Meet the Playboy No Woman on Earth Could Resist

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Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British NOlocalr and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos about science, tech, history, opinion and just about everything else.
Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Matt Murray


  • Dennis Barrett
    Dennis Barrett29 minutter siden

    Ruby 🥒"Roger"🥒 Rosa 007.

  • HumanspiritOne
    HumanspiritOne44 minutter siden

    Wewl sthat was vewy, intwesting .

  • who are you
    who are you2 timer siden

    Names dong James dong

  • destinationfer2
    destinationfer22 timer siden

    There's this thing with us Dominicans some can find despicable.. and it has to do with woman.. We can seduce woman with with good Sex and ,speech,dance & Charisma etc.. And were never happy with what we have and think we can keep the old in the name of loyalty and conquer new and feel we can make it work.. To this day some of us are known for "good sex" in Womenly circles. But how about loyalty and uprightness? when will we be known for that!?

  • 0
    03 timer siden

    Back in those days people are too afraid to be authentic.

  • TroubleTurkey
    TroubleTurkey4 timer siden

    I thought it was Rasputin when I looked at the title

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire5 timer siden

    He was the real most interesting man in the world

  • Prashant Dahiya
    Prashant Dahiya7 timer siden

    Reminds me of Bond

  • Hayay Harrell
    Hayay Harrell8 timer siden

    My grandma thinks of me like this

  • Stonks Canibl
    Stonks Canibl8 timer siden

    Blahh...There was Charles Sobhraj a French-Indian who was even more notorious. He even killed some of the women he seduced but they still went after him. The man is now married to some princess if i remeber correct.

  • RishYT
    RishYT10 timer siden

    I wish no man turns out like him

  • Edwin Hendra Kusuma
    Edwin Hendra Kusuma19 timer siden

    No woman on Earth could resist? Even the lesbians? 🤔

  • Ton Marina
    Ton Marina20 timer siden

    Tru-he yo is the pronunciation

  • Yassercast 21
    Yassercast 2123 timer siden

    Me as a Dominican, I was shocked at intro but there’s too many facts here that I can validate cuz I read he’s biography and the many many stories surrounding him

  • Man of Culture
    Man of CultureDag siden

    "The playboy equivalent of super saiyan" -Weeb Thoughty2

  • d r
    d rDag siden

    Not like the cia to be assassinating murderous despots in South America, don’t they usually go for the social justice types? Cynical I know, although i really hope i am wrong in my assumption.

  • Transparent Knowledge
    Transparent KnowledgeDag siden

    “The key to make any women fall for you is to have big package “😎

  • Víctor Manuel Marte Pujols
    Víctor Manuel Marte PujolsDag siden

    Dominicans taking your girls since the 1900's

  • citbCatInTheBag
    citbCatInTheBagDag siden

    Oh I thought the video would be about chloroform

  • Igor Svačić
    Igor SvačićDag siden

    cant take your trujillo

  • Aisha Zuo
    Aisha ZuoDag siden

    meanwhile, lesbians:

  • Elijah
    ElijahDag siden

    I am 19 years old and 6'5 and 209 pounds.

  • Mulatto World
    Mulatto WorldDag siden


  • Ernesto Kelly
    Ernesto KellyDag siden

    Im proud to be dominican. Well done RubiRosa👍

  • TheLongDark
    TheLongDarkDag siden

    Thoughty2: This crazy secret agent who was irresistible to women. Me: Sidney Reilly? Thoughty2: Porfirio Rubirosa. Me: ... oh. Never heard of him. This should be good.

  • GS EJ
    GS EJDag siden

    who is this guy? mustache, voice and all. Feels like I've literally been transported back to the 50's

  • Daniel Majin
    Daniel MajinDag siden

    That picture is just not a good one. 😅

  • vyasan haridas
    vyasan haridasDag siden

    What a life..I wish.

  • Random Guy
    Random GuyDag siden

    Who wants a Netflix series ?

  • An FBI Agent
    An FBI AgentDag siden

    If life had a skill tree, his charisma and luck would be at lvl 100.

  • Dalai Lama
    Dalai LamaDag siden

    Elyesa Bazna is the Inspiration for Cicero. Cicero is the Inspiration for Bond. Not this guy ✌🏻

  • Nadya Lu
    Nadya Lu2 dager siden

    No woman on earth can resist??😂🤣ok ok

  • Ma E-R
    Ma E-R2 dager siden

    No internet or simps then ...

  • aquib shaikh
    aquib shaikh2 dager siden

    Lucky man😑

  • Umer The Clumsy Tube
    Umer The Clumsy Tube2 dager siden

    Reminds me a lot of lucifer (tv show)

  • Umer The Clumsy Tube
    Umer The Clumsy Tube2 dager siden

    There should be a movie or a tv show for this

  • Schaih Mansur
    Schaih Mansur2 dager siden

    And no one shot him?

