How the Real Men in Black Have Been Hiding in Plain Sight

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Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British NOlocalr and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos about science, tech, history, opinion and just about everything else.
Writing: David Elliott
Editing: Matt Murray
Script Development: Steven Rix


  • Thoughty2
    Thoughty22 måneder siden

    Thanks for watching and don't forget to try Private Internet Access and get your 77% discount and 3 months free!

  • Paul Ferris

    Paul Ferris

    2 dager siden

    Thanks for doing it yourself. Does that mean you're a legend or fool? Fasicious question. 🤔😲🤣😂

  • Steve Miller

    Steve Miller

    8 dager siden

    Men In Black represent government agents who look after and look out for Monsters and Aliens as well as enemies of the state now these are names that are found in the blacks law dictionary. That define our person defined as a corporate fiction in commerce AKA our straw man. Look it up do your homework! chop! chop!

  • Stephen Spencer

    Stephen Spencer

    16 dager siden

    Yeah because Private Internet Access hasn't had a data breach not that secure

  • Kevin Wilmore

    Kevin Wilmore

    18 dager siden

    @Aidan McFerris The Galactic Federation and The Interdimensional Association of Free World's are the two main groups. You also have the "The Feline Hominid Christos Beings" Also known as the "The Lion Beings" I am assuming they are stationed some where between our planet and the Moon " They are interdimensional. I am only assuming this for other reason I care not to discuss.

  • Aidan McFerris

    Aidan McFerris

    18 dager siden

    So much for, "We come in peace!" More like, We come in pieces! LOL! Actually, the majority of them are peaceful and in this area of the universe, the ones that are peaceful are part of the Galactic Federation. In fact, they have been VERY busy on and around Earth as of late. They are currently, FINALLY engaging in the "Disclosure Project"! Exciting times these! There are currently MANY ENORMOUS ships literally parked in our skies! They are EXTREMELY cautious in their approach to it. (I cannot over state this). It has taken FOREVER to get to this point! They have been there "cloaked" as clouds. But, if you begin to take notice of them (there are videos and pics all over), you will notice that over time, these odd ship-looking "clouds" are taking on a clearer and clearer form every day. They are now at a point where, in some, we are beginning to be able to see the shape of the actual windows! They are incredibly concerned not to cause ANY trauma or harm to any humans during this process! So, if you've been waiting, and dont want to miss anything...its time to begin watching! YT channel "MrMBB333" always has great pics and videos and more on his site! CHEERS! #LoveandLight

  • Rob Havock
    Rob Havock2 timer siden

    Hello, it's probably better not to speak about ufo,s if you ever see them, the stress and confusion of trying to figure out what they are is not easy to deal with, my advice is to watch these very interesting presentations, but to them who know maybe secrecy is best.

  • Allan Walsh
    Allan Walsh7 timer siden

    OSI reminds me spy kids o.s.s

  • Lita The Songstress
    Lita The Songstress13 timer siden

    *Giggles* Oh, so I really was right this whole time...

  • Culture Breath
    Culture Breath14 timer siden

    I love the jokes you make in your videos! 🤣🥰

  • Kasumi Fu

    Kasumi Fu

    7 timer siden

    A well proven and established formula. One may utter any sentence and then just end it with LOL.

  • yanyan zhang
    yanyan zhang21 time siden

    I pulled out sunglasses as soon as he got the call just to play along with the joke because I knew it was coming.

  • Charles Price
    Charles Price2 dager siden

    The original MIB comes from the the compulsion government agents had for wearing the same thing, from IRS to FBI. Wanting a uniform, but having no imagination, they adopted the respectable businessman attire of the early 50's: black suit, white shirt, dark indiscript tie. And, the government thought it was a good idea too, and made it mandatory. They love the uniformity. Result: If you want to be taken seriously, wear a tie. If you want to be unapproachable, make the suit black. No one does mind games with less imagination than the government.

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul2 dager siden

    Does anyone else think 9 and 11 sound like a doctor who episode where the ninth and eleventh doctors join forces and end up being mistaken for men in black

  • Robert Ochido
    Robert Ochido2 dager siden

    Why are UFO sightings only in America? Never heard of sightings in say Africa?

  • Theodore Burt
    Theodore Burt2 dager siden

    i love the pia

  • Phil Schuler
    Phil Schuler3 dager siden

    Regarding the picture...if this has been debunked why did number 9 and number 11 show up and bother the guy that took the picture.

  • Daniel Keith
    Daniel Keith3 dager siden

    Thats strange, usually I memorize all of the information thoughty2 give in the information, but I have watched this video 4 times and I can't remember a word that he has said.

