Australia Had a Full-Blown War Against Emus and Lost

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Writing: David Elliott
Editing: Jack Stevens
Script Development: Steven Rix


  • Lukas Sandor
    Lukas Sandor20 minutter siden

    Fanny guy😂😂😂😂👏👏👏

  • Som Guy
    Som Guy2 timer siden

    Do the cassowary next, now that's terrifying.

  • Som Guy
    Som Guy2 timer siden

    Odd Emu, thanks for the history lesson.

  • Wawakaka39
    Wawakaka395 timer siden

    Imma send this to my australian friend

  • Ricardo Trujillo
    Ricardo Trujillo6 timer siden

    Imagine if they were kangaroos instead

  • USARMYvietnamVET1969
    USARMYvietnamVET19696 timer siden

    Glad I watched the video, I had no idea that Emus ever were a problem in Australia...

  • Skyplay S
    Skyplay S10 timer siden

    I love the thumbnail for this lol 😆

  • Ricky Joe Hand
    Ricky Joe Hand15 timer siden

    "Clever girl."

  • Turtle
    Turtle20 timer siden

    Only In Australia When Instead Of Using Animals As Clothing They Use You Ase Clothing.

  • Eric Olson
    Eric OlsonDag siden

    I love this guy's videos, but I keep getting distracted by his accent. I used to think he was introducing himself as 'forty two'. He seems unable to pronounce 'th' and instead pronounces it as 'f' or 'v'. For example, he says 'fever' instead of feather. Instead of Meredith, he says Meredif. Instead of things, he says fings. Does anyone know where his accent comes from? It's obviously English, but from where more specifically?

  • G G
    G GDag siden

    All you need is a samurai sword! 🤔

    MR EARLYDag siden

    This is emu-tional jokes

  • Gyan Prakash Rai
    Gyan Prakash RaiDag siden

    Yet another story telling the cruelities done by man on nature 🌿🍃 God!

  • David Somers
    David SomersDag siden

    Don't forget they also nuked the Emu Valley... out of spite.

  • David Somers

    David Somers

    52 minutter siden

    @boof British nuclear tests of Maralinga in the 1950's.

  • boof


    11 timer siden


  • jamie suvo
    jamie suvoDag siden

    You can keep Neighbours

  • Zuquina D'Emiljo
    Zuquina D'EmiljoDag siden

    Thoughty2 Arran-ged another weird topic to be emu-sed about...but we are not peckish too.

  • Trey Ward
    Trey WardDag siden

    I'm guessing fences are a technology that the Australians did not discover at the time

  • The Cataclyst
    The CataclystDag siden

    Part 2: Rabbit army VS. Hooman army

  • Jackey Lovalux
    Jackey LovaluxDag siden

    i wish the emus has guns to shoot all those idiots away

  • You’ve been gnomeed
    You’ve been gnomeed2 dager siden

    I live in a Australia but every thing is exaggerated not everything will kill you but some things will

  • Goergy Bhoy ICTFC
    Goergy Bhoy ICTFC2 dager siden

    Can I just ask why they didn’t build fences around the crops instead?

  • Samuel Woods
    Samuel Woods2 dager siden

    australian army: BRING OUT THE BIG GUNS!! GET THE BOMBS!!! emus: *dont try me youll run out of amo you wussyes*

  • Darth diabetes
    Darth diabetes2 dager siden

    this video was emusing

  • onoyoudont
    onoyoudont2 dager siden

    Spiders the size of your head - LMAO BS. No where in Australia.

  • Boom Boy 554
    Boom Boy 5542 dager siden

    I want COD emu war

  • Marke1s 1
    Marke1s 12 dager siden

    Thats because birds arent real and they are just drones

  • Dollar Guy
    Dollar Guy2 dager siden

    Don't have to cull all of them. Some can be recruited to sell insurance.

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes2 dager siden

    Too stupid to realize the value or emu meat and hides Harvesting would be a good control.

  • Dave DownUnder
    Dave DownUnder2 dager siden

    Ya gotta love it here in the land downunder

    GAMING MORAN2 dager siden

    Why fight them and you can give them opium :)

  • Jim Paea
    Jim Paea3 dager siden

    They were peckish hahaha

  • Stori za Biblia
    Stori za Biblia3 dager siden

    This was very entertaining

  • Chesney Nichols
    Chesney Nichols3 dager siden

    Should have hired Americans we are great at hunting just let us bring high powered rifles. Pay us all in or just pay our way. How much bet would got job done?

