Is There a Lost Continent Beneath Japan?

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Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British NOlocalr and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos about science, tech, history, opinion and just about everything else.
Writing: Bevan Rees
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Script Development: Steven Rix


  • KillerFleet
    KillerFleet45 minutter siden

    Ever consider shaving em beard 42

  • Lee Takamiya
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  • Kendall Guier
    Kendall GuierTime siden

    I feel this place is just an ancient stone quarry for other Monument

  • Music lover
    Music loverTime siden

    The thing about arguing the structure is natural because it is one solid stone is simply supplemental evidence at best. Especially when you can go to Africa and India and find entrance cultures that are also carved out of a single rock. Some from the top down. It’s not too crazy to think that these people built their homes and civilization into the rock instead of on top of it

  • Music lover
    Music loverTime siden

    Honestly some of these claims like the garden of Eden one are a bit much but this does match up with multiple accounts from throughout the centuries of people. Also if Atlantis was destroyed buy a rapid change in water level It would make sense that other places felt that and similar issues as well. What’s interesting about this account is there are some Polynesian stories of Hawaiians leaving to a place that sounds like Alaska or the arctic and then returning many years later after the disaster.

  • Patrick Neill
    Patrick Neill2 timer siden

    TO THE PUNITENTIARY !!!! 😅😂🤣 Peace Love & Groovies 😎

  • Mayur
    Mayur2 timer siden

    Just a guess what if Australia and Zea landia combined makes MU. . .this is the 1st i am hearing MU

  • 蛇新しい
    蛇新しい3 timer siden

    Heyyy 42 here

  • ForestSongUnLTD
    ForestSongUnLTD4 timer siden

    The bit about the stactites i hadnt heard yet. This means that the place was above ground during the neolithic age. I always thought the thing looked like a quarry.

  • Emma Jouet
    Emma Jouet4 timer siden

    I like you very much thoughty2 but dont diss the Hancock. he is a legend.

  • Itz Zhirth
    Itz Zhirth4 timer siden

    This voice: The face: No.

  • Martin Gradwell
    Martin Gradwell5 timer siden

    11:47 ".. accumulate over millennia which means stalactites can only form in caves that are above ground so if you find stalactites in a cave system under the ocean they can be dated to give you a precise point in history when the cave was last on dry land". Really? How does that work? Surely the length of the stalactites can only give you an idea of how long it took them to form, not how long ago it was when that formation took place. A stalactite that is 50mm long, say, will still be 50mm long a million years later if nothing is happening during those million years which would add to or subtract from the length.

  • kimonryu1
    kimonryu15 timer siden

    Fascinating topic.. I was hoping it was the remains of an ancient civilization but probably most likely a natural phenomenon. And it doesnt help the fact that Kimura seems like a quack.

  • RJ Weissenborn
    RJ Weissenborn6 timer siden

    The lost continent is Africa when the Sahara went from green to desert. We just mistranslate what people wrote back then and think “sea” is referring to a sea of water but it’s actually referring to the sea of sand that swallowed up an entire land mass that was once green and habitable 12,000 years ago

  • sloma111
    sloma1117 timer siden

    Bott, it was moch different accent.

  • Daniel Vukovic
    Daniel Vukovic9 timer siden

    Is it really so improbable that a coastal city was swallowed by the ocean thousand of years ago?? I mean, the 2010 tsunami that mangled Indonesia should be evidence enough. I'm no geologist, but Nothing about Yonaguni says "naturally formed structure" to me.

  • Locke Voltaire
    Locke Voltaire10 timer siden

    Except that we recently did find another continent, Zealandia. But don't let that get in your way. And you are forgetting the size of the Pacific, its larger than all the continents combined. In other words, you are complete shit.

  • Bryan Barcelo
    Bryan Barcelo14 timer siden

    Pseudo scientists you say? "in a paper by geologist Dr. Robert M. Schoch... , which deals with scientific investigations of the weathering and erosion, and in which Schoch concluded that the vertical erosion was caused by water erosion the carving of the Sphinx". Geo

  • Critical Thinker
    Critical Thinker15 timer siden

    Time for the mustache to go.. just doesn’t fit your face.. also it’s not 1975

  • SDW
    SDW16 timer siden

    Dude take the video down you're leaking the next big anime

  • Eduardo Vallejo
    Eduardo Vallejo16 timer siden

    Its Ridiculously obvious that its not a natural formation... And Thoughty... Have you seen a doc on the Sphynx..... The Erosions and depth pf the structure are just absurdly apparent... Geology does not lie... There's just too many pathetic -scholars- with cognitive dissonance out there... You seemed a little squared on this video... Are you...?

  • Daniel Buffalo
    Daniel Buffalo16 timer siden

    gobekli tepe. ..