  • kirk spock
    kirk spock2 dager siden

    Isn't he that guy who drinks Dos Equis beer, the most interesting man in the world?

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M2 dager siden

    Aha how nice thanks for making a video on me

  • Benzabar Lakibul
    Benzabar Lakibul2 dager siden

    James bond

  • MateItsGaile
    MateItsGaile2 dager siden


  • Dan Zglinicki
    Dan Zglinicki2 dager siden

    Did Truman Capote Measure It While Looking Up ? Or Simply While Going Down ?

  • Tomislav Premerl
    Tomislav Premerl2 dager siden

    For people womdering how big his junk was go check Vlad the impaler on ph lol

  • John Becich
    John Becich2 dager siden

    Hey. Your Spanish pronunciations are ... hideous. Get a little help, Brit.

  • TheMonocleGuy
    TheMonocleGuy3 dager siden

    Me: *furiously taking notes*

  • Laisa
    Laisa3 dager siden

    I don't see the appeal

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki3 dager siden

    Bro you slaughtered the pronunciation of Trujillo’s name. It sounds like a shattered glass every time you chop chop his name. It is not hard to pronounce. The J makes an “h” sound and the “llo” makes a “yo” sound. So Truheeyo

  • Eccentric Fella
    Eccentric Fella3 dager siden

    How did he fail IB when it did not even exist back then?

  • Mpho
    Mpho3 dager siden

    He was a spy... Not a hit man.. Not a murdere... Spy..... Fucked the info outa those wifes🕵️😂

  • Glen Wigmore
    Glen Wigmore3 dager siden

    great episode! but i noticed a couple times you showed a pic of danielle darrieux, when you were referring to doris duke. unless i missed a turn?

    PΔNDYΔ3 dager siden

    Is there any movie made on this life? Biography or something???

  • Raden mas said baariq
    Raden mas said baariq3 dager siden

    When your mother told you that you are a handsome boy:

  • Γιαννης_ hustla
    Γιαννης_ hustla3 dager siden

    I think it's safe to say this guy was a real life jack Sparrow

  • Reddog
    Reddog3 dager siden

    He wasn't poking women he was impaling them.

  • Cali Bur
    Cali Bur3 dager siden

    I can only say this *Absolute Chad* ...

  • Butt
    Butt3 dager siden

    "Meet the Playboy no Woman on Earth Could Resist" Lesbians: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.

  • Torrence Culton
    Torrence Culton3 dager siden

    No offense but I hate when people get a lot of likes on the comments and then say thanks for the likes!

  • Rollerz leader
    Rollerz leader4 dager siden

    *Greatest Lie in History: "iTs NoT tHe SiZe ThAt MaTtErS, iTs HoW yOu UsE iT..."* Umm no xD God's golden ticket to the good life! is practicely being a Ron Jeremy.

  • Jugad Technologies
    Jugad Technologies4 dager siden

    I bet the Wing Girl can resist!

  • EmberShot
    EmberShot4 dager siden

    and here I failed IB too. lets goooo playboy lifestyle

    GABRIEL FORTALEZA IV4 dager siden

    I want to be the very best, Like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, To poke them is my cause! (I will travel across the land, Searching far and wide. Each Poken-mon to understand The power that's inside!) Poken-mon! Gotta catch em' all! It's you and me , I know it's my destiny! Poken-mon!



    4 dager siden


  • carlos lennox
    carlos lennox4 dager siden

    Some people watching thiswill now go on Google searching the richest women in the world today.

  • The SpiceDice
    The SpiceDice4 dager siden

    "Meet the man no woman can resist" Lesbians : 🙁

  • Sunshine Bautista

    Sunshine Bautista

    4 dager siden

    I was looking for this comment 😂

  • Dimitri Savic
    Dimitri Savic4 dager siden

    So, this is my exact opposite

  • Simon Y
    Simon Y5 dager siden

    trujillo was a despot who killed on a whim, rubi married his daughter Flor de Oro who the general loved. One day rubi gave her a black eye, rubi was brought before the dictator, expecting a bullet he played the only card he had. When the dictator asked rubi why he did it he said ‘she disrespected me’. He played to the Latin machismo and got away with it. That’s what he was like.

  • Simon Y
    Simon Y5 dager siden

    In Paris the large salt grinders which waiters bring to the table were called rubirossa’s

  • FG Ó Conghaile
    FG Ó Conghaile5 dager siden

    _this_ is joey tribiani's god

  • The One Above All
    The One Above All5 dager siden

    Litteral chad

  • Ode to The Wretched
    Ode to The Wretched5 dager siden

    Like a Ezio

  • Ataberk Yükselen
    Ataberk Yükselen5 dager siden

    This man played BitLife in real life...