  • aslı demirağ
    aslı demirağ3 dager siden

    Number 10 :))))) !

  • Keith Dutcher
    Keith Dutcher3 dager siden

    Well I just got to the majestic 12 an your saying it’s a lie but over a year ago declassified files show it was a real thing

  • John Garbarini
    John Garbarini4 dager siden

    MIB are rumored, also, to be re-animated corpses, taken over by higher intelligences.

  • W. Devarien
    W. Devarien4 dager siden

    There is no lip under his mustache. Only more facts.

  • AZ Battle School
    AZ Battle School4 dager siden

    I got something for a MIB . So their ass better come with some manners and some answers

  • Paws n Claws
    Paws n Claws5 dager siden

    Come on....the figure behind the girl was not a was her mother facing her daughter backwards with her hand on her hip...seriously ???

  • Sphesihle Cele
    Sphesihle Cele5 dager siden

    Anyone notice that he changes shirts and cross belts 🤔

  • Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers
    Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers5 dager siden


  • Breath OfLife
    Breath OfLife5 dager siden


  • okay it's justin
    okay it's justin5 dager siden

    I'll call trump to tell him thoughty 2,s alien investigation because the government are aliens

  • phil clarke
    phil clarke5 dager siden

    I'm pretty sure that broc is a osi agent in venture bros so your kinda not right when u say they don't have their own animated TV sho

  • Cristian Cezane
    Cristian Cezane5 dager siden

    What about Bob Lazar? :)

  • Papayamations
    Papayamations5 dager siden

    Like they said, "Securing the bad ones and Protecting the good ones". Any guesses on what this is?

  • Egill Skallagrímsson Berserker
    Egill Skallagrímsson Berserker6 dager siden


  • happy day
    happy day6 dager siden

    I have problem after 10 finished cold beers all spin around me and I see aliens around me and alien women in pub are for factor 10 more beautiful. I think I must get man in black number

  • Kase Bounds
    Kase Bounds6 dager siden

    NOlocal really have a platform for any and every person in the world with a lisp to force people to listen to them. 😑

  • Charles CO
    Charles CO6 dager siden

    You're playing their game

  • Tony Black
    Tony Black6 dager siden

    Private Internet Access is less than free dollars a month?

  • Raven Ravella
    Raven Ravella6 dager siden

    "Worked a treat".........a keeper!

  • Raven Ravella
    Raven Ravella6 dager siden

    OW!!! XD

  • Pazzaria T.V.
    Pazzaria T.V.6 dager siden

    I LOVE the end! ROTFL! :-D

  • LifeIsMatrix
    LifeIsMatrix7 dager siden

    That was the dog Form John wick !!!

  • Nowl Wane
    Nowl Wane7 dager siden

    The scariest thing is that the heavy hitters know where we are.



  • Graybeard
    Graybeard7 dager siden

    Heeyyy 42 here

  • COZCA Media
    COZCA Media7 dager siden

    They are genetically modified and lab created humans which Reptilians use to transfer their consciousness into

  • A. K.
    A. K.8 dager siden

    20 minutes talking about MiB, UFOs, government conspiracies, Dan Akroyd, the truth - and no mention of The X FIles? NOT EVEN ONCE in a sidenote??? That can only mean one thing: The X Files were the real deal and the Lone Gunmen are still out there collecting evidence....

    BLACK WINGS8 dager siden

    How to get infinite views: 1-make a vid about UFOs 2-Erase their memory of it. 3-they watch the vid over and over again. 4-PROFIT!

  • Misty Price
    Misty Price8 dager siden

    Interesting about the magic lamp in the osi badge 📛 after all there have been magic lamps still burning oil in dark places that hadn't been visited in years at least! I have been curious about that oil myself. CBD or Hemp oil or olive oil???

  • Pat Mullarkey
    Pat Mullarkey8 dager siden

    If it is a hoax, then the dog didn't die? Or did he kill his dog and blame it on UFOs?

