Almost All Random Numbers Are Actually Fake

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Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British NOlocalr and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos about science, tech, history, opinion and just about everything else.
Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Jack Stevens


  • Thoughty2
    Thoughty22 måneder siden

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  • Blind Camel

    Blind Camel

    20 dager siden

    So online poker is rigged?

  • Dvipada Pogunuru

    Dvipada Pogunuru

    2 måneder siden

    Sir how do you obtain all the information you share in your videos?

  • Fit For Flogging

    Fit For Flogging

    2 måneder siden

    You forgot about "Prime Numbers"

  • tom2197


    2 måneder siden

    I do believe you can predict radioactive decay as they isotopes have half life? I guess in theory ur examples are random but not truly random everything will be measured one day and reasons understood for behaviour and paterns found so nothing is actually truly random just the mechanics not fully understand. Maybe dice are but if u calculate shape velocity wind resistant etc etc are they random? I guess the act of throwing them without thinking is but if u wanted to predict it you could by measuring all the variables

  • Surup Maple

    Surup Maple

    2 måneder siden

    Bought the book stick a flag in it its comming after Christmas

  • Aki Akisautumn
    Aki Akisautumn8 timer siden

    So, you're telling me there's a way to always pull 5 stars in gacha? Sign me up!

  • Will Register
    Will Register20 timer siden

    May your prayer be answered

  • Will Register
    Will Register20 timer siden

    Random is a pattern created in made that was made by man to defeat man.

  • Ik Jerz
    Ik Jerz23 timer siden

    2:54 Omg I picked 7 unconsciously

  • Derek Cavin
    Derek CavinDag siden

    Lmao that ending prayer was genius

  • Hamza Ilarzeg
    Hamza IlarzegDag siden

    You forgot that Pi is also used to generate prn

  • Northern Sky
    Northern Sky2 dager siden

    This is actually a false claim. At least all online slots have very controlled and rigorous certifications regarding the RNG. This are created to randomise all results so that the same result never occurs for billions and billions of rounds. So we don’t paint the wrong image here about casino games.

  • Brian Winegar
    Brian Winegar2 dager siden

    Random dice are fun till you find the wanker us using his owm loaded dice.....

  • Robbie Torkelsonn
    Robbie Torkelsonn3 dager siden

    should have been called: how RNG in video games has nothing to do with randomness

  • Vernon Vouga
    Vernon Vouga3 dager siden

    There will never be anything truly secure on the internet, not when the "new world order/great reset/build back better" agenda is being driven... instead of innovation, greed drives the internet in 2021

  • Vernon Vouga
    Vernon Vouga3 dager siden

    RNGESUS gave me a basic pistol and i promptly cursed him. Then he gave me a legendary sniper rifle with incindiary bullets and i was saved! Borderlands.... good series

  • Danny THE Dog
    Danny THE Dog5 dager siden

    I have a carreer prospect. Human back-up/novelty RNG. Can't get any more random than me. Wtwertrevor Edit: i, as a christian, cried praying with Aaron. Genial writing.😂

  • Graeme Lastname
    Graeme Lastname6 dager siden

    I don't get the problem. A true RNG requires little more than a noisy bit of silicone.

  • Robert Hofmann
    Robert Hofmann6 dager siden

    Fun fact: There are 8 whole numbers between 1 and 10 and none of them are 1 nor 10.

  • Robert Hofmann

    Robert Hofmann

    6 dager siden

    Before anyone corrects me, I know he said from, not between. 😆

  • Steve Fulgione
    Steve Fulgione7 dager siden

    LOL, now that's a laugh I needed!! 😀😅😂🤣

  • R.O.T.C SEEM
    R.O.T.C SEEM8 dager siden

    I can't believe people believe you can program randomness in a program

  • QuIcK sNiPeS
    QuIcK sNiPeS8 dager siden

    Dude, love the show, hate the knocks against God and Jesus..... enough already.

  • lool8421
    lool84219 dager siden

    coinflips aren't random too people just don't know how to throw coins properly

  • Native Afro-Ευrasion
    Native Afro-Ευrasion9 dager siden

    16:42 is that "pong" from the 70s on the left there?

  • Native Afro-Ευrasion
    Native Afro-Ευrasion9 dager siden

    3:46 wait. Don't you just take three fingers at put them on the keyboard without looking if you want a random combination (on a computer I just lay my hand on the keyboard and delete all digits too much to gain a randon number)

  • Billy Bragg
    Billy Bragg10 dager siden

    8719945428.. You can have that one for free.

  • ART MY
    ART MY10 dager siden

    so, that's mean there is a reason why i got natural 1?