  • Taylor Kilduff
    Taylor Kilduff17 timer siden

    The Sphinx hypothesis is accurate they’re not pseudo anything

  • Jonathan Hail
    Jonathan Hail17 timer siden

    Hey thoughty, I like your videos but have noticed one thing. I'm sure your intention is to present the facts and let your viewers develop their opinions but I've seen a few videos this one included where the way in which you present the information, has a decent impact on in almost saying outright what to believe. It's a slight condescending tone that makes the information you don't agree with sound silly and bullshit. Just thought you might want to know. Thanks for the hard work and keep making your videos. 👍

  • maura farr
    maura farr19 timer siden

    it’s 1 am and i can’t sleep so now i’m watching this

  • Anthony Neary
    Anthony Neary19 timer siden

    I listened to a lot of graham hancock before realizing he has zero credentials. He always makes the argument that other archeologists have an interest in seeing these theories shot down because it would disrupt the mainstream, but fails to mention that truly he’s just a hack.I believe other opinions are valuable, but you have to have credentials, otherwise your just like a flat earther..

  • Herr Schmidt
    Herr Schmidt19 timer siden

    so basically the secret cow level

  • Johann Kok
    Johann Kok20 timer siden

    I think you're a bit unfair towards Graham Hancock - don't fall into the trap of academic pride and narrow mindedness.

  • Jazz Ritter
    Jazz Ritter20 timer siden

    Thank you! I love your videos so much. They hit the spot

  • Simon Kim
    Simon Kim21 time siden

    thoughty2 is propaganda

  • Kyle Johnston
    Kyle Johnston23 timer siden

    Wow! You know the Giants causeway was made by Finn McCool, right?

  • T4C0
    T4C023 timer siden

    Love this channel but I would ask that you do further research into the "pseudoscientists" work as they have very credible research.

  • FerdDoesWeirdThingsInLife
    FerdDoesWeirdThingsInLife23 timer siden

    Wait, Taiwan?

  • TheEyez187
    TheEyez18723 timer siden

    There is an underwater continent called Doggerland in the southern North sea which Mesolithic peoples on between 9 and 6,000BCE.

  • Richard Mängelmann
    Richard MängelmannDag siden

    Thats probably where anime girls come from. But also, I don't understand how Egyptians could come from there? Thats a bit weird. I don't necessarily support the theory anyways that civilizations with pyramid shaped buildings somehow had contact. People around the world can have the same ideas for things, always have and still do.

  • J Rivas
    J RivasDag siden

    I thought Sunderland was a p*rnstar

  • Good Times
    Good TimesDag siden

    Looks manmade to me, but has to be proven that it is, not just guesses and wild claims without proof lol.

  • Krishna Bellani
    Krishna BellaniDag siden

    The drowning was obviously caused by carbon emissions from coal and gas energy, 19,000-6,000 years ago

  • Kevin Mannix
    Kevin MannixDag siden

    Why is it in these programmes that they never mention the real numbers , Like the split in genetics to us was 10 million years ago , We have been here as humans for around 200,000 years,. we have no proof and never will have of what our ancestors were capable of, There is an ICE age every 63,000 years that covers the northern hemi sphere , so that means we have lived through 4 ice ages as modern humans, Everything we have built today would all be gone and nothing left after 3000 years (we don't build in granite)

  • Riley Cooper
    Riley CooperDag siden

    Graham Hancock is a genius and goat take notes watch his joe rogan interview

    VOLT GAMINGDag siden

    Me watching this in japan, Looks at the ground

  • Cockie Poopie
    Cockie PoopieDag siden

    Also get rid of that beard my nigga

  • Cockie Poopie
    Cockie PoopieDag siden

    Like it makes me cringe.

  • Cockie Poopie
    Cockie PoopieDag siden

    You pronounce the most random words in the weirdest ways

  • Eilaithen Harvey
    Eilaithen HarveyDag siden

    Do a video on goebekli tepe

  • bing bong
    bing bongDag siden

    I feel like you did Graham Hancock a little dirty with this one. He doesn't claim to have any education in archeology, he's a writer and a journalist and he makes that very clear in his writing.

  • Kvart Lapp
    Kvart LappDag siden

    I love the books of Graham Hancock, and I want to believe in his theories of lost civilizations

  • kricketcraze EXCO
    kricketcraze EXCODag siden

    Although the sphynx does show signs of water errosion

  • Spider Seven
    Spider SevenDag siden

    If humans knew about the site, it could have become a place a worship for one sect or another given its impressive appearance. As for not finding relics there, it could have gained an evil or mystic reputation and became a place to steer clear of.

