This Is What Really Happened Inside Insane Asylums

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Writing: Kristina Murkett
Editing: Matt Murray


  • Finn-Jørgen R.S.
    Finn-Jørgen R.S.6 timer siden

    This us where inquisitors went after witchcraft and herecy went out of fashion.

  • Finn-Jørgen R.S.
    Finn-Jørgen R.S.6 timer siden

    Still a fair amount of quackery in that field. Victims still get PTSD from psychological and judicial abuses performed by these doctors. Some still use physical abuse as well. Once you're accused, even without good reason or evidence, they have the power to keep you there as long as they see needed. And abusers often falsify journals to keep a narrative in their favour. You're guilty until the opposite is proven, and often they don't care to investigate what would disprove their claim. This is where the inquisitors went once herecy and witchcraft went out of fashion.

  • Ghost-Horse
    Ghost-Horse9 timer siden

    First hand experience and from my friends... If you attempt your life or if you self harm due to rape, torture , abuse, neglect you get thrown in a padded room and told by laughing Dr's and nurses that you will never see the light of day and never breath in fresh air. Yet the purpitrators walk free. So yeah, I can understand why people don't want to seek help. I don't want to seek help. Being treated like and criminal yet the child rapist and torturer walk free to live their lives. It makes me sick how today let alone back then , how people are treated. My little brother was given detention for warning his female friend in elementary school about the ball they lost ended up in a registered child rapists yard across from Lee. H. Kelloge school in the historic district of falls village CT. Had a cop as a friend who told me to do my best to not cut and that he hates people too. The police told him he couldn't do anything about a man in Wales UK jacking off over children walking past to school with his windows open. That's just a small amount of stuff to what I'm aware of in my personal life and my friends. Humans make me sick , 90% deserve to be mass murdered

  • Hunter
    Hunter22 timer siden

    just being forced to live in the middle east is enough to cause someone to develop mental illness

  • Bert Yeats
    Bert YeatsDag siden

    i love watching this at 2:45 am, great times

  • I am curious
    I am curious2 dager siden

    Malariotherapy was quite an innovation at the time: After it was only proven in 1913 that general paresis of the insane (GPI) was caused by late stage syphilis, Wagner-Jauregg's malariotherapy 1917 was the first working cure: The fevers induced by the malaria virus would kill of the syphilis, while the malaria itself could be treated with quinine. While GPI was considered to be inevitably fatal, treated as above the survival chance skyrocketed to 85%. It got outdated pretty fast, as penicillin became available around 1945 and proved a superior treatment, but in this quarter century it would have saved many lives, especially as syphilis was widespread at the time. As to the matter of consent: Symptoms of GPI include impairment of judgement, as well as delusions (e.g. of immortality). While the patients' will should always be taken into account, those patients are not fit to make those decisions at that time. Instead advance healthcare directives should come into action, but those weren't even a concept at the time.

  • I am curious
    I am curious2 dager siden

    Lithium salts are common drugs for bipolar disorder today! No need for the FDA to cry themselves to sleep.

  • susan oxholm jensen
    susan oxholm jensen2 dager siden

    Hope Any good parentes may tell tere sweet children to take an metal pin and stick it in an Power outlet so that drś in The future will understand that electrotherapy is bad for y

  • The Black Hand
    The Black Hand2 dager siden

    4:02 I can bet that this is the asylum they used to film good burger in

  • Stephen Folland
    Stephen Folland2 dager siden

    Hi Thoughty. Amazing videos. I'm a happy subscriber learning from you every day even though I'm almost twice your age! Just something I wanted to mention; in the UK at least, ECT is still very commonly administered. Muscle relaxants are now used and the average 'patient' receiving ECT being lower than ever in social status means that this is now something that is 'sanitised' and increasingly happens in the dark corners of society, but it still happens, a lot!

