How the Elephant Man Defied ALL Medical Knowledge

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Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British NOlocalr and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos about science, tech, history, opinion and just about everything else.
Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Matt Murray


  • chaos control
    chaos control2 timer siden

    Joseph is a physical manifestation of my brain

  • Samantha Shaw
    Samantha Shaw4 timer siden

    I admire the courage of this man. God less him.

  • Johanna Honeyman
    Johanna Honeyman14 timer siden

    Yeah, I don’t think David Lynch intended the film to be a faithful biography.

  • Axel Miller
    Axel Miller22 timer siden

    its the marakuru

  • Brenda Rand
    Brenda RandDag siden


  • Honestly IDK
    Honestly IDKDag siden


  • a dude on the interweb
    a dude on the interwebDag siden

    if people looked as accurately described in most roasts:

  • soumaro
    soumaroDag siden

    You sound just like Farket XD

  • Cult Of Malgus
    Cult Of MalgusDag siden

    next time your weeb friends say they are gonna kill themselves because they cant get a gf. Show them this.... I actually dont have any weeb friends. But I assume this is how they act when they realize their waifus arent real.

  • mistermoocat
    mistermoocatDag siden

    He is an alien, guys don't believe the scientist! He ain't a human! He is stored in the USA's AREA 51

  • Don't Worry
    Don't WorryDag siden

    This is what body positivity should be about not fat people

  • Jrise Breezy
    Jrise BreezyDag siden

    Back then: jesus christ boy, your bloody ghastly Today: God Damn you Fugly

  • Ryan Andry
    Ryan AndryDag siden

    I hate people including my friends always looking at the mirror every 2 minutes.I wanna punch the mirror.

  • Laquisha Adams
    Laquisha AdamsDag siden

    Mothers don't always love their sons.

  • Yuan Lei
    Yuan LeiDag siden

    Nothing more ironic than apparent "moral righteousness" destroying one of this dude's sources of income/confidence and then high society being the ones to help him out

  • Maxxim
    MaxximDag siden

    You’re the ex actor ex male stripper bird Australian guy’s friend...Congrats :)

  • Possibly Nobody
    Possibly Nobody2 dager siden

    i mean hes the best for halloween

  • Angel Goycochea
    Angel Goycochea2 dager siden

    Wow beautifully narrated. I appreciate all the work you put in making these videos and for Joseph may your soul Rest In Peace wherever you are. You were such in inspiration and model for us to follow

  • JTBolt 25
    JTBolt 252 dager siden

    wow you could have said crotch

  • Ran Dee
    Ran Dee2 dager siden

    I suggest you watch the movie. I remember watching it, and there was not one dry eye, in the whole movie theater. It's a great film.

  • Matt Ayee
    Matt Ayee2 dager siden

    thoughty2: his right arm was growing faster than his left me: same

  • Blake Haun
    Blake Haun2 dager siden

    Dude was getting ridiculed by people giving their hard earned money to him. Hahahaha losers. That man had a big brain.

  • Daniel Lindauer
    Daniel Lindauer2 dager siden

    This man has a heart of steel. There's no way I could endure as much as he has and push through the way he did. Bless him

  • Parfiq
    Parfiq2 dager siden

    I still remember we had to study about the Elephant Man novel few years ago for our English literature, it’s still my favourite till this day

  • Kasey Clark
    Kasey Clark3 dager siden

    Nice mustache

    RAED MANSOUR3 dager siden

    So Disney didnt lie it doesnt matter what you look like what truley matters is what lies inside. And why is it that every great artist or poet or any great figure for that matter had to come from a world of torture.

  • Sol Campbell
    Sol Campbell3 dager siden

    i first saw this guy when i was 5 and i still get a little scared

  • Abe Matt
    Abe Matt3 dager siden

    Damn, this is not as sad as movie's but I cried in the end anyway :'( he had such a strong character!

  • Megalosaurus 2 Electric boogaloo
    Megalosaurus 2 Electric boogaloo3 dager siden

    Joesph in the elephant man film: a abused soul Joesph in reality: the first influencer

    MINEGAM3R3 dager siden

    'He never stopped playing' eh he died or is there a respawn button?

  • HENEX pubgm
    HENEX pubgm3 dager siden

    This shows you something..... If u truly want something, If you truly believe, it doesn't matter how life is going... you can always start new. You can always make out of life what you want it to be one you persist hard enough.

  • Catriceツ
    Catriceツ3 dager siden

    Dont call him a mistake,cause god never made a mistake

  • Meowster
    Meowster4 dager siden

    His skeleton is still at the Royal London hospital to this day.

