Our Brains Broadcast a Message We Don't Understand

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    @LORD DOOTINATOR Well get ready for a crash course. Sorry.



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  • Conscious Freshness

    Conscious Freshness

    21 dag siden

    But even still it's odd that they end up at 'opposite' ends of the spectrum...but then again at the end of the video you go into zooming in on waves and how they're similar then. Fascinating.

  • Conscious Freshness

    Conscious Freshness

    21 dag siden

    How might you explain the Buddhists being in a high Gama wave when they meditate but other people being in a theta wave when in deep meditation? Actually I just answered my own question it's been shown that lots of practice with medication actually changes the way the brain is... neurologically speaking

  • Geckostein
    Geckostein9 timer siden

    2:24 i do my thinking in my brain

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    My favorite is gamma,

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    VEry coool! I love that he's a gentlemen and is so smart, I want to raise my future son someday to be just like him, we truly need more men like him who help people. He's cool, we need more guys like this in the world now :)

  • Aaron Middleton
    Aaron Middleton16 timer siden

    Go to 14:00 and focus on what he says for the next 1 minute and 40 seconds. Important and the truth. tell it to children because the sooner everyone is aware of this information the better.

  • Rod Schmidt
    Rod SchmidtDag siden

    I would like to see the exact fireplace that Kekulé saw his vision in

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    word that rhymes with orange, with the correct accent syringe works.

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    Well your mind is the battle field of thoughts and yours thoughts become your words, while your actions are responsible for the consequences and your eyes obviously the windows to your soul. Now say' I am God'..... hmmm God bless you. Gypsy Trail

  • 2 Rythms
    2 RythmsDag siden

    If brain wave can be measured, does that mean how fast our brain processing information can also be predicted?

  • Steve B
    Steve BDag siden

    Great stuff, thanks!!!

  • Daniel
    DanielDag siden

    I think this happened to me just a minute ago. Hit the blunt and thought to myself: There’s no way time travel to the past is possible because otherwise there would be hella time travelers in our history books and visiting us rn.

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    Door hinge rhymes with orange

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    As wequired

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    Title is just a Robbie Williams lyric

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    God used Trump to expose corruption in our government. If you disagree your spiritual eyes are closed.

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    Awesome video Thanks!

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    (Orange and carnage) would that work

  • Stephen Lofton
    Stephen Lofton2 dager siden

    Ah yes einsteins "eureka" moment on the tram which came randomly and inexplicably as he just happened to be reading a paper by Henri Poincare. Truly remarkable!

  • Persnikitty
    Persnikitty2 dager siden

    Interactive Social Neuroscience, since they couldn't call that thing when your minds click a clique, because reasons and letter count.

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    You definitely can change your brain waves and others ,, am I late for something.

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    skip to 4:42 to avoid curiosity stream plug

  • Doug Drinkwater
    Doug Drinkwater3 dager siden

    I've got a muse headset... and can observe brain waves at home (5 point eeg). Tons of fun! I have records of my brain waves while I sleep, play video games, watch TV, study, and most interesting... my brain waves while observing my brain waves!

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    Amrit Pal Singh3 dager siden

    My teachers brain broadcasts a message that no one understand.

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    You are talking about brain.fm ;)

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    When u have a eureka moment but it already exists...

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    My brain just waved goodbye. There is a new wave called the "Trump wave" and it doesn't sync with anything at all. I have rogue waves. And finally you can surf the waves with mushrooms.

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    Even cc thinks he is saying 42

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    Can we petition a boxing match between simon from all time top tenz and thoughty2?

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    Funny, Im watching inception now. Just taking a break

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    Did not mention the state the brain's in when watching tv...

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    NOTHING rhymes with orange except for sporange which is an asexual reproductive part of a fern.

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    Orange cringe

  • AZ Battle School
    AZ Battle School4 dager siden

    Magic allows you to tap into theses frequencies and change YOURSELF, to affect realty to get what you want. How crazy or easy you goal will directly be proportional to the amount of change. Large goals , large change, more effort , more energy....

  • windwolf77
    windwolf774 dager siden

    Epiphany An epiphany is an experience of a sudden and striking realization. Generally the term is used to describe a scientific breakthrough or religious or philosophical discovery, but it can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.

  • Jesse Gilbride
    Jesse Gilbride5 dager siden

    So what's anxiety? Scattered or shifting brain waves? Or just noise?

  • HappyQuails
    HappyQuails5 dager siden

    Has anyone who creates this type of "instructive" video become aware of how the rapidly changing video segments containing no continuity from one to another in content, appearance or speed, including the rapid speed narration, are extremely distracting to taking in and comprehending your message?