  • Ted thesailor
    Ted thesailor3 dager siden

    Early in the third millennium, I delivered some medical equipment (I don't know what) to St Pancras Hospital in London, England. That's a huge old red-brick Victorian monstrosity, more reminiscent of a prison, but which has been shabbily facelifted by a number of more modern prefabricated annexes. At the gatehouse reception, I was directed to a wing tucked well away round the back. There, I encountered another small prefabricated reception. Nobody was about. The paint was peeling extensively. Through windows festooned by ancient spider webs, I could see faded and yellow newspapers on a table, some cheap grimy seats, and two or three potted plants that had long since died from neglect and mummified. Their soil had all but turned to stone. I pressed the intercom and was buzzed-in without a word. I crossed to the hospital proper and pulled open an unsecured door. Inside, was as silent and grim as any movie set. There were locked doors with obscured windows, old discarded apparatus, and a forbidding flight of concrete stairs. The only way was up. Atop the second flight was a door and another intercom. Once again I was buzzed-in without query. I found myself in a gloomy corridor with filing cabinets and other discarded items shoved against the walls. There were doors leading off at intervals. The entry door closed like a deep breath behind me and I jumped. Not wanting to disturb patients by hollering, I began looking in rooms to find staff. My footsteps were loud and squeaky on the floor. The first room I entered was evidently some sort of wash room. I found myself confronting a huge Afro-Caribbean guy dressed in a bathrobe rather like a prizefighter who'd taken a punch too many. He was positioned in a shower cubicle. No water was running. He just stood there, staring at me in vacant incomprehension. I apologized habitually and backed away. Other movement caught my attention and I observed to the side, a second guy. He was white, frail-looking with a shock of tousled grey hair on his drooping head. In the poor light he looked like Medusa. He began to turn and confront me with that same vapid stare. I retreated into the corridor only to find three more fairly close at hand and converging upon me from one direction quite noiselessly. Each again wore that sad, vacant expression. I headed off in the other direction fairly briskly in a slight panic, and could hear a subdued but coherent conversation. Up ahead two more phantoms appeared and began to gravitate in my direction. At last, I called out, and the voice replied, "In here". I stepped through another doorway and encountered a young Afro-Caribbean guy seated at something like a shop counter. He was amiably chatting on a mobile phone to what sounded like his girlfriend. He was alone and evidently bored stiff. He signed for the goods and assured me I was in no danger. They'd all had their meds. Returned to the corridor, all the apparitions had vanished as strangely as they'd appeared. I secured the doors after me and breathed a gasp of relief as I stood in the sunlight. That's mental health care in third millennium Britain. And it sucks...

  • Crazy Khespar
    Crazy Khespar3 dager siden

    As long as you have the same structures within your eyes, you do see the same colors. Larger amounts of cones or rods would affect how saturated and how bright some colors are, or, in the case of Retinitus Pigmentosa, a serious darkening of things in shadow. Someones red would not be someone else's blue, unless they both had specific types of colorblindness.

  • planet 9 productions
    planet 9 productions4 dager siden

    this might explain why modern psych units are feared. but i want everyone to know that these cruel practices do not continue on today and that the modern psych units are actually quite nice. other than having your cell phones taken and few possesions of yoru own its quite nice. am speaking from experience so no worries of these occuring again

  • Ian Tarry
    Ian Tarry4 dager siden

    Interesting medical history for you, the cure for drowning was literally blowing smoke up someone's ass, which is where the saying comes from. There were "life saving kits" besides rivers or bellows and a way to make smoke instead of the life bouys we see today. As for women suffering from hysteria in Victorian times who can blame them. The "prescription" was a orgasm from the doctor at a time when they probably weren't getting even a slight tremble at home. The reason they fainted a lot is believed to be due to the stupidly tight corsets they were expected to wear that restricted their organs and even permanently moved some squashing them up in the rib cage.

  • diego beusekamp
    diego beusekamp5 dager siden

    I personally have lived in an group home, and i can tell you that sadlly enough. That there are still so much cases of abuse in there. When i talked back because my rights where violated they would trow me in seperation. For 3 days. Only a bed and toilet no windows and 1 light that was on 24 hours a day. So there are still cases of abuse

  • emancoy
    emancoy6 dager siden

    Some of thosw treatments are now known as enhance interrogation techniques

  • My Pets
    My Pets6 dager siden

    I'm afraid of crazy people, but they shouldn't be treated cruelly.