  • Funny Internet Man
    Funny Internet Man4 dager siden

    this video ruined my apatite

  • A Gonzalez
    A Gonzalez4 dager siden

    He looks like a equivalent of a little nightmares character

  • immanuel godson
    immanuel godson4 dager siden

    WTF?...joseph merik???....wasn't it JOHN MERIK! i having a mandela moment?

  • 919dd
    919dd4 dager siden

    Jesus fuck can youtube stop recommending me this shit?

  • Rimsha Imtiaz
    Rimsha Imtiaz4 dager siden

    dude im going to hell for laughing at your animations (4:38)

  • Jane Deane
    Jane Deane4 dager siden

    God was with this man

  • Elijah Mayfield
    Elijah Mayfield4 dager siden

    oh well sucks to suck i guess

  • Блядь
    Блядь5 dager siden

    Explains that children are cruel and point out that they bully him Also him: "Increasingly monstrous appearance"

  • Carter Reid
    Carter Reid5 dager siden

    he was part of the 27 club!! :0

  • Addy Reislyn
    Addy Reislyn5 dager siden

    lol this is funny

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna5 dager siden

    If he born on nowdays he might become a millionaire

  • DoomNinja YT
    DoomNinja YT5 dager siden


  • UnformidableWolf
    UnformidableWolf5 dager siden

    A true story is told by this, do not let your deformities stop you.

  • Noice Boi
    Noice Boi5 dager siden

    It’s amazing that the rich payed for his stay in the hospital. It is honestly amazing what people can do

  • Ronald van der Kooi
    Ronald van der Kooi5 dager siden

    Damn you Thoughty2 for cutting these onions in front of me... what a story!

  • beep face derby facepalm
    beep face derby facepalm5 dager siden

    thoughty2: some people cannot grow aa perfect moustach aslo him: smiles in perfect moustach

  • Jacker cooper
    Jacker cooper5 dager siden

    This Man might've been deformed, but he also had massive balls, and a fighter attitude. I feel sorry for what he had to endure, but he made something of himself and that deserves a lot of respect.

  • ABL Quality
    ABL Quality5 dager siden

    Focus on what good stuff you have not stuff you want

  • HartZmind
    HartZmind5 dager siden

    You can humiliate, tease, bully or hurt people but remember this: They are humans just like you.

  • Rashie
    Rashie5 dager siden

    Acceptance from parents at a young age can go a long way. This is almost bitter-sweet.

  • Short attention span
    Short attention span5 dager siden

    White chapel??? Jack the ripper where u at?

  • prickly cats
    prickly cats6 dager siden

    This guy had balls of steel, literally and figuratively

  • Trickshotter
    Trickshotter6 dager siden

    He literally got the worst body in human history and tried to life with it. Respect

  • Maga Land Bros
    Maga Land Bros6 dager siden

    i bet he was a famus horror movie acter if he became a horror movie acter he would be rich

  • Alex Froese
    Alex Froese6 dager siden

    i feel bad for this guy, like what if he was a really nice guy.

  • Clayton Yates
    Clayton Yates6 dager siden

    Fhank you for tat story

  • KINO 나의 유니버스 \ 아랍인
    KINO 나의 유니버스 \ 아랍인6 dager siden

    He is inspirational 😭😭😭😭😭 the end got me 😭😭😭

  • Pikeform
    Pikeform6 dager siden

    i have a video idea ,here's the title for it: Why can't gorillas be free since they're our descendants? And : why do they have to be caged? titles for videos Pikeform.

  • KINO 나의 유니버스 \ 아랍인
    KINO 나의 유니버스 \ 아랍인6 dager siden

    You talked bad about him at the beginning :c

  • Matveys GodGamer
    Matveys GodGamer6 dager siden

    Fun fact: Joseph aka elephant man is actually thoughty3

  • Bananapie pie
    Bananapie pie6 dager siden

    people who realize that he just had an illness from old times or they were common back then now only a few have that ilness in africa

  • VX stufzies
    VX stufzies6 dager siden

    i would have killed myself

  • Xavier Chavez
    Xavier Chavez6 dager siden

    He might have been better off in those times then in modern times While the medical system was better people nowadays would be taking photos of him and spread them around the internet where he would get massive amounts of hate for his appearance so he is probably better off in the old days because only people who have seen him could share who he is

  • Doreen Watson-read
    Doreen Watson-read6 dager siden

    and here I was feeling sorry for myself

  • Keith WS
    Keith WS6 dager siden

    He was also part of the 27 club!

