Meet Paris' Secret Underground Society

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Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Jack Stevens


  • 7.62 X39
    7.62 X397 timer siden

    Sounds like it's most likely a government organization. Or at the very least government supported, funded, and populated.

  • Savannah Cheyenne Hurri
    Savannah Cheyenne Hurri8 timer siden

    Who else gets Persona 5 vibes from this video about a secret organization?

  • the funny nerve in your elbow
    the funny nerve in your elbowDag siden

    Imagine being a kid Trying to impress your friends, and in the process you make the coolest underground organization

  • Terry Fulds
    Terry FuldsDag siden

    Ux: tells security what their weaknesses are. Security: throws a tantrum and goes to the police. Police: are you here to tell us how bad you are at your job??? Gtfo of here!!!

  • Richard Mängelmann
    Richard MängelmannDag siden

    I mean the government must have a copy, why don't they just barricade the secret entrances. Ive never seen anyone so shit at following up on security measures haha

  • Arsen Skavin
    Arsen Skavin3 dager siden

    This is unreal. Wow.

  • dogbog99
    dogbog993 dager siden

    fascinating. I’m absolutely amazed at this story. Great topic, more like this please

  • Kate Held
    Kate Held3 dager siden

    This is the best thing I've watched on NOlocal - or anywhere - in a long time!

  • pleasejoe
    pleasejoe4 dager siden


  • FG Ó Conghaile
    FG Ó Conghaile5 dager siden

    I just realised your voice is so much deeper than when you started this show

  • Mahfuz Rahman
    Mahfuz Rahman5 dager siden

    So, Marauder's map?

  • Cj Cortez
    Cj Cortez5 dager siden

    Can we make a movie about their story?

  • Based Kaiser
    Based Kaiser5 dager siden

    The virgin art stealer vs The Chad Art Restorator.

  • Dhritiman Kakati
    Dhritiman Kakati6 dager siden

    1:28 did you say 'he' when talking about Marie Curie? Btw overall amazing videos 👍

  • ren san
    ren san6 dager siden

    Where do they get their budget from.... I'm confusion, only if money was that ez to have

  • Charlene Woods
    Charlene Woods6 dager siden

    The second bangle inadvertently arrest because fur climatologically continue an a threatening chance. crowded, amused cover

  • Ooftownroad365
    Ooftownroad3656 dager siden

    Please tell me there’s a movie or documentary about them.

  • Comrade
    Comrade7 dager siden

    I want a whole TV show of them pls

  • Jude Jones
    Jude Jones7 dager siden

    You mean the dead ones or nah?

  • Andrew Croft
    Andrew Croft7 dager siden

    As a white hat hacker we know all too well the joys of companies getting mad when you tell them how to fix stuff -.-

  • No One
    No One9 dager siden

    Well, going to Paris is not an easy part.... 1h by car... It's terrible

  • No One
    No One9 dager siden

    I love your french accent, it sounds so english

  • Weareallbeingwatched
    Weareallbeingwatched9 dager siden

    Liberté, égalité, fraternité

  • Heart Of The Forest
    Heart Of The Forest10 dager siden

    I wonder if Ben Stillers "Night At The Museum" was inspired by Les UX?

  • The Alright Tank Historian
    The Alright Tank Historian10 dager siden

    So they broke into the ministry of communication and the most interesting thing to them was "ooh a catacombs map!", not communication of corruption in the government that was covered up for years

  • mark baker
    mark baker11 dager siden

    Cat-a-cooms. Jesus.

  • JND 0630
    JND 063011 dager siden

    Strong Republicans making things happen.

  • Jeremy Thornton
    Jeremy Thornton12 dager siden

    We need people like that here in Toronto. Our government seems hell bent on obliterating our historical buildings in favour of modern development. Is there any wonder that many think the developers have politicians in their pockets? It's a crime.

  • Benjamin Carter
    Benjamin Carter13 dager siden

    The Pantheon admin sounds like a total douche.

  • The Grace Ministries
    The Grace Ministries13 dager siden

    This Deserves a movie

  • The Grace Ministries
    The Grace Ministries13 dager siden

    Hearing how the French despice the LES UX makes me wanna believe they're just full of pride

  • Mog X
    Mog X14 dager siden

    I went to Paris for my 21st birthday years and years ago and we had a midnight tour of the catacombs as they were entirely closed to the public then (not sure if they still are.). Fascinating video.