  • jonashcraft87
    jonashcraft876 dager siden

    I spent a week in an insane asylum after an atempted suicide attempt I dont wish it on noone. I definitely learned my lesson. That place was horrible and SUCKED so bad. I'll never go back, ever

  • Egofessional
    Egofessional6 dager siden

    When i take a cold shover i start laughing and giggling. And im getting more conscious. Its strange. I usually shover hot.

  • Çağla Ünal
    Çağla Ünal7 dager siden

    You should download this audios as podcasts on spotify

  • Booker Chase
    Booker Chase7 dager siden

    Adhd and bpd sufferers still suffer this treatment in Australia to this day and can be sectioned for anything by almost anyone and electric shock therapy is still practiced in mental hospitals to this day in Australia

  • T baz
    T baz7 dager siden

    His eyes are so purdy. 🥰

  • Xiemo
    Xiemo8 dager siden

    Damn i wish i could put my wife inside an asylum

  • Special Ed
    Special Ed8 dager siden

    15:08 bullshit, the U.S. still does lobotomies and electro shock treatment. They just don't do it very much anymore. Sometime in the 2000's the f.d.a. officially approved electro shock treatment for the extreme cases that don't respond to medication or other treatments. Don't know about the officialness of lobotomies, but I watched documentaries about people who had recently gotten it at the very least in the late 1990's early 2000's.

  • Petr Tomšej
    Petr Tomšej8 dager siden

    I am scared by idea of lobotomy..

  • RGK
    RGK8 dager siden

    Holy fuck.....

  • Andrew Abbott
    Andrew Abbott8 dager siden

    This man is the British VSauce.

  • Sarah Marin
    Sarah Marin9 dager siden

    Stoneheast Asylum (movie) did a good job showing some of these “methods.” (It’s a thriller film, not horror.”

  • Emma Selmeci
    Emma Selmeci9 dager siden

    I remember reading this story of a young transgender person who was attemted to be cured by electro-shock therapy. It was truly horrible indeed.

  • Simmpdaddy God
    Simmpdaddy God9 dager siden

    Lithium carbonate is used to treat bipolar disorder so they might have had some scientific knowledge

  • Orange Zippy
    Orange Zippy9 dager siden

    I used to thick how stupid they were but now I think if they never did that then we would never know if what they did was right or wrong, we would have also done the same things as them cause we wouldn't know if it's actually helps or making things worse

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy9 dager siden

    Man....If they just sended me there as a doctor I would do a better job then those...

  • TheBlueAngelAura
    TheBlueAngelAura10 dager siden

    "This is what really happened inside insane asylums" Go ask my Ex-Girlfriend, she knows

  • Ka'alyah Waiters
    Ka'alyah Waiters10 dager siden


  • Jamiroproductions
    Jamiroproductions10 dager siden

    The exact same thing happens today just with different strategies. Medications that are not only totally useless but extremely dangerous to a person's well beeing are combined with crazy amounts of bullshitting, irrational labels forced up on individuals without even knowing them, departing people from their families trough manipulation and no real interest in actually curing patients who experience those difficulties.

  • Zappr
    Zappr10 dager siden


  • Kate Sims
    Kate Sims10 dager siden

    What a brave woman Nellie Bly was.

  • FBI-Chan
    FBI-Chan10 dager siden

    Piss breath why did I imagined that

  • Dxririx
    Dxririx10 dager siden

    What in the AHS

  • Rushed
    Rushed10 dager siden

    Psychology, more like psycotigy

  • truvy _
    truvy _11 dager siden

    I feel like some of the asylum buildings got remodeled and became schools

  • peter whitehouse
    peter whitehouse11 dager siden

    Very insightful. Love the presentation.

  • Rodrigo Cazares
    Rodrigo Cazares11 dager siden

    Factual Jokes. Marvelous

  • Pharos EDM
    Pharos EDM11 dager siden

    A bit depressing for my liking, couldnt make it past half way.

  • Socrates_The_Great
    Socrates_The_Great12 dager siden

    This video sums up what I had realized a few years ago. Stupidity got no limits. After I realized that I got scared of stupid people.

  • Tronche2Cake
    Tronche2Cake12 dager siden

    Asylums, Victorian torture dungeons!

