Meet the Most Dangerous Man in History

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Writing: David Elliott
Editing: Matt Murray
Script Development: Steven Rix


  • RayFrederick Boehler
    RayFrederick BoehlerTime siden

    He sounds like a really swell guy. LOL!

  • Stavros Mayakovsky
    Stavros Mayakovsky2 timer siden

    I don't really get the snarky attitude of the presenter. Crowley was a really interesting man and unbelievably influential when it comes to culture. Through his life he always had an unwavering passion when it comes to life and its mysteries. He lived life to the fullest. Is it some kind of misplaced jealousy? p.s and he looks nothing like Rogan.

  • Youth Pastor Jed
    Youth Pastor Jed2 timer siden

    While not a follower I've read "the book of the law" & to say "do as thy will" means screw everyone else is a bit dishonest. It actually reads; "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" and "Love is the law, love under will."

  • Anonymes Anonymes
    Anonymes Anonymes2 timer siden

    Well he was but a cult leader like hundreds of others,

  • Boomer RowdyRuff
    Boomer RowdyRuff3 timer siden

    I'm a white mage unlike this guy.

  • priqq **
    priqq **3 timer siden

    Not a fan of Aleister Crowley, but I am a huge fan of his friend that helped him fake his death, Fernando Pessoa, who was subsequently humiliated by Crowley weeks later when Crowley entered public life again.

  • nandezification
    nandezification3 timer siden

    Alright, I’ve watched a few documentaries on Alister Crowley and you can get a WHOLE lot more info on those than this video. After 5 min I couldn’t stand this guy’s condescending Brit voice anymore.

  • calvin gyasi
    calvin gyasi3 timer siden

    Hermoine Granger on Amphetamines...... Good lawd...... such graphic description. lol

  • 144
    1443 timer siden

    When you think you are bad the creator of this world just giggle at you begging for mercy after death like weren't you just evil 5 minutes ago on earth now you begging

  • Inspiration, Move me Brightly
    Inspiration, Move me Brightly4 timer siden

    I’d say the worst thing this guy did was influence good old L. Ron Hubbard 🤢

  • Kindly Grad
    Kindly Grad4 timer siden

    it is very sad that he abandoned philosophy and then immersed in cults

  • Kindly Grad
    Kindly Grad4 timer siden

    من المحزن أن يترك المتعقل الفلسفة و يؤمن بالخرافات

  • Kindly Grad
    Kindly Grad4 timer siden

    جنكيز خان ؟ و نسله ؟

  • Harry Longabaugh
    Harry Longabaugh5 timer siden

    He was basically Marilyn Manson.

  • Cult Of Malgus
    Cult Of Malgus6 timer siden

    Hahaha funny! You go to gulag now! ~Comrade Stalin

  • james paley
    james paley6 timer siden

    Moronic man alive

  • james paley
    james paley6 timer siden

    One infected thing combining with summat healthy. In conception happens

  • james paley
    james paley6 timer siden

    If he was filled with diesese how did he have a kid. I mean I thought ba piosen wick shooting piosen bullets into a woom that piosen bullets would kill the child. Probably wasn't his if he dint sleep with said bird wife bullshit. Loser

  • james paley
    james paley6 timer siden

    Disgraceful how people spread std still ect. Not impressing just no love for others. Should be in jail. Not been with a lass for twelve year. Cos I don't want to ask show me a test and I'll show you mine

  • Frank L.G
    Frank L.G8 timer siden

    You said it right most wicked Man. Not dangerous man in the world, like your title Sir.

  • Nigel O'MacNigilson
    Nigel O'MacNigilson8 timer siden

    You need to freshen up on your Rock 'n' Roll history.

  • Sabrina Finkel
    Sabrina Finkel9 timer siden

    The most pointless video I have seen in forty years. Desperately inaccurate and smug. Bit fond of yourself eh?