  • Jason Cook
    Jason CookDag siden

    Wow this is an annoying video so many miss pronunciations and John Anthony west and gram Hancock do more investigation work then you would ever do so I wouldn't down play there contribution to the field cuz more and more evidence is pointing to them being right and mighty big of you to down play a dead man's lifes work rest in peace john Anthony west


    The Sphinx is older than 5000 years- painfully obvious since the corrupt politics of Egypt try to hide that and for decades refuse to let people prove it more

  • Some Dandy
    Some DandyDag siden

    I actually think Schoch and Hancock are on to something with their Ancient Sphinx theory. For one. The head of the Pharaoh is REALLY small compared to the lion body beneath. Secondly: the Sphinx was buried in sand until Napoleon, so the erosion on the Sphinx was likely not caused by long-term wind exposure. And third (more of a cool tidbit): The Sphinx faces the point in the sky where the spring equinox rises, and if the lion were built as a statue to Leo, that may imply that the equinox sun rose in the Leo constellation, implying it was built during the Age of Leo, putting it roughly 10,000 years back.

  • General Blorp
    General BlorpDag siden

    More imagination than evidence has been surfaced there, unfortunately.

  • kalandorl
    kalandorlDag siden

    Not to be that guy, but if you're going to talk about a person with a Japanese name, you should really learn how to pronounce it before making a video.

  • Victor Moss
    Victor MossDag siden

    This guy is a condescending choad.

  • Dudeist Preist
    Dudeist PreistDag siden

    We did have summer and other civilizations from just about then. It's not impossible but not very likely either.

  • Paul Quaife
    Paul QuaifeDag siden

    Mu is debatable but the sphinx is definitely much older. The reason Egypt dont except it is they veiw their country as the 1st big civilization. But places like gobekli tepi prove that we have been around, building stuff for much longer

  • Disent Design
    Disent DesignDag siden

    10:50 so Professor Shoch is only "pseudo-scientist" when his theories go against the mainstream? but when his theories are inline with established theories, well then lets use his opinions as evidence! convenient.

  • Disent Design
    Disent DesignDag siden

    8:50 is 8-10 thousand years ago really considered long before human civilizations first appeared? maybe you've heard of gobekli tepe?

  • Tecuseh Komet
    Tecuseh KometDag siden

    All of the pacific islands are pieces of mu including hawaii

  • Tiago Esteves
    Tiago EstevesDag siden

    "oh...t's not a new continent? then it's Yamatai! It's something I swear! " People really go to LENGTHS just to be famous

  • rhys marshall
    rhys marshallDag siden

    Why do some people pronounce the g in hanging

  • Charlie Dallachie
    Charlie DallachieDag siden

    It looks like an ancient structure or something but I don’t see much logic to it. No steps or structures, chambers etc.. the sharp angles make it look man made and It really is confusing because why would geology create that.

  • David S
    David SDag siden

    I usually like your videos but you leave out a lot of well known data that I doubt you overlooked, rather more likely omitted to make Schock and Hancock look like idiots and confirm your own bias. I doubt you've read any literature from either of them, as it's very well put together, well referenced and makes strong arguments for civilization being much older than is academically accepted. Kind of a bummer and I'm not going to be as likely to click on your next video

  • R Henry
    R HenryDag siden

    I love the "but bro, Joe Rogan" dip shits in the comments.

  • Patrick_Doh
    Patrick_DohDag siden

    This again? Please someone kill me!

  • DrGonzo
    DrGonzoDag siden

    A guy that can’t even pronounce Maya correctly, pooping on Hancock, West and Schoch...oh boy the internet has really outdone itself today.

  • James Willauer
    James WillauerDag siden

    Nothing on the natural sea floor looks like that.

  • Zar-bb
    Zar-bbDag siden

    West and Hankcock one day decide to get high and read some One piece and decided ' there must be a island under the ocean' LOL

  • Mat hew
    Mat hewDag siden

    Why did you use stock footage of a medical doctor when you said the archeological community was skeptical?

  • The Blake Cobb Pod
    The Blake Cobb PodDag siden

    Dissing the Late Anthony West. Bummer

  • Chris Martin
    Chris MartinDag siden

    Robert Schock has a PHD you fucking hack... do you even have a BA ?? His theories in Egypt have been validated

  • 3RAN7ON
    3RAN7ONDag siden

    Schoch's theory on on the age of the Sphinx isn't so much about the water erosion on it, but rather the erosions on the enclosure around the Sphinx

  • Frank Harris
    Frank HarrisDag siden

    Shock is absolutely right about the rain erosion of the sphinx. Any geologist will say the same.

  • ░KenLinx░
    ░KenLinx░Dag siden

    Mu unquestionably does not exist, but that does not mean that Japan wasn't far larger thousands of years ago--so that Japanese archeologist may have referred to that land mass as Mu.