  • Paternal Marowak
    Paternal Marowak5 dager siden

    Bro... it’s pronounced “Truheeo”

  • ansel grey
    ansel grey5 dager siden

    learning about him is intriguing 👀👀👀

  • Valeria Bottura
    Valeria Bottura5 dager siden

    WAIT WAIT poor Flor got “deflowered” by ELEVEN INCHES??????

  • Valeria Bottura
    Valeria Bottura5 dager siden

    Why did this feel like a tea spill video

  • JoshuaFitch
    JoshuaFitch5 dager siden

    The best part of this video is the complete inability of British people to pronounce Spanish names/words. I live in Spain for several years, and many of the British expats didn't bother to even try to learn the language.

  • Loper Boehm
    Loper Boehm5 dager siden

    The adaptable theater sicily shrug because fertilizer nutritionally glow with a obnoxious plow. handsome, symptomatic ferryboat

  • GrilledWang
    GrilledWang5 dager siden

    a video on me. awesome

  • Jeremy Kiahsobyk
    Jeremy Kiahsobyk5 dager siden

    "Trujillo" is pronounced "Troo-HEE-yo." Roll the r one time.

  • Cindy Manx
    Cindy Manx5 dager siden

    Do not forget Daddo Ruspoli, the prince of Rome!

  • Me First
    Me First6 dager siden


  • First name Last name
    First name Last name6 dager siden

    God (when talking to Jesus and The Holy Spirit) : dude, lmao, but what if James Bond was real?

  • Brian Baker
    Brian Baker6 dager siden

    He loses to Muhamad who can get any women and women were yearning to be his lover and wife!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😜😜😜🤪🤪

  • Brian Baker

    Brian Baker

    5 dager siden

    @Aldo Bautista ,Whatabout Hugh Hefner???😁😁😁

  • Aldo Bautista

    Aldo Bautista

    5 dager siden

    Muhammad loses to Chris Hansen

  • Noor 1723
    Noor 17236 dager siden

    I thought you were gonna say Johnny depp😩

  • Mitchey S
    Mitchey S6 dager siden

    18:35 Woolworth, as in the guy that created the company that owns most of Australia? Woolworths? Holy fuck.

  • Bald GUY
    Bald GUY6 dager siden

    I thought you are talking about the famous Johnny sins lol

  • the best dance of the night Hingano Kalauta
    the best dance of the night Hingano Kalauta6 dager siden

    What a loser! 😂

  • Fabian Neagle
    Fabian Neagle6 dager siden

    Rubirosa was a con man, lazy, and had no purpose in life or I would say he lived by the moment. Good job on this video you worked hard but I'm the greatest lover of them all not Rubirosa. Shhhhh! Don't tell anybody but I've made love to Beyonce and

  • Fabian Neagle

    Fabian Neagle

    5 dager siden

    @Aldo Bautista what Eva that means.

  • Aldo Bautista

    Aldo Bautista

    5 dager siden

    troll bait

  • LLoyd B
    LLoyd B6 dager siden

    Gold digger ???

  • Honeyyy Yos
    Honeyyy Yos6 dager siden

    I can resist him because he’s not chocolate. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Sk. Rafi Ahmed
    Sk. Rafi Ahmed6 dager siden

    This guy is my idol.. Thanks internet

  • Bru2al1ty USA
    Bru2al1ty USA7 dager siden

    Why does it sound like he says forty two?

  • Aldo Bautista

    Aldo Bautista

    5 dager siden

    You must be new here

  • Cyberium
    Cyberium7 dager siden

    ma mans the mega chad of mega chads the original mega chad

    JAM TOM7 dager siden

    So he was also the biggest male gold digger

  • Yea Ok
    Yea Ok7 dager siden

    He’s sounds pretty gay😂

  • Aldo Bautista

    Aldo Bautista

    5 dager siden

    Yea ok

  • hell's gate MF
    hell's gate MF7 dager siden

    So Ruborosa was the reason why women are still seeking for revenge as gold diggers

  • Jakob Bruhspenning
    Jakob Bruhspenning7 dager siden

    Reported this video because I'm in it and I don't like it.

  • Admin Business development
    Admin Business development7 dager siden

    The original Dos Equies most interesting man

  • EpicTube
    EpicTube8 dager siden


  • Mburu Joseph
    Mburu Joseph8 dager siden

    Write that down..

  • Anthony Coca
    Anthony Coca8 dager siden

    This has got to be one of the most intriguing stories I’ve ever heard told of a person. It’s almost far too incredible to seem true, but then again, they do say that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. This may very well be one of those times...

  • Lolita


    2 dager siden

    Dude I'm a dominican woman that's how the dominican men gets down my cousin are make gigolos lol