Would have been a much more related game for the video (though whether they would sponsor it is another question).

  • Brenno
    Brenno6 dager siden

    We should just make a cobblestone generator Lol

  • Daniel Pratt

    Daniel Pratt

    3 dager siden

    Kelp farm ftw

  • joe brolin
    joe brolin6 dager siden

    You say our first time seeing them... there's been a couple of governments around the world that's admitted to being in contact with aliens.

  • In our doom we find resolve
    In our doom we find resolve6 dager siden

    There’s absolutely no way in hell we’re ever building anything like that. The cost in manpower, materials, money and comically enough energy would be so mind boggling gargantuan that it would make any rewards gained effectively moot.

  • Titaniumtac
    Titaniumtac6 dager siden


  • Karl Lembke
    Karl Lembke6 dager siden

    One possible use for all the energy captured by a Dyson sphere might well be powering the generators that create synthetic unobtanium.

  • Karl Lembke
    Karl Lembke6 dager siden

    So many people think of people living on the inside of a Dyson sphere, and assume they'll be held in place by gravity. But the gravitational field inside a spherical shell is zero. It cancels out.

  • Karl Lembke

    Karl Lembke

    5 dager siden

    @um bc : a cylinder would work. But it has to be very precisely made. Otherwise the air and water would pool in the deepest places and anything more than a few dozen miles up will be in space.

  • um bc

    um bc

    6 dager siden

    if it rotates, at least in equatorial regions there will be gravitation based on diameter and rotation speed. a sphere would not be nice to live within because of various gravitation from equator to poles, but a rotating ring/cylinder would have the same gravitation anywhere on its inner surface

  • Ruber
    Ruber6 dager siden

    We are living in the matrix