    DΞDSHOT5 dager siden

    I was having physics class just before lunch break and we were solving the exact same equation with the crown from the beginning of the video. So I was prepared for this video, what are the odds of this happening?

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    Isn’t that your “Aura”?

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    7:30 clip this, but out of context

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    I stopped watching as soon as you put an ad in the middle of the damn video.

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    I had to watch the intro a few times 😂😂

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    That's AM radio

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    Awesome and thank s

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    btw he doesnt say “42 here” he says “Thoughty2 here” 😀

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    This NOlocalr's manner of speaking is entirely fake. In reality, he has a thick Chinese accent.

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    Awe... Come on... That Archmedes bit is ridiculous. You can take anybody's brain and submerge it in water and it will always displace as much water as anyone else's...

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    This video was making me feel hopeful till I realized I'm still narcoleptic.

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    > brains synchronize when talking to each other Well that lends credence to this last decade of digital media rise & domination correlating with a break down in many minds & the increase of irrational hostility!

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    Who'd simply recognize the hard problem with this? You don't need anybody telling you what is precious, right? I try to stay open in the dirt

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    Awareness appears as an existence in the form of a finite perception; i.e. (Awareness is known by awareness alone).

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    Actually Wally Clever created that sandwich in the 1950's. www.imdb.com/title/tt0630196/characters/nm0235638

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    Our brains work best with psyonix but we forgot how To use it we should learn The Technology of the Future will use that energies 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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    This guy deserves all the views he gets, great content

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    Enermax Stephens9 dager siden

    Yes, I've gotten good at doing this via sleep. It's much easier to figure out the answer to a problem in this state, the answer comes instantaneously and seems like a stroke of genius when it happens. You need to linger in the area between sleep and awake. You will note that you are asleep but you can think normally. You might even hear yourself snoring. Then think about a problem you're having or a question you want answered. There's a strong chance the answer will pop into your head and you'll think it's like the smartest thing you ever heard

  • ripped
    ripped9 dager siden

    so we tryna talk to ourselves but ourselves cant understand ourselves?

  • Allan Patterson
    Allan Patterson9 dager siden

    I am more likely to believe that people give off Viruses that act like memory cells and some people can read info off them. We only look for the ones that harm us.

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    Why do u change for the ad if you already had it all planned since u scripted it to go with the video I am so confused please explain.

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  • Chris universe
    Chris universe11 dager siden

    As someone with right temporal lobe epilepsy, I've had many EEG's and interesting expiriances,not limited to the one you've described here,but also out of body expiriances and a near death expiriance after being hit by a car.weirder yet, I had a vision that I'd die on the day that the car hit me. I died and was given a choice by an unknown entity as to if I wanted to come back to life,my choice is obvious 😎

  • Dale Griffiths
    Dale Griffiths11 dager siden

    Einstein’s looking at the town clock from the train started the process that lead to special relativity not general. Post special relativity it took Einstein 10 years to knock out general relativity.

  • The deck to the 16th power
    The deck to the 16th power11 dager siden

    And here I thought I was free. What are the chances I could run like he did and not be locked up and still have favor of the King? Dark energy can be pretty slick in my opinion. From what I learned it can seem to even split eels or even viruses. That's just my opinion though. I wouldn't want to over excite people that think this happens in wombs as well. After all that would need scientific proof. I suppose it takes a nice vacuum tub to get things settled in. I often find my best thoughts in water. I think the missing link in the human chain was an aquatic one. Farming fish can reveal patterns that land nature is slow to react to. Some times his videos are like Nitro. Very Inspiritus. I think Google needs to learn Latin. LOL

  • PsyTie
    PsyTie12 dager siden

    You can easily understand how an aha moment works if you read how the mind system works in The Mind Illuminated by John Yates (my favorite book ❤️). Being a brain neurologist, he says consciousness is the top-level communication between "brain departments", but when you are using it to find the solution you point it at all the 'noob' assumptions first, going where you would imagine the solution would be. But when you give up for a moment, that's when your consciousness is free, and consciousness is the only way for top level brain departments to communicate with each other, so when you give them a little space, that's when they work their magic. I don't know if I'm explaining this well, but this book changed my life. 🤟 Thoughty2, you 're awesome!

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    our brain isn't "broadcasting" shit. To measure brainwaves you need to place stuff directly onto the head, and that doesn't even give you the full thing. Without intrusive surgery we can only measure groups of neurons firing together., not individual neurons.

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