  • schamps
    schamps14 dager siden

    Psssst there is also a large group of urbexers in Lyon keeping an eye on the tunnels and stuff.... 👀 Just saying 👀

  • Dick McShan
    Dick McShan14 dager siden

    Very happy to see you are still plowing forward with your presentations! Cheers, Dick from Vancouver.

  • Vanz Who?
    Vanz Who?15 dager siden

    what is this? watchdogs?

  • holy_crusader515
    holy_crusader51516 dager siden

    2:42 what is this the US capital?

  • holy_crusader515
    holy_crusader51516 dager siden

    2:42 what is this the US capital?

  • Sean McGuire
    Sean McGuire16 dager siden

    I bet they have some pretty important people from Paris as members. Like higher up officials n historic registration types that know how much red tape they have to go through to get certain things done, when they can just sneak in n have it done faster. Restoration experts too, I bet

  • joe jones
    joe jones17 dager siden

    he can still be understood at 1.75 playback speed, it helps make up for the useless silliness he uses to make the vids take longer.

  • Mr. Panda
    Mr. Panda18 dager siden

    I did some research on this so called secret Paris secret society called the The urban experiment and it’s real it’s a real secret society this guy is telling the truth

  • schamps


    14 dager siden

    Don't worry, it's not the only one. 😉

  • Beatrix kiddo
    Beatrix kiddo18 dager siden

    Les UX : dumb kids who could've been rich .

  • Blaze It Ken
    Blaze It Ken18 dager siden

    These guys are basically the memelord equivalent of the illuminati.

  • Stark Urbex
    Stark Urbex18 dager siden

    Great video! 🔥🔥🔥

  • EssEff
    EssEff19 dager siden

    I was literally mesmerised by this video.. this is easily one of the best videos I’ve ever watched

  • You're the AI
    You're the AI19 dager siden

    "How dare these people repair a clock I was going to collect an insurance payment from!! I'm filing suit!" - That dude from Paris, probably

  • SoulDevoured
    SoulDevoured20 dager siden

    "he was afraid it would make him look incompetent." Well I mean it did and he was.

  • Verner Viana Gusmao
    Verner Viana Gusmao21 dag siden

    One of your nicest episodes, thanks mate.

  • Gmgl1981
    Gmgl198121 dag siden

    led UX are French heroes and the people who are supposedly in charge are not only incompetent idiots but criminal.

  • RyboBBurn
    RyboBBurn21 dag siden

    Underground Society = There's always that one guy that gives away the secret *Thoughty2 =*

  • Jeff The Ripper
    Jeff The Ripper22 dager siden

    So if those kids effortlessly broke french securities then there is no surprise how the Nazi invaded france so easily 😅

  • Brittany Coffman
    Brittany Coffman23 dager siden

    Just think what Fred and George Weasley could have done with this map.

  • Jaylen Duncan
    Jaylen Duncan24 dager siden

    Very assassins creed

  • CarthVader
    CarthVader24 dager siden

    I could listen to you allllll day...... Infact, I do now 😂

  • maze1234
    maze123424 dager siden

    A series about this would be fascinating

  • Timothy B
    Timothy B24 dager siden

    Well on the offside chance that a member of the Paris Secret Underground Society is watching I have fuck all reason to stay in the states and if college were cheaper I would be a physicist. I'm easy enough to contact and would have zero qualms ditching basically everything for a cause like this that is worthy. Hit me up if you wanna know more, I do have secure contact methods.

  • HeyItsTay
    HeyItsTay25 dager siden

    I wish I could be a part of les UX, I'm currently learning French, so maybe one day? I heard the sometimes have underground balls! Oh the dream!

  • Alien FromOuterSpace
    Alien FromOuterSpace25 dager siden

    This shit had me smiling so much it’s an amazing story

  • Leo Nidas
    Leo Nidas25 dager siden

    Ron Burgandy !!!!

  • JoeReviews4U Jordan
    JoeReviews4U Jordan26 dager siden

    Ok im convinced your saying 42 on purpose.

  • Jeffrey Larrabee
    Jeffrey Larrabee26 dager siden

    i just want to say that batman doesnt hospitalize a bunch of people or destroy a lot of property while hunting down bad guys. thats supermans schtick.

  • Swapshots
    Swapshots26 dager siden

    This story is so bizarre, it is beyond belief.!

  • Glen Graham
    Glen Graham26 dager siden

    Seems as if their officials are lazy and incompetent and are furious at this being made obvious and possibly forcing them to do some actual work, spoiling their cosy "jobs".