  • Paul KC
    Paul KC10 timer siden

    Crowley added. "Under love" to his Law of Thelema. However, the Law of Thelema is basically the ethic most people seem to live by today. Live and let live or

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart12 timer siden

    Man... Ghengis and his kids alone would crush this man and everything he’s accomplished in just what they did to China alone... now add in Europe, the Middle East and the rest of Asia... no comparison

  • Planet Aiden
    Planet Aiden14 timer siden

    this guy jokes around too much, Crowley knew real magic, give the man some respect.

  • Sam Young
    Sam Young14 timer siden

    Wrong. The most dangerous man in history is every pretty woman.

  • Nicola Douglas
    Nicola Douglas14 timer siden

    Hollywood love this man!!! Royals they love this man!!! The church they love this man but hushhhh!!!! It's supposed to be a secret !!!!!

  • Tyler Rymer
    Tyler Rymer16 timer siden

    Is this who crowley in supernatural is based off of?... In the sense of being evil. Or any relation?

  • Yasar Habashneh
    Yasar Habashneh16 timer siden

    Did anyone notice here 0:26 the resemblance with Donald Trump, or is it just me?

  • Mario Lopez Viezcaz
    Mario Lopez Viezcaz16 timer siden

    You almost got me until you failed with JIMMY PAGE! :( Crowley is an interesting character, however, Giordano Bruno is far more... macabre and otherworldly.

  • Jack Foot
    Jack Foot17 timer siden

    Robert plant did not buy his house. Jimmy Paige did.

  • Michael Betsch
    Michael Betsch17 timer siden

    i lke this bloak

  • Rose City 74
    Rose City 7417 timer siden

    Has anyone else noticed that these weirdos always have a connections with intelligence agencies ?

  • Thomas MacDonald
    Thomas MacDonald19 timer siden

    I’m the works now starting my own religion Rules.females wear very provocative clothes 2. I am supreme ruler 3.i am god all worship me I’ve decided to call my church. The order of the burnt chicken My name will be Reverend Microwave

  • Justin Shepard
    Justin Shepard19 timer siden

    Is this most wicked man or dangerous man. Wtf?

  • Scott Dempsey
    Scott Dempsey20 timer siden

    Jimmy page bought his house not Robert plant

  • Darth Nox
    Darth Nox20 timer siden

    So the meme was right, keeping your virginity can turn you into a mage!

  • L J M
    L J M21 time siden

    Allister Crowley is Barbara Bush biological father

    DELTA STUDIOS22 timer siden

    Page bought Crowley's house not Plant

  • Linda Cianchetti
    Linda Cianchetti22 timer siden

    You forgot to mention his offspring.

  • Gregory Taylor
    Gregory Taylor22 timer siden

    It was Jimmy Page who bought Boleskine House.

  • Gregory Taylor
    Gregory Taylor22 timer siden

    It was his decision to pursue his education instead of donating his inhereritance to the Plymouth Brethren that caused his mother to call him "The Beast"

  • Gregory Taylor
    Gregory Taylor22 timer siden

    Crowley loved his bad press. He wrote quite a bit of it himself.

  • paullawson 07756 371332
    paullawson 07756 37133223 timer siden

    C Mon now it was Jimmy page who bought the Boleskine house in Scotland. ..ROOKIE MISTAKE...PAUL LAWSON

  • Stokes Music Studios Online
    Stokes Music Studios OnlineDag siden

    Strong resemblance to Barbara Bush.

  • Clint Carpenter
    Clint CarpenterDag siden

    Jimmy Page bought Crowley’s old house and is a huge follower of Crowley

  • Don Pretorius
    Don PretoriusDag siden

    So I’m guessing that you will be told by many people that it was Jimmy Page that bought Alistair Crowley‘s house not Robert plant.

  • Les Elston
    Les ElstonDag siden

    Awful research.. You've lost all cred... DUMB!.

  • Zed Zordaan
    Zed ZordaanDag siden

    I believe it was Jimmy Page who briefly owned the Abbey of Thelema, not Robert Plant.

  • Bill Core
    Bill CoreDag siden

    Jimmy Page not Robert Plant

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua SmithDag siden

    Sex n drugs... ahhhhhh yes! Btw I also believe that we should govern ourselves and look after our own. Who TF is any government to tell me what I can and can't do... seriously tho. I do not want to follow human construct of any law...what government percieve as what is right and wrong...