  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller10 dager siden

    "We humans really sock at random numbers" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Auzzy H
    Auzzy H10 dager siden

    What is the psychology behind people choosing the number 7?

  • Something You Said
    Something You Said11 dager siden

    Past randomly generated lottery results as the very information that's required for correctly predicting future lottery results (by way of correctly reading that information). Each of the ten digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 whose appearances in these lottery drawings are always in the context of multiple aesthetically pleasing number progressions that continue for as long as the lottery drawings continue. - (012) (3456) (789) (432) (1098) (765) (567) (8901) (234) (987) (6543) (210) - (AAA) (BBBB) (CCC) - Nah, I'm just bluffing all of you. - 😉 -

  • Роман Демин
    Роман Демин12 dager siden

    I "randomly" thought of 7 for no aparent reason even before I started watching this video

  • Lying again to me are we
    Lying again to me are we13 dager siden

    You mentioned death and taxes in the same sentence your going hell boi

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison13 dager siden

    Nonce generation? There's a fair bit of content on social media that does that... No matter how many times people report those pictures/videos.

  • Life Box
    Life Box13 dager siden

    Of course it isn’t random the force and the subconscious thinking takes a huge factor. We’re to lazy to think about it. So if you calculate your force and do your homework right, you can rigg monopoly and be rich as hell. The game was rigged from the start -Benny

  • ShadowPresident 420
    ShadowPresident 42014 dager siden

    I once was assigned to randomly select the winners of a contest raffle. We had to choose four winners from just under 10,000 valid entries. I listed them serially and used a bit of SAS code and a pseudorandom generator to choose four rows. As a fun bit of 'theater' and building goodwill with the client, I printed out a hard copy random number table, of the kind you'd find in the back of a statistics textbook, etc. The next time I met the client, I asked her to close her eyes and drop a marker onto the random number table. That gave us our starting point. Using a predefined pattern I then moved around the page using that initial point until I had enough numbers to seed the pseudorandom generator. In a way, the boss was the one to set the process in motion.

  • Ga Jon H
    Ga Jon H15 dager siden

    I thought you would have a bit on the 100 lava lamps used by cloudflare

  • James McCreery
    James McCreery16 dager siden

    Nothing is unnatural, nothing is random, these are constructs of the human brain.

  • James McCreery
    James McCreery16 dager siden

    Randomness is impossible, but causality can be veiled.

  • James McCreery
    James McCreery16 dager siden

    Dice are not random. The inputs are just so many, that we can't record and analyze them. If all inputs were known, then the figure on the dice would be predictable. Randomness is an idea. Randomness is completely impossible under any and all conditions. The existence of "conditions" denies the possibility of "randomness".

  • James McCreery
    James McCreery16 dager siden

    Randomness is something that can never happen. Causality proves randomness cannot exist in nature.

  • dwayne fien
    dwayne fien18 dager siden

    Didn't watch the video.. Don't need to. I used to work in the gaming industry (gambling) I know there is NO such thing as a "random number generator" Randomness only happens in ONE instance intelligence (animals included) and quantum mechanics involving the uncertainty principle.. however even the uncertainty principle isn't completely random, it follows a probability wave. SO really only intelligence can be random. The weather isn't random the reason we can't predict very well is we do not have all the variables from everywhere on Earth and the solar system which can effect weather on Earth even cosmic events can effect weather on Earth so the problem is not enough data and data processing power. Randomness does NOT exist in nature probability vectors (waves) do and once data is known, just like in quantum mechanics the wave form collapses and the particle position becomes knows (the data point) therefore everything can be known or predicted with enough data points. The weather is easy to predict two days in advance, but it gets harder 7, 10 or even 15 days out as each day has unknown events or data points occurring that are not taken into account (the amount of data is nearly impossible to compute in the time frame needed to make a forecast), that is why forecasts are given in a parentage of chance of happening.

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas18 dager siden

    What is randomness to God?

  • Catrina Trout
    Catrina Trout18 dager siden

    8:06 "THIS LITERALLY SAYS 2, 4, 6, 8" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith19 dager siden

    Beautiful buildup into the Dashlane ad but I’m still wondering how bone dice pre-date human history.

