How Did 6 Boys Survive for 15 Months on This Remote Island?

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  • Alec


    10 dager siden

    The island was “Evacuated” by slavers, who mercifully took to local people with them to “re-educate” them. Right.....

  • D Hill

    D Hill

    18 dager siden

    @Karen Latham Well I wish you well!

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    Karen Latham

    18 dager siden

    @D Hill lol yes!

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    @Karen Latham OH, didn't know about the subscribe thing. Man, must be tough to be named Karen right now right?

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    18 dager siden

    @D Hill he might of meant that he made the video 2 days ago but posted it 5 mins ago

  • FrostedDrakes
    FrostedDrakes2 timer siden

    Title: How did 6 boys survive for 15 months on this remote island? First thing that comes to my mind: *Cannibalism*

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    ty2005_926 timer siden

    Hair down to his shoulders?..

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    Keeps is that what makes your moustache magnificent bro. Might try it could help me side burns to

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    You gotta lose that stache tho lol

  • Genji
    Genji11 timer siden

    That’s insane. If you were to bring 6 kids from America, they’d probably only last 1-2 months max.

  • Kachiri Beleza
    Kachiri Beleza12 timer siden

    Wait... What?! People are not that interested in happy endings (books/movies)? What the fur ball!!! I hate so many movies having sad endings or even if the best characters end up dead part way through. For example, _(SPOILER)_ when Dobbie, A Weasley twin, Snape and Dumbledore died in the Harry Potter movies. For me, that really ruined them movies. I was P'd off about that! Sure I like the gruesome stuff, the action and deaths are okay in movies, but with a happy ending. See, for me, movies should be a fantasy world, not reality, the way things work in the real world. If I want reality, I'll just not watch movie and stick with the real world. I want the movies to be a way to get away from the real world for a while.

  • Cahpla
    Cahpla13 timer siden

    DrStone be like

  • Scarthelionfromthatonemovie
    Scarthelionfromthatonemovie17 timer siden

    Hold up, I’m sorry I got lost at they where they were lost at sea for 80 days but found the island on the 9th day? Still an amazing story

  • Angli Angeli
    Angli Angeli18 timer siden

    It wasn't a pleasant story. There were no women on the island.

  • Emmanuel Gomez
    Emmanuel GomezDag siden

    Lost at sea for 80 days then found land on the 9th day??

  • Cadarve
    CadarveDag siden

    Dear god I got this channel in my recommended and now I have a flood of memories coming back

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    The glib barber predominantly call because bead operationally invite to a snobbish helium. colossal, kindly sturgeon

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    bruh moment bruh momentDag siden

  • lee Roberts
    lee RobertsDag siden

    No it's not it's a critisms of anarchy

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    ferre feys2 dager siden

    Me and the boys playing minecraft hardcora island challange.

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    The old-fashioned actress reassembly pull because session temporarily rinse sans a charming fruit. hallowed, safe segment

  • Brent Magazine
    Brent Magazine2 dager siden

    Rumor has it the whole class of 30 went AWOL. The 6 remaining boys were found to be mysteriously well fed when rescued.

  • Rock Star
    Rock Star2 dager siden

    This is so freaking amazing and the boys are so attractive 💜 too lol

  • Swedish Globetrotter
    Swedish Globetrotter2 dager siden

    You Are just an Amazing story narrator.

  • Frederick Malouf
    Frederick Malouf2 dager siden

    Why people have no interest is good stories shows how fucked up the human condition is. Only when we learn to love ourselves as much as we want to love others will we evolve past disempowering mindsets.

  • michael sullivan
    michael sullivan3 dager siden

    What the fuck is he going on about, hair loss, and something about quack baldness cures.

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    Just come across This channel but the guy narrating couldn’t be more hipster. Aka cookie cutter😂

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    jonnybyford3 dager siden

    Thoughty2 - Please, when referring to a "lieutenant" use the British pronunciation "Lef-tenant" - after all, you are an Englishman!

  • YoBi Wan Kenobi
    YoBi Wan Kenobi3 dager siden

    "They drifted for 80 days.... and on the 9th day they saw land"... Math checks out..

  • Petri Gaming
    Petri Gaming3 dager siden

    about that book thoughty2 talked about. during the blitz the british people were not just trying to survive they became straight up comedy gods. For instance when a shopowners shop was bombarded he would put out a sign saying: ¨a little more open then usual¨

  • Lucid_Trigger
    Lucid_Trigger3 dager siden

    Wtf, you say they had no food and water, were adrift for 80 days, only to to say-less than a minute later- 'on the ninth day'. Can you explain to me? Because it sure sounds like a royal mistake.