  • jordan guerrero
    jordan guerrero8 dager siden

    I have been on NOlocal for a solid 3 hours now just letting it auto play and after this video it suddenly stopped auto play and closed out. Coincidence, I think no.... well yeah, probably. But I guess we'll never know 🤷‍♂️🧐

  • Ruben Ramirez
    Ruben Ramirez8 dager siden

    Extra terrestrial not Terrestrial yes German origin period Optical illusion sometimes Hybrid human or vise versa in other words man made Stuff to entertain naive ,innocent or the opposite of SMART just one thing I am not sure those half &half beings or Hybrid humans HAVE FEELINGS ETC ETC ETC.??? Men in black or so mind your own business not mine as always Love you 😍 guys yours truly MOl ❤

  • Scotty Branham
    Scotty Branham8 dager siden

    Demeaning tone to hypnotize children. Nice trick thoughts

  • Mudpaws Voom
    Mudpaws Voom8 dager siden

    Oh please anal probing that's nonsense, ok well there was that farmer in Ohio but he was asking for it,, just saying 👽

  • Truth is Key
    Truth is Key8 dager siden

    It's all in prep for the first contact. Which is going to be sometime in the near future. Alot is going to be happening in our future. Alot of fucked up shit. I suggest to start researching.

  • Chris D

    Chris D

    8 dager siden

    Nope. Misinformation. Was in the Navy for almost ten years as an engineer and lawyer. Raegan and Carter lied when they said they saw UFOs to uphold national security. Phoenix Lights in 97? Maryland National Guard jets (confidential at the time) flying in formation and dropping flares. 104th Fighter Squadron out of Davis Monthan airforce base in Arizona.

  • Greg MacDonald
    Greg MacDonald9 dager siden

    Great exit!

  • shotbot_over8000
    shotbot_over80009 dager siden

    What was this video about again? Edit: just watched it again. I'm still not sure

  • Hennessy Hennessy
    Hennessy Hennessy9 dager siden

    Anyone know about the strange building in new york with no windows i heard its called titanpoint im thinking its an mib building

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott9 dager siden

    Im sorry everyone. Its out of my hands. (*puts active mind control device in hand*)

  • William Guildner
    William Guildner9 dager siden

    I like to walk for exercise. I have seen silver objects dancing around in the sky. I don’t bother to photograph them. I was walking one afternoon and a black suv drove by me. The next thing I remember is asking myself where did it go? It was like I was trying to figure out how it just disappeared and I was trying to figure out where it went. I think whoever they are, they have improved their capabilities and we no longer experience “missing time.” Even visits from the men in black is removed from our conscious memory and the expression “ it only hurts when you try to remember “ has a great deal of significance...

  • Pepper Wagner
    Pepper Wagner9 dager siden

    It is definitely not a hoax. A wife of a Navy admiral told me things I can not openly disclose. I will say this, they are very closely related to us , so much so, that we can interbreed.

  • Ella Murph
    Ella Murph9 dager siden

    I swear I saw the women in black. Pulled up to a black car at a stoplight, looked over to see two women with sleek cut blonde hair wearing black suits, literally clone. I stared at them for maybe 3 seconds. Both turned their heads at the same exact time to look at me, it was so creepy because it was almost a robotic motion, had blacked out sunglasses and no smile and were staring at me for about 5 seconds. Then they turned their heads back at the exact same time and drove away when the light turned green. Idk what I saw but it was creepy as fuck and not normal.

  • Oshin Batra
    Oshin Batra9 dager siden

    meanwhile Men in Black visiting Thoughty2 studio

  • ToumasuKun
    ToumasuKun9 dager siden

    Men In Black Lives Matter

  • Eric J. Foster
    Eric J. Foster9 dager siden

    1:47 more like come in pieces.

  • TruDecaOne
    TruDecaOne10 dager siden

    The real life men in black group are called “The Majestic 12”

  • Jonathan Horton Bigfoot resonance Project
    Jonathan Horton Bigfoot resonance Project10 dager siden

    They are your neighbors, the only time they go black now is during the annual Men in Black tie dinner.

  • Bryan Freeman
    Bryan Freeman10 dager siden

    Don't imagine how much buttsex Crowley, Parsons and Hubbard had to engage in to summon the little green men.

  • PJ V
    PJ V10 dager siden

    No 'Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft' mention?

  • Becky Brynjolfsson
    Becky Brynjolfsson10 dager siden

    Have the "men in black" ever seen Jesus in person? Od an apostle?? Because they are bigger and badder. Just because a person's body is messed with that doesn't erase the live in the soul or the providence of God. Do you know there is a government in a real planet called Heaven in another galaxy? It is 1,000 times bigger than the sun. And there are these creatures there with thousands of eyes all over and they see and record everything in the universe.

  • Becky Brynjolfsson
    Becky Brynjolfsson10 dager siden

    I have yet to see any real actions of real people real life.

  • Becky Brynjolfsson
    Becky Brynjolfsson10 dager siden

    Do aliens drive drunk?