  • B Smith
    B SmithDag siden

    Guess what? Crowley and all of the same ilk will be spending eternity in hell. Mock God - - Ignore God - - worship satan. They all reaped what they sowed. many people just as evil as Crowley exist right now in America.

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob WilliamsDag siden

    thoughtys balls never dropped

  • The Golden Jackel
    The Golden JackelDag siden

    His end is a problem , he just wasnt on to riches that all occultists should have.

  • C Adkins
    C AdkinsDag siden

    Is it a coincidence the demon in good omens is named Crowley?

  • Kostashero713
    Kostashero713Dag siden

    Jeff Bezos 2.0

  • Daleh Don Daleh
    Daleh Don DalehDag siden

    Shabba Ranks was the wickedest what r u on about.

  • ian forde
    ian fordeDag siden

    One of the most famous stories about Crowley is. When he was an old man living in a bed and breakfast in Hastigs was an opiate addict. He rang a dr in eastbourne for some opiates. Dr said no. Dr died before the phone was put back on its receiver. True story that. Needless to say he got his opiates that day. . Powerful mage is an understatement. He died an opiate addict. Jimmy Page bought his house not Robert Plant.

  • Hans Herchenroder
    Hans HerchenroderDag siden

    You missed the biggest of them all... King Leopold II of Belgium...responsible of untold atrocities against the people of Congo! More than 10 million butchered in the late 1800's to early 1900's...Funny how Westerners always miss that one!!

  • Shaneosaurus Gaming
    Shaneosaurus GamingDag siden

    Thoughtys channel is what happens when a gay lumberjack discovers google search

  • Italo Levino
    Italo LevinoDag siden

    What does he say at the beginning?

  • Просто Кошка
    Просто КошкаDag siden

    I thought this was uncle fester

  • Zhanhu_Main24
    Zhanhu_Main24Dag siden

    Pretty sure the most dangerous man in history is Genghis Khan but ok...

  • mike davies
    mike daviesDag siden

    It was Jimmy Page who was into Crowley and bought his house, not Robert Plant

  • Reee Eeee
    Reee EeeeDag siden

    Did you say tongue cancer?

  • Brian C
    Brian CDag siden

    Is Sex Magick the same as Tantra? And some cultures did use hallucinagens as medicine. Pharmacy has its entomological origins in "sorcerer" I don't condone his behavior but I do see its origins....though with different intention.

  • Brian C
    Brian CDag siden

    The word cult can ironically be found in culture

  • Ibrahim Leadley

    Ibrahim Leadley

    Dag siden

    Er...yes, it's not ironic, it's English grammar...

  • Megachinima
    MegachinimaDag siden

    12:57 LOL. Nice reference.

  • Stephen Mendes
    Stephen MendesDag siden

    "The way of peace and happiness" they have not known...... after all his sex and drugs he has nothing to look forward to ........ the Child of God, on the other hand, though laughed and mocked by the world has a glorious future ....... and Jesus Christ who came to an "awful end" (humanly speaking) now rules the Universe forever ....... and the day will yet come when EVERY knee shall bow to HIS Authority both in heaven and earth.

  • C Francis
    C FrancisDag siden

    Irritating video, irritating manner, irritating ads.

  • Observation Deck
    Observation DeckDag siden

    That looks nothing like Bill Gates!

  • Nick Senkovs
    Nick SenkovsDag siden

    Stop th-fronting!!!

  • Robert Hanley Tortora
    Robert Hanley Tortora2 dager siden

    Great job man! You covered this one really well

  • hjalmar poelzig
    hjalmar poelzig2 dager siden

    Crowley wrote a great short story called The Testament of Magdalen Blair about a woman in psychic contact with her husband as his consciousness descends into the weird netherworld of death for several weeks after his physical demise.

  • Alec Foster
    Alec Foster2 dager siden

    All in all, probably still a better influence on the world than George Soros.

  • hjalmar poelzig
    hjalmar poelzig2 dager siden

    Thank you for pronouncing Crowley's name correctly-- with the vowel sound as in "crow' rather than as in "owl."