  • Robsim
    RobsimDag siden

    It couldn't possibly be the establishment refusing to accept new evidence because of ego and a career built upon a ideology that would be destroyed if Hancock, Carlson and Shock being correct!

  • Who spilled My beans
    Who spilled My beansDag siden

    Everything that is provable by science now was once improvable back then, so you never know

  • William H
    William HDag siden

    “Mayan” is pronounced (mai) (yan).

  • Who spilled My beans
    Who spilled My beansDag siden

    I guess muu is a place in history our society doesn’t want us to know about

  • Brad Lester
    Brad LesterDag siden

    So basically you mean polynesia

  • Who spilled My beans
    Who spilled My beansDag siden

    This man found atlantis

  • Squid Master
    Squid MasterDag siden

    You sure went out of your way to make west/schoch/hancock sound like nuts.

  • Mystery ManLA
    Mystery ManLADag siden

    Er.......ever heard of Gobekli Tepe? Clearly not. Old boy.

  • Joseph
    JosephDag siden

    What a condescending and racist video.

  • Hinrikhoe
    HinrikhoeDag siden

    your worst video so far I'm afraid. Most of your other videos are really good.

  • dannooooooo
    dannooooooo2 dager siden

    I want to say it is an ancient monument, but, without actually going there and seeing it, who really knows. some of those shots are convincing and some are convincingly nothing. with the currents deteriorating it though, its hard to say

  • tomhead666
    tomhead6662 dager siden

    could of been remains of an old stone quarry...

  • Juan / Redpowerangeee2
    Juan / Redpowerangeee22 dager siden


  • Salahuddin Muhammad
    Salahuddin Muhammad2 dager siden

    I look forward to Future developments and new information as this is truly amazing. I've known about it for a while but watching this video was a great reminder. Future Generations will know much more about this than we will

  • loganbaileysfunwithtrains
    loganbaileysfunwithtrains2 dager siden

    Could be a structure from when humans were forced to migrate to the far corners of the earth after God confused their tongue and buried the Tower of Babel, sure you might not want to believe the religious part of the story but look at how the stepped pyramid matches other “stepped pyramids” from around the world there was at some point in pre history where humans lived together in relatively close proximity where they built common structures, this sunken city could be from that time of mass migration

  • zero fuks
    zero fuks2 dager siden

    @thoughty2!! So Me and a fren was chillin in the clouds, then a thought came across us!! Who created bread? Bread is either created by GOD or Adam the first man, right? 😂😂😂

  • Janet Graham-Russell
    Janet Graham-Russell2 dager siden

    God I hate that caveman stock footage.

  • BanriGs
    BanriGs2 dager siden

    3000 years ago the more you go back in time, the more civilization was advanced

  • leemus1966
    leemus19662 dager siden

    Nothing like a biased narrator

  • Fred Shred
    Fred Shred2 dager siden

    MSM spawn spews out the usually bunk.

  • Fossum
    Fossum2 dager siden

    I truly wonder the level of anger schoch was experiencing when he realized his time was being wasted for a rock at the bottom the ocean. 😂

  • Amanda Atkins
    Amanda Atkins2 dager siden

    Love Thoughty2. Hate this video. Love the comment section.

  • Vincent Hildebrand
    Vincent Hildebrand2 dager siden

    Possible proof the land sank suddenly, and only a few thousand years ago. If true it changes lots.

  • Martin Sonne
    Martin Sonne2 dager siden

    Could you look on The missing 300 year of history from The facts that tell its true? There is a lot of explenation of why it is not true.... but What about The evidence of why it might be true? Love your Channel, humor and style!

  • Gorilla Cheeks
    Gorilla Cheeks2 dager siden

    Just like every paradigm throughout history, it’s always taken people brandished as pseudoscientists or worse to truly bring forth a change in mainstream belief. Regarding our ancient past, we truly know so little, and our mainstream archeologists tend to base their findings off of very little evidence and have theories full of massive holes. I strongly suggest looking into the works of Graham Hancock such as magicians of the gods and you will get a better picture of the reality of how our past is much different than we recognize. Check out the channel Uncharted X. Ben goes into detail on these topics of ancient history that many naively play out to be simple pseudoscience. The younger dryas impact event was what caused that massive rise in sea level you speak of, not gradual sea level rise. Whether Yonoguni is manmade or not, you need to look deeper into this topic. Being the academic that you are, you’ll be astounded by the true lack of thought that these mainstream archaeologists put forth to come to many of these conclusions we consider fact today. Far too often academia likes to go in with a closed mind and inability to consider that their theory on our past may be wrong as well. A conversation needs to be had, but academic close mindedness is in the way of that. Don’t add to it, look deeper