  • Becky Brynjolfsson
    Becky Brynjolfsson10 dager siden

    So you mean to say that no matter how "advanced " some aliens are they also make MISTAKES?? REALLY?? And why don't they ever pimp out their vehicles? No IMAGINATION??

  • DyLi -
    DyLi -10 dager siden

    “Just like the news” 😂👏🏼

  • Abram Little
    Abram Little10 dager siden

    They probably don't wear black

  • Todoneta For Life
    Todoneta For Life10 dager siden

    I can't be the only one who hears, "hey, forty-two here"

  • Es_Three


    2 dager siden

    Men in Black? Or just Agent 42 in the greatest disguise hes ever pulled off? We've never seen the back of Thought's head

  • Hoke Johnston

    Hoke Johnston

    9 dager siden

    Ha! Turn on CC and read what it hears... you are not alone.

  • Arsenico971
    Arsenico97110 dager siden

    Not surprising that Bender had to do with flying saucers.

  • Marie Marsee
    Marie Marsee10 dager siden

    I've tried, truly tried, to listen to this man and his stories; but, his deliberate and repeated butchering of the English language is just too much for me. This *IS NOT* a speech impediment; but, rather a lazy way of learning English. No doubt, he grew up with people, who through lack of an education, were *unable* to speak English correctly; but, this man is too young to be excused. He, apparently, has chosen to *not* correct his speaking errors. And that is inexcusable! I too, grew up with a mother who had a strong Appalachian speech dialect; but, I *knew* as a young teen that I would be judged as backward and uneducated if I carried on with her speech inaccuracies. Now, I'm older than this man, so I am certain that, he too, had the same opportunity to correct his speech. The 'th' sound is *not* difficult to learn. I taught my children, when they were young, to speak English correctly so *no one* would look down upon them. I cringe when i hear anyone, whose native tongue is English and they wilfully use bastardized speech. Inexcusable!

  • DyLi -

    DyLi -

    10 dager siden

    You “tried” yet here you are trying again. I’m sure he appreciates your view. 💰

  • Wes Nixon
    Wes Nixon11 dager siden

    One thing: The MIB story doesn't begin in 1947, nor does it begin in America. According to Zulu shamen Credo Mutwa, Africa has a long history of interactions with MIB. Scary incounters. Credo says the MIB changed their look circa 1950 to the all-black suit look. Before that, they were known as "The beasts of the terrible blanket" who woud visit you if you saw a UFO. These creatures in their traditional form are 7-8 feet tall, very skinny and very similar to Navajo Skinwalkers. They get their nickname from wearing long hooded robes of mangy animal skins or "terrible" blankets. Their faces were always hidden. MIB are a very, very scary interdimensional alien species whose #1 goal is to stop avaerge humans world-wide from learning about ANY and ALL alien presences on Earth. They are BAD aliens tryinig desperately to hide knowledge of the good alien species interactinig with humans. Also, secret Zulu knowledge shared by Credo tells that MIB/Beasts of the blanket were "King makers" who supervised the corrination of Kings throught the ancient history of Africa. They always picked Kings according to ancient bloodlines. There is a Reptilian connection here.

  • keepin it real
    keepin it real11 dager siden

    Hmm..."Bender" splains alot...Hallucinations ?

  • Dimitri J
    Dimitri J11 dager siden

    One time i was driving off to the country side and i looked out my window and stared at a plane out in the distance for at least 2 minutes and it didnt move, it was just floating there

  • Ryan _TraceCar
    Ryan _TraceCar11 dager siden

    I think his mustache makes him sound more convincing

  • Box box
    Box box11 dager siden

    Why 3 men not 2 or 4 🤔

  • Cok van Gaalen
    Cok van Gaalen11 dager siden

    Part of Orion group for control on planet

  • Kevin Bates
    Kevin Bates11 dager siden

    Some interesting stories presented with an extreme bias designed to undermine anyone who dares to suggest that there’s more to the universe than just us

  • Corey Long
    Corey Long11 dager siden

    "..version of the truth".. Funny statement to make, because all of this is a version of the truth. The government has made a deal with aliens to keep them secret. But, at least the US government, used the "alien" sightings to their advantage. When they are fake, which is most of the time, they let it go, letting ppl make up their own stories on them. But when they are real, too real to deny, that's when they are knocking at your door. When it's fake or terrestrial, they dont need to cover it up, even when it's real, as long as its able to be "proven wrong", only when its unequivocal facts, is when they will show up personally.