  • Jaymay
    Jaymay2 dager siden


  • Kayleigh Brown
    Kayleigh Brown2 dager siden

    I've been hearing about this guy all my life but I never knew he was a real person. Honestly beside the spiking drinks, using god to sleep with women and leaving people to die in the snow thing.....he seems pretty cool. RIP crazy wizard.

  • Sonja Morrison
    Sonja Morrison2 dager siden

    Not even by Half a heart beat the worst man ever

  • k odu
    k odu2 dager siden

    The most dangerous man is now in hell. He is now a believer. The lake of fire will come next.

  • stanley williams
    stanley williams2 dager siden

    Never using the peace sign again

  • Steven Colombo
    Steven Colombo2 dager siden

    I am glad to see somebody exposing the sickness and depravity of this devil but I stopped watching after you claimed Robert Plant bought Boleskine house. What is your goal is making such a statement?

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly2 dager siden

    Since you're British I would think you would pronounce 'Crowley' as 'Kraowlee'? After all that's how Ozzy Osbourne pronounces it in the song 'Mr. Crowley'.

  • Martin Kuliza
    Martin Kuliza2 dager siden

    I came here expecting to see AXL ROSE WTF ????

  • Harald Hofer
    Harald Hofer2 dager siden

    And what exactly now makes him "the most dangerous man in history"...? Especially compared to Hitler, Stalin or the like?

  • Ryan Indi Christiansen
    Ryan Indi Christiansen2 dager siden

    When you kept saying Crowley, all I keot thinking of was Antony J Crowley the fictional snake of the Garden of Eden and Demon of Hell from Pratchett and Gaimans universe. Bringer of the antichrist and all round good natured demon with principals and a a love for humanity.

  • Bob Holmes
    Bob Holmes2 dager siden

    None of us had ever heard of him before Ozzy Osbourne's debut solo album.

  • Jim McCarthy

    Jim McCarthy

    21 time siden never heard of Elvis Presley, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band, The Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithful, The Doors, Donovan, Hendrix, Joplin, Michael Caine, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Daryl Hall, Sting, the list goes on and on and on and on...

  • Charlotte Hardwick
    Charlotte Hardwick2 dager siden

    you're moustache is truly wonderful

  • Gooby Pls
    Gooby Pls2 dager siden

    Dude has too many comment settings

  • Marios Paparizos
    Marios Paparizos2 dager siden

    Fun fact: The Stalin monster is the reason Britain is not a Nazi colony and not their resisatnce as they were brainwashed to believe. If Nazis weren't beaten up on the east front, Nazis would have raised their flag on big ben. It was the red army that got in Berlin first, anyways.

  • Mike Stowers
    Mike Stowers2 dager siden

    I have not listen to the whole thing but he was George Bush’s grandfather. He was Barbara Bush daddy.

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers2 dager siden

    Umm that was Jimmy Page that bought his house.

  • Chris Leach
    Chris Leach2 dager siden

    More like a self obsessed selfish wanker

  • Tony Martinez
    Tony Martinez2 dager siden

    Jesus is the most dangerous man in history.

  • Armando Brown32
    Armando Brown322 dager siden

    Who knew Donald Trump’s biological father was such a character...

  • Jeff Spanton
    Jeff Spanton2 dager siden

    This video is obviously produced by the cult. Most powerful Magus. As we Don't. Sorry.

  • LiftedBuddha
    LiftedBuddha2 dager siden

    I let these videos autoplay and i was so shocked when i scrolled down and realised he was saying "thoughty2" not "42" lool

  • madfidler
    madfidler2 dager siden

    The Most Dangerous Man in History Was Tamu Jen, AKA Ghengis Khahn.

  • Junior Leslie

    Junior Leslie

    21 time siden

    Chairman Mao beat Ghengis Khan unfortunately. He dispatched 70 Million souls. All Chinese, but that doesn't change the evil; of him or his communist party of China.

  • ka9radio
    ka9radio2 dager siden

    My sister in law is worse then him.

  • Steve Stevenz
    Steve Stevenz2 dager siden

    what a fkn creep man.