  • Bob Sana
    Bob Sana27 dager siden

    Pulsating nocturnal emission, that's a great name for a band

  • Stafford Campbell
    Stafford Campbell28 dager siden

    Our youth support BLM , Karl Marx and Antifa. French youth quietly restore French history.

  • Julian Langan-Fox
    Julian Langan-Fox29 dager siden

    Dead-set legends. Great episode.

  • Neferi Waenre
    Neferi Waenre29 dager siden

    i'm watching Thoughty2 after what? 5 years? Spooky. Well, tbh, i wouldn't rob a thing, i would just access them at night and watch them at peace. And go as far as saying that like Les Ux i would restore, protect and keep things as is, and discover more and more. Wouldn't even come up ever, but just make the underground my home, much like this dingy coop i call my room.

  • 1337fraggzb00N
    1337fraggzb00N29 dager siden

    The Pantheon Administration seems to be a bunch of dicks.

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny29 dager siden

    Lexus Nexus

  • Lorrayne
    Lorrayne29 dager siden

    We need a movie on this lol

  • Nader Rayyan
    Nader Rayyan29 dager siden

    Is there a movie about this yet?

  • jacqueline schael
    jacqueline schael29 dager siden

    It shows you that bureaucrats are morons regardless of nationality.

  • Erik N
    Erik NMåned siden

    That's the most kickass stuff I've ever heard of.

  • Ella Helton
    Ella HeltonMåned siden

    The French government going after Les UX is a shining example of government incompetence and a failure to protect those they should in favor of punishing those they shouldnt

  • Byte Me
    Byte MeMåned siden

    Yeah, they're real heroes, and you're a naïve dork.

  • Byte Me
    Byte MeMåned siden

    ISIS: Thanks for the info, Cletus.

  • Maikel van der pas
    Maikel van der pasMåned siden

    like Les Ux are the type of guys that would "break in" and clean your house and fix your broken stuff XD where do i sigh up

  • Soundless animations
    Soundless animationsMåned siden

    PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THOUGHTY1 IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rl h
    rl hMåned siden

    They don't care about the art because it's not real all the real stuff probably locked up somewhere and some rich person's house

  • rl h
    rl hMåned siden

    He was fired and she got his job lol

  • Rolando Inductivo
    Rolando InductivoMåned siden

    mischief managed

  • Sonja Morrison
    Sonja MorrisonMåned siden

    This has restored my faith in humanity. Thank you.

  • Rodrigo Pérez
    Rodrigo PérezMåned siden

    Boring. I was expecting some kinky shit from the french.

  • SunnySangria
    SunnySangriaMåned siden

    Now it is not secret 🗿

  • JZ's Best Friend
    JZ's Best FriendMåned siden

    Take away: Public servants don't like to be faced with the fact that they're lazy.

  • César Desimpel
    César DesimpelMåned siden

    1:55 that's not the Pantheon but "La Madeleine" ;)

  • gkm3838
    gkm3838Måned siden

    What a great story. Thanks for that.

  • Wayan Eve
    Wayan EveMåned siden

    Great job, finding stories like this. There are still good people in the world, apparently!

  • Contrapunctus XV
    Contrapunctus XVMåned siden

    Les UX are the heroes Paris needs but not the ones it deserves.

  • Kodex
    KodexMåned siden

    Les UX aka the assassin's creed syndicate

  • I'm bad with names
    I'm bad with namesMåned siden

    Are you sure you're not a member of les UX thoughtly?