  • Brian Belanger
    Brian Belanger3 dager siden

    Timesuck covered this

  • Donald Clément
    Donald Clément3 dager siden

    By reading some of the comment.person not Much Brain Them that Bird.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris3 dager siden

    this video has beaked my interest. I'll be leaving now

  • Ice_AgeBaby69
    Ice_AgeBaby693 dager siden

    Yes, we know. Please stop telling people

  • KNT Nugget
    KNT Nugget3 dager siden

    As an Australian, I am impressed how well you pronounced Australia. Also, the emu war is our biggest meme

  • Na Mo
    Na Mo3 dager siden

    We eat them now,giant chicken

  • Na Mo
    Na Mo3 dager siden

    It is shameful

  • Nightchade
    Nightchade3 dager siden

    You're making fun, but Emu are smart, fast, dangerous (yes, you read that right) birds, and in sufficient numbers, could easily disable or kill even large groups of humans.

    FED_CWED4 dager siden

    when i read the tile i was immediately BRUH

  • Black Forest
    Black Forest4 dager siden

    Have to say, I'm an Aussie and have never heard about this

  • baldon26
    baldon264 dager siden

    You're a slave to puntation.

  • Daan Vos
    Daan Vos4 dager siden

    Dont forget the extinct megelania snd land croc quincana

  • jonathan Wieringa
    jonathan Wieringa4 dager siden

    11:30 wtf is he writing...

  • colin dickson
    colin dickson4 dager siden

    We eat them now.

  • Victor Mudrack
    Victor Mudrack4 dager siden

    Is there ANY other story-teller out there who can EMUlate Thoughty?

  • Jakob Pearson
    Jakob Pearson4 dager siden

    Where are your sources? Seriously, do you expect people to take your word for it?

  • Grand Moff Tarkin

    Grand Moff Tarkin

    2 dager siden

    It happened, but it was nowhere near a war. More like 2 guys with machine guns and a Jeep

  • Jack Sand
    Jack Sand4 dager siden

    Lmao, in the end it was open season/free market that worked 😂

  • d'vils Ad'vokit
    d'vils Ad'vokit5 dager siden

    Crazy how we are the reason for the extinction if so many animals yet when we try to exterminate some species, we can't.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name5 dager siden

    12:47 you subtracted an emu pun

  • Craig Quann
    Craig Quann5 dager siden

    All those edible creatures to hunt... and you Aussie's gave up your guns... shame Brothers, shame.

  • Brian Keenan
    Brian Keenan5 dager siden

    They lost against Emus and now Facebooks Zuckerberg.

  • Andrew Morales
    Andrew Morales5 dager siden

    I like ur videos but this one makes me mad this is not right

  • midknightwriter
    midknightwriter5 dager siden

    I think the emu had a spy in there with the humans and they didn't notice it because of the uniform and helmet that he was able to go into the armory and sabotage the Lewis guns.

  • Isa Gop
    Isa Gop5 dager siden

    Hmmmmm EMU pie & EMU burger, Yammm

  • Jo C
    Jo C5 dager siden

    Instead of farming wheat, people should have eaten those emus. Protein and fat is enough, carbs not essential for survival anyway

  • gdlk
    gdlk5 dager siden

    wars in europe: WW1 WW2 WW3 Apocalypse wars in australia:

  • All zee prodution
    All zee prodution5 dager siden

    Human is biggest animal in this world

  • death sythe
    death sythe5 dager siden

    i feel real bad for Emus

  • meme man failed to commit genocide
    meme man failed to commit genocide5 dager siden

    Protect the animals they said,the animals are your friends they said

  • 써니蛮竜
    써니蛮竜5 dager siden

    Emu leader to other Emus: remember this day men. For it will be yours for all time! Aussie soldier: Emus! Lay down your weapons!

  • 써니蛮竜
    써니蛮竜5 dager siden

    Before Avengers: infinity wars There was Aussies: Emu wars

  • Raul Salazar
    Raul Salazar5 dager siden

    Emus were *peckish*.... So did they peck their way and beat the Australian ex army men down? *peckish*

  • Burnie
    Burnie5 dager siden

    It be fair to us, emus are pretty much dinosaurs

  • Meymeygwis
    Meymeygwis5 dager siden

    The whole thing was a foul idea, it seemed they mainly tried to wing it but the that was eggaxctly to what these birds were emune.

  • Stevo. Apollo
    Stevo. Apollo5 dager siden

    Gov: WTF are you doing general!! General: it’s hard

  • linkin543210
    linkin5432105 dager siden

    War, war never changes.

  • your Canadian buddy
    your Canadian buddy6 dager siden

    "they're basically just big turkeys on stilts so how hard could it be" - Sam O'Nella Academy

  • MariusJ
    MariusJ6 dager siden

    This video was emusing!

  • nobadnamesleft
    nobadnamesleft6 dager siden

    9:44 Kamikazi emu made me pee a lil lol. Squish!