  • 2wheelphoto
    2wheelphoto11 dager siden

    Hi 🙋‍♂️ 17 year retired Air Force veteran here... OSI investigates, as the name implies and would not be involved in counter intelligence which is what Doty described. It’s likely that Doty was not actually OSI, but rather used being an OSI agent as the cover story for what probably would have been a highly classified counter intelligence campaign. Oh and yeah UFOs are real, it means Unidentified Flying Object, it doesn’t imply extraterrestrial by definition. Also yeah I worked in Public Affairs for a while and got lots of calls about all the things. 😁 Some calls were pretty fun, but not near as fun as this video! Thanks 🙏

  • Truth_is_the _new_hate
    Truth_is_the _new_hate11 dager siden

    "Told something is true, then false, then true again." A lot like the news and a lot like the WHO.

  • 2wheelphoto
    2wheelphoto11 dager siden

    A VPN does not encrypt your internet traffic. It is not for security.

  • subzero00fucksgiven
    subzero00fucksgiven12 dager siden

    🤔Why is it cc Korean?🤫

  • Patrice Lauverjon
    Patrice Lauverjon12 dager siden

    ARE THE REAL MEN HIDING? TRUE? Kamala Obama and Barrack Harris aim at changing our views on sexuality and genders.

  • Jonathan Velder
    Jonathan Velder12 dager siden

    The Majestic 12 is definitely real oh, there's still a form of them still today.

  • Billy Buck
    Billy Buck12 dager siden

    I dont know why this guy keeps getting into my feed. Not a subscriber

  • Interview Christian
    Interview Christian12 dager siden


  • Damien Ashby
    Damien Ashby12 dager siden

    wait... what is this video about?

  • Failgamer01
    Failgamer0112 dager siden

    GERMAN Werden die Fragen der Menschheit jemals beantwortet und für alle zugänglich sein ? .... Solang Stolz/Neid existiert wahrscheinlich nicht ... Hoffentlich gibt es noch eine Alte Zivilisation der Menschheit die überlebt und gereist ist, um deren und vielleicht sogar unsere Geschichte zu Archivieren, da bitte ich auch Gott drum Der "Mensch" lebt schon so lange auf diesem Planeten, und doch kenn wir nur die letzten 10-20 Tausend Jahre halbwegs genau ... Trauer, das wir lieber Waffen herstellen, aber die Zukunft ist wahrscheinlich auch wichtiger als die Vergangenheit, obwohl Geschichte echt cool sein kann.... wenn die Wahrheit gesprochen wird .... ENGLISH Will human questions ever be answered and accessible to all? .... As long as pride / envy probably doesn't exist ... Hopefully there is still an ancient civilization of mankind that has survived and traveled to archive its and maybe even our history, I ask God too The "man" has lived on this planet for so long, and yet we only know halfway exactly the last 10-20 thousand years ... grief that we prefer to manufacture weapons, but the future is probably more important than the past, although history can be really cool ... when the truth is spoken ...

  • vince alsept
    vince alsept12 dager siden

    Loved the ending haha

  • alexandra schuster
    alexandra schuster12 dager siden

    Spielberg for sure has had UFO experiences

    KING DYDY12 dager siden

    This man always have the best sponsors relating to his videos

  • sifridbassoon
    sifridbassoon12 dager siden

    man, i wish I had all your flannel shirts!

  • Gabriel Fox
    Gabriel Fox13 dager siden

    My grandma saw a flying saucer hovering over the ocean in 1952, when or just after she was in the Army. She was driving along the beach and saw it and stopped and looked at it and saw it vanish. She told me this story a few times.

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss13 dager siden

    MIB: We have to cover up UFO discoveries Me: Why? MIB: 'Cus reasons...

  • Scorpion V.D
    Scorpion V.D13 dager siden


  • J D
    J D13 dager siden

    With names like that they had to be gov agents (9&11) - said 42 (thoughty2)

  • Bruce G
    Bruce G13 dager siden

    this video only bolsters the truth by its blend of half truth, lies, and truth- from the mix, truth prevails and this case fails.

  • Clifford Phillips
    Clifford Phillips13 dager siden

    I had a strong feeling I was wasting my time after the first gratuitous and presumptuous Hollywood/pop culture references (endless on NOlocal), and had this confirmed with the more obvious embedded commercial for vpn service. Not very thoughty. More trashy and re-hashy, while flashy and vapid.

  • That One Guy Who Don't Watch Fate
    That One Guy Who Don't Watch Fate13 dager siden

    Men in black: Africans

  • Nickolaus Afon
    Nickolaus Afon14 dager siden

    Of course it's a government project/hoax. People want to believe Fiction... people believe movie themes and lies. Of course. The masses are so easy to misdirect.