  • Martin Antaya
    Martin AntayaMåned siden

    Hi! This was a good video, but the french pronunciation is... hmmm... So I decided to teach you how to pronounce french! It's easy, and since 50% of english vocabulary comes from french, you can amaze your friends by reading french menus in french restaurants (if they ever get re-opened... pandemic gone)! I hope it will be interesting for you and I will try my best to be as clear as possible. Let's start with vowels:"les voyelles" (lay voo-a-ee-el) a,e,i,o,u,y: (I'll put the consonants in parentheses meaning they are not pronounced) The french "a" is like (p)a(n) The french "e" is like e(rr...) or (bl)ur The french "i" is like the english letter "e" The french letter "o" is also the same in english The letter "u" is like the german "ü", start with an english "oo" like in (wh)o, move your mouth forward while making a smaller circle with your lips, then stick your tongue sligthly forward until you get the "u". The french letter "y" is called "i grec" (greck i). It usually makes the same sound as "i" in french like "Yéti", but in the middle of two vowels, it acts like two "i": one connecting to the previous vowel and the second to the next (like in "voyage" (voo-a-ya-jj) or "pays" (pay-ee) wich means country (like England or France, etc.) By putting vowels together, you can create new sounds: "oi" sounds like the english "oo-a", like in wa(gon), wha(t), wa(tt), etc. "ou" makes the english "oo" like in "(wh)o" "ai" makes the sound "ay" like in (h)ay, (h)ey, (p)ay "eau" makes the sound "o". ("eau" also means water, "les eaux" is the waters: pronounce the latter "lay-zo", as the "x" marking plural is silent, and the "s" ending the first word is connected ("lié") to the next word: most often, words that end with consonants get their last letter pronounced when the next word begins with a vowel, because it is easier for the flow of speach and is considered "plus beau" (plü bo), wich means litteraly "more cute", nicer). "au" also makes the sound "o". French also uses diacritics, called "accents" (pronounce "ak-san" without making the last "n" be heard, I'll get into these sounds with consonants below, but you can think of the english "ant" without making the "t". I can tell you now that most words finishing with "s" or "es", wich mark plural and feminine plural respectively, or "ent" wich usually marks the 3rd person plural tense of a verb, are not pronounced: since here "accent" is not a verb, we pronounce the "en" (same sound as "an") but not the last "ts" since the last "t" is silent and the "s" marking plural is also silent). Don't worry if you find it confusing first, you'll get used to it by reading words aloud and listening to them (you can try google translate for instance) as there are exceptions. The french "é" is called "e accent aigu" ("ak-san" like before and "aigu" pronounced "ay-gü" with the french "u"). Because the second word starts with a vowel sound, you would say "ak-sa(n)-tay-gü". The french "è", called "e accent grave" (pronounce "gravv") makes the sound "(h)ai(r)" or "ai(r)", sounds like the word "est" wich the verb "to be" in 3rd person singular. To differenciate with "est" the cardinal point (east), we pronounce all three letters. E.g.: "il est allé à l'est" (he went to the east): eel-lay-ta-lay-awe-lest. The french "ê" is called "e accent circonflexe" (seer-ko(n)-flex, withouth the n being heard) and makes a longer, lingering "è", like in "la fête" (party, anniversary) pronounced "la fai(r)-tt" but don't pronounce the "r"). The same goes for "â" wich makes a longer "a" but also tends to alter the sound from the short french "a" (a(t)) or (c)a(t)) to a wider and fatter sound (the word "awe" in english is pretty close). Then the "à" is a very accute and short "a". The sentence "il est tombé à l'eau" (he fell into water) would be pronounced: "eel-lay-to(n)-bay-al-lo". The "accent aigu" is not used on the letter "a", and the both "accent aigu" and "accent grave" are not used on "o" or "i" in french words, although some french words coming from other langages use it. The "ô" is basically a "o" sound but longer like the english "oh" The "Î" has the same sound as "i", it is seen primarily in conjunction of "o" to make the "wah" english sound: "il croît" (he grows or it grows) is pronounced "eel-kroo-wa", or with "a" to make the sound "è": "il connaît" (he or it knows), pronounced "eel-ko-ne(st)" (the last word "nest" without pronouncing the last "st"). Then the sounds harder to pronounce in english, I mentioned earlier: a vowel followed by a consonant: "an", "on": the first is like the english word "ant" but you wouldn't pronounce the "t", the second the word "on" but without pronouncing the "n". "in" is a middle sound between "an" and "i", I cannot think of any english parallel. Try making the "an" first, then opening your mouth wider towards the "i". "Hein?" (figuratively: What?) is pronounced the same as the french "in", like in "bassin" (bass (the fish) - "in" french) or "sein" (breast, bosom), so "in" or "ein" sound the same in french words. "oeu" or "eu" is like the english "(bl)ur", pronounced like in "meilleurs voeux!" (best wishes!): "May-yer-ver" would sound approximate. The "x" at end of words is usually silent (with exceptions "ex" meaning the same as english, "tex mex", maybe a few others) as it marks a plural. Now for the consonants, it's easy: most of them are pronounced the same in words, with the letters pronounciation being different: "b" sounds like "bay" "c" sounds like "say", sometimes pronounced like "s" and sometimes like "k": pretty much like the english rules, with the exception of "ç" called "c cédille", I hope your browser shows it properly, wich always makes the sound "s" "d" sounds like "day" "f" is the same "g" sounds like "jay" but DON'T pronounce the percussive "d" of the english "j" "h" sounds like "hash" "j" sounds like "gee" but DON'T pronounce the percussive "d" of the english "g" "k" sounds like "ka" "l" sounds like "el" "m" is the same "n" is the same "p" sounds like "pay" "q" sounds like "kü" (with the french "u"), the word "cul" (bottom, ass) sounds exactly alike (like in "cul-de-sac", a dead-end) "r" sounds like "(h)air" with the first "ai" being light (like "è") and the last "r" rolling a bit "s" sounds the same "t" sounds like "tay", and the word "thé" (tea) sounds the same "v" sounds like "vay" "w" is pronounced "double v" (doo-blur-vay) "x" sounds like "iks" "z" sounds like "zed" Now you can read french aloud and pronounce it like a real frenchman! Ho là là! Your friends will be in total amazement and ask you "you speak french, now?" and you can answer "no, I just read it" :-) But like I mentionned above, about 50% of english vocabulary stemming from the french langage, and both sharing roots with latin, If you see a word like "oxygène", well, guess what it is?😉 I think it's obvious here, and I personally don't have problems with reading english texts with more sophisticated words, them being almost identical to the french ones: it is rather the common basic words, especially "slangs" that I am not knowledgable of. Of course, french has many exceptions, and I didn't get into grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and even considering all diaspora of french speaking communities and countries having a lot of differenciations (accents, regionalisms, tones, speed, etc), making it harder sometimes to communicate, it may take a while to fully master its pronounciation, but I hope if you read up to now that you learned something and that you are already practicing... Au revoir!