  • Verands sdnarev
    Verands sdnarev6 dager siden

    Man..this is quite fucked up when think about it..machine gunning a bird that has no offensive abilities because you need to cull them. how about making it a little less masochistic maybe, and introducing more of a natural predator, and let them do the trick? Just sounds like we could come up with a better system then EN MASSE machine gun bloodbath.Im sure its fun, but its fucked up for the bird. Seems like a very Nihilistic way to handle things. Whats the problem? Solution: meh..just load up the High DPS machine guns...uhhh...hmmm..U sure that's the only way?

  • Grand Moff Tarkin

    Grand Moff Tarkin

    2 dager siden

    You clearly don’t know about invasive species effects on ecosystems. Introducing a new species into the environment would just destroy it over time. Look at feral cats, dogs, foxes, cane toads and rabbits. On top of that, emus don’t have many natural predators considering they stand 5 feet high.

    JONATHAN PEREZ6 dager siden

    2:16 why hello there...* (do this in the tone of that one character from star wars to make it extremely funny)

  • Bacnow
    Bacnow6 dager siden

    If someone would have Air-Dropped 20 Emus into the middle of France, how long would it take for the French Military to concede defeat and summarily surrender!??

  • Bacnow
    Bacnow6 dager siden

    Just imagine if the bunny rabbits and Emus would have formed an alliance! The Aussies would have suffered massive losses and eventually capitulated because of the carnage and sheer horror!!

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez6 dager siden

    Emus are so powerful.

  • Casa Dome
    Casa Dome6 dager siden

    You could say this was a Australian civil war

  • Shaun Hall
    Shaun Hall6 dager siden

    Who was the bird brain here?

  • Alan Godden
    Alan Godden6 dager siden

    I'm an Ozzie and I just wanna say that in 2020 we have developed a new strategy against the Emus, but the blue and pink hair scares my men there crazy. Damned Birds if only we got the Nuclear weapons we asked for it would be finished now, but no the men are still dug in Foxholes and the rats and Roos and Poms and Irish their the worst they hold a grudge...

  • Seth Herring
    Seth Herring6 dager siden

    I .....I like Emus

  • TheKenchanx
    TheKenchanx6 dager siden

    History is weird.

  • ExcalibursEdge
    ExcalibursEdge6 dager siden

    Tom Hardy as an Emu! That's priceless!!

  • A B
    A B6 dager siden

    Hmm should have had snipers....

  • jonniessink1
    jonniessink16 dager siden

    Its seems like since they of the bird species that they have a lot of air pockets in them unlike of other "denser" animals. Their wasn't enough meat in the bird for the fast moving bullets to do its work killing it. So in this case shot guns would've been better, maybe a "goose" gun ( 12ga with 32in barrel and full to extra full choke)to increase the range.

  • phantasm the tall man
    phantasm the tall man6 dager siden

    Emus would be jerky

  • Alexander Sedmak
    Alexander Sedmak6 dager siden

    This was so emutional.

  • Emu
    Emu6 dager siden

    "Budget Ostriches"

  • Joseph R3grET
    Joseph R3grET6 dager siden

    That lil bunny with the grenade is one of the most adorable things I have ever damn seen.

  • Saltkvarnen
    Saltkvarnen7 dager siden

    Australia could not defeat birdie group one

  • Adrian Alexandrov
    Adrian Alexandrov7 dager siden

    Oh, the good old times when people solved problems with giving more ammo to citizens, not taking their guns away...

  • Kelly Johns
    Kelly Johns7 dager siden


  • BA Guthrie
    BA Guthrie7 dager siden

    An Emu's kick is so strong it can rip metal apart. So it would do a little more than just "kick your grandma to death."

  • Joshua Cole
    Joshua Cole7 dager siden

    The emus have large talons

  • rufus Samsquanch_65
    rufus Samsquanch_657 dager siden

    "Your wheat sucks." -Rude Emu.

  • LightSource
    LightSource7 dager siden

    "Large flightless bird" *living dinosaurs

  • henry q
    henry q7 dager siden

    These birds make tasty burgers

  • Commerce USA
    Commerce USA7 dager siden

    Let me tell you of an interview with an old man Emu... 🤣

  • Guy Reece
    Guy Reece7 dager siden

    Australia now throws thousands of tonnes of 1080 poison baits to kill its native animals. Its Australia's dirty little secret. Google and watch what 1080 does to animals. New Zealand has thrown so much 1080 around its now detected in its honey. They tend to shoot the native animals before building the vast ponzi scheme of house building in some cases.

  • ben spencer
    ben spencer7 dager siden

    Emu is great real red meat that makes good jerky or even sausage but ya gota mix it with pork fat since its so lean.I lived in Kasnas in the US and they were farming them there for food.