  • Keith WS
    Keith WS6 dager siden

    The only normal part was his penis Karl Pilkington: aw... The one part you would want to be like an elephant.

  • Yi Teemu
    Yi Teemu6 dager siden

    Your rhetoric is fantastic

  • Chatterbox Nation
    Chatterbox Nation6 dager siden

    My mother is a medical professional and her and I have came to believe this is some genetic mutation that caused his look. That’s just our opinion though, new breakthroughs could prove us wrong.

  • Ender Assassin
    Ender Assassin6 dager siden

    Am i the only one wondering if he died a virgin?

  • Evil_smart Rising
    Evil_smart Rising6 dager siden

    After hearing about him, i no longer call him the elephant man, His name is Joeseph Merrick, and thats what i call him.

  • Rohini Ahate
    Rohini Ahate6 dager siden

    He has my respect!

  • Vito's Vids
    Vito's Vids6 dager siden

    Despite how edgy People want to depict reality, Freakshow stories still touch my heart. Just the willingness to fight in any way its inspiring. Much the way a prostitute is sometimes pushed by societal standards to do anything to survive. Also its amazing for how long Joseph survived with his condition, there are People that have died with less.

  • Fat Jesus
    Fat Jesus7 dager siden

    At least he can please himself with his right hand and working reproductive organ

  • gooniman n
    gooniman n7 dager siden

    quarantine hit this guy hard

  • Don Spates
    Don Spates7 dager siden

    maybe joseph should have tried his hand at writing poetry.

  • Abrar TJツ
    Abrar TJツ7 dager siden

    Is it just me or does he look like Einstein?

  • Sacred Drågøń
    Sacred Drågøń7 dager siden

    I’m not gonna watch the story because I will probably get sad hearing about bullying and stuff because I read the comments also it’s like 12:00 am where I live 😂

  • Nick Beutler
    Nick Beutler7 dager siden

    Anyone else hope that manager got syphilis?

  • Gkay Sinahon
    Gkay Sinahon7 dager siden

    What a man :D

  • Christine Kaye
    Christine Kaye7 dager siden

    I wish I'd had a mother more like his. Her acceptance, love, and kindness gave him great inner strength. BTW, I'm relieved to know he was a willing participant in the "freak" show and had an income from it. Why couldn't the movie have shown the true story? Maybe someone should do a re-make.

  • asdcffnh
    asdcffnh7 dager siden

    I'm so ugly my crush would have dated him instead of me.

  • Calvin Sano
    Calvin Sano8 dager siden

    I was sad because my hair line is going back I didn't realise how much god is giving me until i saw this video I'm really happy with my face and my hair I bet he lived a horrible life 🧬.. im sorry for him

  • dbleoo
    dbleoo8 dager siden

    1:55 basically every teenage boy

  • EJR 2008
    EJR 20088 dager siden

    He looks like Okuyasu's father in JoJo.

  • Fez duck
    Fez duck8 dager siden

    this was updated on my birthday

  • Catherine Y
    Catherine Y8 dager siden

    So he got the arm that isn’t the dominant of most people and a peen so he probably had to deal with uh...loneliness all his life. I’m starting to feel pretty lucky.

  • Gya2foonsj
    Gya2foonsj8 dager siden

    I saw a play in theatre about the elephant man. It was a bibliography but also had a very good script. It was interesting how through him, every single characters revealed their monstrous side they hide inside. Whether they were “nice” or cruel to him, everybody was guilty of isolating him.

  • 岡本剛彦
    岡本剛彦8 dager siden

    Why do you look like MrBeast and Pewdiepie mashed together?

  • Nick
    Nick8 dager siden

    One of the best videos you've done... Your respectful tone and demeanor were perfectly paired with the stellar content. Outstanding work, man.

  • Tim Can
    Tim Can8 dager siden

    He died in the way he feared...

  • Injured Xhee
    Injured Xhee8 dager siden

    I realize how pathetic i'm

  • Deesk Man
    Deesk Man8 dager siden

    Ah yes, Joseh's Steph-Mofver

  • Cicero
    Cicero8 dager siden

    9:10 he might be horribly deformed but he can still fit between us even bars *interersting*

  • Dante Goranson
    Dante Goranson9 dager siden

    This guy looks like a german soldier

  • JaedonTheGhost
    JaedonTheGhost9 dager siden

    I would go back in time and be his friend and make his life even better.

    TISM OF THE AUZ9 dager siden

    Capitalism bb

  • Hungry Bear
    Hungry Bear9 dager siden

    When your ark survival evolved character comes to life