  • Louis Lacassagne
    Louis LacassagneMåned siden

    Lol ^^ Les catacombes de paris sont connues depuis tres tres longtemps (par les français, sa reste notre pays et notre histoire). Et il est normal que le plan des catacombes ne soit pas connue de tous, imaginez le bordel que se serait si la moitié des touristes de la surface allaient se perdre sous terre. Ce qui me fait rire c'est qu'il y a aucune source à ce document et sans surprise se sont des anglophones qui commentent et partagent la video. Sa ferait un bon film pour Netflix US qui s'ef3force de niquer l'histoire des pays non anglophone afin de promouvoir leur propre histoire et patrimoine. Anglophone traduisez j'ai la flemme.

  • ツ Dymnet
    ツ DymnetMåned siden

    damn this sound really fun.

  • Frederic Juliard
    Frederic JuliardMåned siden


  • ꧁DunkMaster Funk꧂
    ꧁DunkMaster Funk꧂Måned siden

    The guy who left the only map in the middle of the catacombs was a OG troll

  • Le Gentilhomme de Fortune
    Le Gentilhomme de FortuneMåned siden

    I've spent a part of my teenhood (70's) exploring catacombs with friends , It was great ! wild parties on sat. nights surrounded by bones , sometime interrupted by police raids , mud , rats , being lost for a while following a self inspired "guide" , fake maps , horror stories , great memories ... nowadays , it's really hard to get in lot of cops and concrete walls....

  • Fr. Shawn Dwayne Blankenship
    Fr. Shawn Dwayne BlankenshipMåned siden

    And I submit to you, In case of both the mysteries of Cicada 3301, and Lex Ux. A recruiting group of Cicada (Living "Underground" as you will in secret feeding and staying hidden, while "recruiting other members in code based diagrams" Where does a Cicada live? In a tunnel under ground. The Lex Ux have complete and utter knowledge of many hidden paths designs and complex diagrams. The Lex Ux, seek out and have grown by numbers according to this video. The Lex Ux wanted to remain a secrete so, when the winner of the Cicada 3301 reveled their secrete knowledge they knew he couldn't be trusted because they are searching for someone to keep their whereabouts a secrete. Let the juror think on this one.

  • Bastien A.
    Bastien A.Måned siden

    Great Stuff. Just Breguet is a Swiss brand. Cheers

  • Apocalypse Meow
    Apocalypse MeowMåned siden

    Urban Explorers know where the Hardened buildings or tunnels are and will be the ones who survive the Nuclear Holocaust, some just by the fact that they’re exploring when the nukes go off...

  • Kristi McGowan/ Darko’s Cellar Door
    Kristi McGowan/ Darko’s Cellar DoorMåned siden

    Apparently the French government officials in charge of taking care of their important relics are all complete morons!!!! 🤷‍♀️ Cheers