    NACHO_BIDNESS3 dager siden

    This is full of shit. 👎🏽

  • Nathan Ryder Varghese
    Nathan Ryder Varghese3 dager siden

    I read the lord of the flies but its WAAYYYY more violent than the real story THE KIDS END UP MURDERING EACH OTHER ... ITS A TERRIBLE BOOK

  • Jacob Harper
    Jacob Harper4 dager siden

    They call them the “real” lord of the flies as a statement against the argument of innate human evil posed by the original book. That they are the “real” lord of the flies beacuse “real” human nature to help each other not kill each other.

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama4 dager siden

    This is the kind of material school should be teaching kids. For a second there I figured that the beginning of the story seemed a bit too familiar... Little did I know it later became the Lord of the Flies

  • Shane Edwards
    Shane Edwards4 dager siden

    there was originally 7 of them ;)

  • hjh fhy
    hjh fhy4 dager siden

    Stop trying to sell shit we don't care

  • hjh fhy
    hjh fhy4 dager siden

    Brah we do this as a laugh

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    Eye Sack4 dager siden

    Sorry but the way that he said Tonga triggers me it’s Tonga not ton-ga

  • Cole Evans
    Cole Evans4 dager siden

    reminds me of lord of the flies

  • Rocky Dee
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    me after i lost my Iphone: ok time to go wild and cannibalistic!

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    Cause they felt like it.

  • Adam Youdle
    Adam Youdle5 dager siden

    Awesome video mate

  • Brian McCrimmon
    Brian McCrimmon5 dager siden

    Who is heartless enough to still want to press charges on a group of kids thought to be dead

  • Jesse Case
    Jesse Case5 dager siden

    So were they drifting in the boat for 80 days or 8 days before finding the island? You said they drifted for 80 days and then found the island on the 9th day?

  • johnatan luna
    johnatan luna5 dager siden

    Ur surrounded by water💁‍♀️🤦‍♀️ it might be dirty but its better than nothing

  • Smoars
    Smoars5 dager siden

    "They were lost at sea for 80 days" literally two sentences later. " on the 9th day" bruh common you gotta get your shit together.

  • Bobby Pin
    Bobby Pin5 dager siden

    Wouldn’t it be coral island cause in lord of the flies every thing goes to hell but in coral island every thing is cool?

  • First Second
    First Second5 dager siden

    Without my phone, I would have been lost. I need my gps.

  • Erebus Nyx
    Erebus Nyx5 dager siden

    Smooth promotion

  • Check Sumfird
    Check Sumfird6 dager siden

    Lord of the Flies is not just a novel. It is a dystopia. The comparison is gibberish. Nonetheless, nice story of surviving despite one's contributions to one's plight.

  • Tola A
    Tola A6 dager siden

    were those boys on water for 80 days or for 8 now? because you mentioned both. im quite sure it will be 8 rather than 80 since they arrived at the island alive. but juts to make that clear for everyone

  • Clayton Yates
    Clayton Yates6 dager siden

    I have no idea what friving is?

  • jamie andreasen
    jamie andreasen6 dager siden

    the people that disliked are wanted in 43 countries, have stolen over one hundred kids, and have set off at least 5 nukes.

  • Ethan CLARKE
    Ethan CLARKE6 dager siden

    Sounds like Lourdes of the flies to me

  • gnome man
    gnome man6 dager siden

    Guys, he said "eighty days" but then said "on the ninth day". The subtitles say "8 days". Explain please.

  • Zoe kk cyptids
    Zoe kk cyptids6 dager siden

    I'd say a difference in culture the real boys may have grown up or did grow up were people worked together they had to else it becomes difficult to survive on an island. Where as a group of public school boys would never had done any manual work and would have been brought up to be looked after and take little responsibility for how clothes food etc was obtained

    SPEED PROOF6 dager siden

    Ultimate minecraft survival

  • Monsieur Moby
    Monsieur Moby6 dager siden

    Nothing mark wahlberg can’t accomplish!

  • E S
    E S6 dager siden

    I was raised catholic. Renounced it when I was 9. Figured out it was not for me at freaking 9. Catechism teachers were delusional and mean

  • TonkarzOfSolSystem
    TonkarzOfSolSystem6 dager siden

    It took them 36 hours to swim from the boat to shore, according to wikipedia.