  • Danilos Stankovic
    Danilos Stankovic12 dager siden

    Well uproars I didn't want to get treated for my severe OCD back when I had it, in my country there are very little actual psychologists and much more, these types of asylums(although I sincerely doubt they are this cruel but I know they aremuch worse then prisons per say), that makes me sick why even now treat innocent mental patients that are fighting the worst possible enemy already(their respective mental sickeness/ess) like much worse scum then even murderers!? I mean that shit is even worse then 202 2020: Hey what was that, I can revive myself you know!? Me: Nothing, you are the strongest in mental torture naturally. 2020: Good boy

  • Ahnaf Rashid
    Ahnaf Rashid12 dager siden

    pls can you make thumbnails less scarier you alredy scared me in the video how to get away with murder.

  • King Bob
    King Bob12 dager siden

    All I kind think or say to this is oof

  • video kid
    video kid13 dager siden

    hi 42 whats up

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson13 dager siden

    Someone went to a psychologist, and

  • Crash
    Crash13 dager siden

    It was good until the virtue signal. 10:55

  • Nova Dante
    Nova Dante13 dager siden

    Cookie hoop cereal

  • 12345 67890
    12345 6789013 dager siden

    15:10 actually, it was already banned before in the ittaly and germany. It seems that dictators are surprisingly good at spotting idiotic medical treatments.

  • Jasper Clyde Defeo
    Jasper Clyde Defeo13 dager siden

    Being a human is also subjective

  • New York Rat
    New York Rat14 dager siden

    Remember, there is such a thing as human cruelty, not just animal cruelty.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson14 dager siden

    This must be the worst ice bath challenge ever

  • Ze Porg
    Ze Porg14 dager siden


  • DJ Saek Rakem
    DJ Saek Rakem14 dager siden

    Psych Wards are still the same way.... Just drug the person coming in and they get worse and worse with every dose they force on you.. Speaking from experience in 2016 - 2017

  • chilla 82
    chilla 8214 dager siden

    The Bath of surprise sounds more like a prison move where a prisoner joins the bathtub and fuck in the ass to Manifest his alpha Position what would be the shower of surprise nowadays I guess

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith14 dager siden

    Roman Man: "Kiss me!" Roman Woman: "Have you pissed on your teeth yet?" Roman man: "Of course I did."

  • R Ds
    R Ds14 dager siden

    Doctors of old were better clients for the asylums, than the patients themselves.

  • Collin Schultz
    Collin Schultz14 dager siden


  • Ray Clam
    Ray Clam15 dager siden

    No votes for women.

  • Cannibal Clown
    Cannibal Clown15 dager siden

    just as a side not if you think electro shock is not used anymore ...look up ECT Electro Cunvulsive Theropy I can tell you first hand it's still used but perhaps not in the same fashion it was...and always remember...I't better to have a full bottle infront of me than a full frontal labotmy...

  • Mess
    Mess15 dager siden

    I keep forgetting this guy isnt my teacher, so everytime he curses im shocked he would ever say such a word

  • M0rshu64
    M0rshu6415 dager siden

    @15:00 when the Soviet Union deems your treatment to be inhumane, you know you fucked up.

  • PaPa DaPooPoo Man
    PaPa DaPooPoo Man16 dager siden

    Being deemed insane when you are not and then fighting against the people calling you insane, ultimately driving you insane, has got to be one of the most terrifying things I can imagine.

  • gg mates
    gg mates16 dager siden

    13:58 he was a nazi too

  • Sean McGuire
    Sean McGuire16 dager siden

    I love a good spin till I puke when I'm feeling down. But ill def take the morphine n cocaine

  • Bree_999
    Bree_99916 dager siden

    Me having an indent where "self-esteem" is:👁👄👁

  • imran raja
    imran raja17 dager siden

    Rest of the world should look to how we got our rights freedoms in Britain and what led to them whom sacrificed what to get them for us. But the government has want to bring changes aswell🤔🤔its easy not to know what you are doing and cause distress abuse etc but once you know what 8s wrong to carry on doing it is totally another ball game🤔🤔

  • imran raja
    imran raja17 dager siden

    Suffererjets etc 🙏❤️ for rights for our mothers daughters sisters etc ❤️🙏

  • Punk Pikachu
    Punk Pikachu17 dager siden

    Well, you are`nt Tortured in the Psychiatric Institution nowadays, but most of the Nurses don`t really know how to handle the Masses of Sick People and just stuff Pills in them until they Shut up.