  • Zion Lei
    Zion Lei6 dager siden

    Aye, Tonga 🤙🏾

  • Free Eggs
    Free Eggs6 dager siden

    I like how the boy’s survived 80 days without food and water.

  • Yeti MindTricks
    Yeti MindTricks6 dager siden

    and i already struggle folding a paper plane...

  • Space Beans
    Space Beans7 dager siden

    At the beginning of you video I always think you say: hey 42 here

  • Thommy Sides
    Thommy Sides7 dager siden

    So why was there never a movie made about these boys? I mean....the man who found them was rich and had connections. They shouldn't have been forgotten!

  • justjohnny05
    justjohnny057 dager siden

    were there 12 boys at the beginning?

  • Everything Jeepster
    Everything Jeepster7 dager siden

    They survived because they are Tahitians. A group of British school boys wouldn’t have made it ashore.

  • sheller153
    sheller1537 dager siden

    Did you mean eighty days or nine days?

  • Tshepiso Mokwena
    Tshepiso Mokwena7 dager siden

    Miles ? Aren't you English or something, why miles ?

  • Alan Shortt
    Alan Shortt7 dager siden

    U said 80 days instead of 8 days bit of a stuiped mistake

  • Alan Shortt
    Alan Shortt7 dager siden

    What a crap way of doing an add right in the middle of a sentence

  • Death Ahoy
    Death Ahoy8 dager siden

    Thumbnail: did they survive? Title: How 6 boys survived on an island for 15 months

  • Ant Fal
    Ant Fal8 dager siden

    Couldn't watch another second when you started going on about hair loss, very annoying to say the least , have a great day.

  • Trey Kelley
    Trey Kelley8 dager siden

    @ 3:20 - I think that’s 8 days, not 80 days

  • kagee kao
    kagee kao8 dager siden

    Hmmm... What's the difference between males and females? Females take care of their hair. I wonder why men bald so fast...

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay8 dager siden

    Heart warming story. Team work got them threw, helped by having bonds before they left. They were more like brothers or cousins. Heart warming story, restores me a little faith in human nature Vs " The Lord of the Flies"

  • readyrex
    readyrex8 dager siden

    "Is it Tonga time, I think it's tonga time"

  • Sir André LeFae de L'inoge
    Sir André LeFae de L'inoge8 dager siden

    "A Royal Navy Destroyer..." Shows a Canadian ship...

  • Place Holder Profile
    Place Holder Profile8 dager siden

    forget the news it's run by luciderians the media is evil

  • Vicky Micky
    Vicky Micky9 dager siden

    Wow, they were thrown them in jail after they struggled for 15 years. SMH

  • Marta Buck
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    so... taro is talas? I get it now

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    Real life Moana

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    You didn't read *The lord of The Flies* Did you?

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    Thanks officer Lomas

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    golding just remembered how the children acted on the playground

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    You say it To-nga not Ton-ga To like top Love this video tho 💜💜💜

  • John Solagbade
    John Solagbade10 dager siden

    Humans are wire to survive threat. However, the human heart is good. We only require healthy exemplars to provide healthy perspectives 🙏🏾

  • BlueGamingiskewl
    BlueGamingiskewl10 dager siden

    Me and the bois gon survive without in a island

  • NBT Guy
    NBT Guy10 dager siden

    moral of the story: be kind to your friends or your limbs get cut off

  • Oni Khasbo
    Oni Khasbo10 dager siden

  • Randomly Entertaining
    Randomly Entertaining10 dager siden

    So were they stranded for 80 days or 8 days? Because you said and showed 80 but then said "On the 9th day."

  • KingCoolKish
    KingCoolKish10 dager siden

    They played minecraft

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed10 dager siden

    Well, you're quite the irritating bastard. Decent video though......

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    Lord of The Flies

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    Those people on NOlocal making pools are these peoples grandkids I stg

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    Real life "me and the boys"

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    David Quintana10 dager siden

    Thank you friend. I needed to hear that end messages

  • Aang
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    Lord of the Flies 🤣

  • RMAffiliations
    RMAffiliations11 dager siden

    Im not surprised, taongans and samoans OGs still teach these basic life skills to the youth. Some may not know too much, but for sure can still thrive.

  • C Willi
    C Willi11 dager siden

    Yes, in the ‘50s they survived on tv and spam. Are you nuts? The greatest decade on earth.