  • Magatism
    Magatism17 dager siden

    Bring back Insane Asylums, mad people are running amok.

  • Glenn Morris
    Glenn Morris17 dager siden

    The guys is really good at making titles and really bad at making videos

  • Eli Peterson
    Eli Peterson18 dager siden

    You know the police should take notes from the manslaughters committed by the people who were supposed to take care of the patients

  • ###
    ###18 dager siden

    This is so ridiculous

  • Something You Said
    Something You Said18 dager siden

    Once upon a time the human race was none the worse for its non-existence.

  • Sodey dere kamp
    Sodey dere kamp18 dager siden

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  • Phillip Honeysett
    Phillip Honeysett18 dager siden

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  • Pukka Editz
    Pukka Editz18 dager siden

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  • shane henderson
    shane henderson18 dager siden

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  • Veljko
    Veljko19 dager siden

    "What IF we spin them around very fast" "Why?" "Why not maybe it helps and even if it doesn't it will be a great show nonetheless"

  • David Brassington
    David Brassington19 dager siden

    “Coercion chair” is not going to leave me any time soon.

  • Ollie
    Ollie19 dager siden

    Madness in civilization by Andrew Scull is a must read if you want to know more about how we used to and are now treating mental illness.

  • fabulouspink
    fabulouspink19 dager siden

    Even though they've come a long way, how we treat and view mental illness nowadays seems highly flawed and will one day be viewed similarly to how we view past mental illness treatments.

    ROT SHEPHERD19 dager siden

    You seem to not make a difference between psychology and psychiatry.

  • Christian Aldrich
    Christian Aldrich20 dager siden

    I worked at Westbro state hospital for 4 yrs my mother retired from there but yes the old building is his layout they had a farm that everything they actually supplied the building with the food and stuff a lot of them but now it’s all underground tunnels and a couple of the buildings are mean they just closed it I don’t know I’d say maybe 10 years ago but yeah if you go down in the tunnels you can see like a little tiny spaces where you could see the person about the size of a small closet with the old chains are used to cuff them if acting up during transport under ground

  • Sw Bierman
    Sw Bierman20 dager siden

    Good day fellow human, I was pleasantly surprised by how often I cracked up, you are insanely funny, gratitude!

  • Sarah Marshall
    Sarah Marshall20 dager siden

    ''...spinning the ever-loving shit out out mentally ill people, was a marvellous idea!'' might be my favourite sentence ever!!!

  • Euphorio
    Euphorio20 dager siden

    Not much has changed to this day and now we continue the cruel perception of treating people outside of institutions.

  • F. Rick Herr
    F. Rick Herr20 dager siden

    Sanity is a simple thing, maybe I can drown it out of them?

  • EPItech
    EPItech21 dag siden

    This was enhanced treatment procedures. Just like enhanced interrogation 😉

  • Randy WA
    Randy WA22 dager siden

    The people running those asylums are the ones that need to be put in them

  • Patrick Hunter
    Patrick Hunter23 dager siden

    So many of you need to be institutionalized, and please get your arm out of your noses while I degrade you.

  • stoned shaggy
    stoned shaggy24 dager siden

    Bruh I was in this weired therapy thing when I was a kid and they would legit put me in this weired hanging hamock thing and spin me around if I started crying or anything and they were terrible at therapy and everyone I know that was on the same mental helth program says they did more harm than good (I left after my mam told me off for telling my therapist that she talks about me to people right infront of me and I realised he was telling her everything)

  • Rebecca Mumford
    Rebecca Mumford24 dager siden

    Ugh, some of what described was so icky I felt faint at certain points.

  • KinglyKaiser
    KinglyKaiser25 dager siden

    There's an old asylum/sanitarium that was turned into college dorms near me

  • Sickomodelol _
    Sickomodelol _26 dager siden