  • Peter King
    Peter King19 dager siden

    I had to write a Random Number Generator, and it wasn’t really random (for the reasons you mention). So I used the time, not the time of day. I used the time since computer epoch (the time since computing started), as this is constantly changing, and can never repeat, it makes a great seed for a RNG. Now let’s image that by some miracle a 1000 people all press start at the same (within millisecond) and I’m using microseconds as my seed I’m going to generate a truly random number. For my purpose I needed a truly random number between 1 & 100. So of course I’m going to get duplicates (many duplicates). For my purpose duplicates didn’t matter, as long as the number of duplicates changed every time the program ran. This algorithm was used to assign work to a number (100+) servers. The company claimed that their servers had never had a load it could take. I had a couple of mainframes, ready to go, and I pulled the trigger. The Mainframes of our test environment didn’t even reach 2% before we had killed their entire pre-production server farm. As a result of the test I had to add code to detect when a server failed and when it came back. As a result, the contract was amended, and we promised not to exceed agreed thresholds. The moral is that you can generate truly random numbers, and use them to devastating effect (we killed all their servers, other companies couldn’t get rates high enough to kill a single server).

  • StableGenius
    StableGenius19 dager siden

    This is probably how that guy hacked the lottery like 5 times. He was an idiot and got caught by letting family and friends win.

  • igor
    igor20 dager siden

    I'll never choose 7 again

  • Diana O'Hara
    Diana O'Hara20 dager siden

    This is how I learned how to make aimbots for anything that runs on c++ code. Rng and other systems use rng to crit so that's instant death if you can see where the rng is in the code.extra point if you hook the code so bac dsnt see you changing these values. A game scrapper and a hex editor is all you need have fun .

  • Seiyuōkami Himura
    Seiyuōkami Himura20 dager siden

    All i care about is that rng isn't rng enough to truly mix my music.

  • Damon Zindler
    Damon Zindler20 dager siden

    I’ve always enjoyed watching your videos but honestly hate you be came a damn sell out by always selling out in the middle of your videos.

  • Corey Edwards
    Corey Edwards20 dager siden

    The ending prayer alone was worth the entire 19 minutes lmfao

  • Luis Baez
    Luis Baez21 dag siden

    Have no one thought that atmospheric noise and cosmic background radiation are a scripting that is truly Ramon one one thing that can be how aliens use their communication

  • eabe _
    eabe _21 dag siden

    Ehh... You don't want true random encrypting anyways. If the your amazon cart is encrypted by true randomness. Then amazon would take years to figure out what you ordered. As it would take years for them to try and decrypt the message sent from their own system. It would seem you don't understand why true randomness isn't really wanted in security. And that it would make the system unusable. A true or good encrypting system is hard to figure out, but not impossible. Or to encrypt in an unpredictable way. And if you think safety is everything. Than you should never leave your home. And wear full body armor at all times. I am actually kind of sick of the word safety. As it has been the word to use as an excuse to take away people freedom. Just look at the lies we are told about speeding. And how everyone just seems to believe it. It makes me sad that people are just so gaolable. And refuse to do any real critical thinking on the subject. Just like this video. Not understanding true randomness is actually a bad way to encrypt things. Because an encrypted message is useless if the person/thing getting the message can't decrypt it. And only think about how to make it safer... It is completely stupid to reduce functionality for the false perception of more safety. And most things done in the name of safety or done in this way.

  • Tiger
    Tiger21 dag siden

    All you need is the seed

  • Josh Brady
    Josh Brady21 dag siden

    I would like to see the "pick a number" experiment done on a large-ish scale. Ask 1000 people to pick a number between 1 and 500.

  • Robert Gotschall
    Robert Gotschall21 dag siden

    So sticking your infinite improbability generator into a warm cup of tea actually works?

  • William Housley
    William Housley22 dager siden

    I saw the thumb nail and for some reason decided to think of a random number (56) I was interested that it wasn't a normal number I have in my head I'd think usually 57 I was curious so I scrolled back up hovered my mouse and realized the dice were a 5 and 6... not random :)

  • Fullrusher
    Fullrusher23 dager siden

    As a programmer this was just an episode of “ yeah I know “ lol

  • sonofsun
    sonofsun24 dager siden

    Yes 42

  • Davut Sauze
    Davut Sauze25 dager siden

    Little correction: 10 is less likely to occur than 7 in a random set, since you need both to get a one somewhere and to then get a zero right after it.

  • Golden Truth
    Golden Truth25 dager siden

    Yeah the rng was like ill let you win 250$ then 5 spins later another 250$ my first time playing slots

  • Michael Estwik
    Michael Estwik26 dager siden

    I knew it! I always thought Thoughty2 had something to do with Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy! And there it is, 42!

  • somerpg
    somerpg26 dager siden

    I'll show you random.... The Mega Millions lottery numbers will be as stated below some time in 2021. (Play at your own risk...) 18 - 23 - 32 - 45 - 62 (13)

  • garet claborn
    garet claborn26 dager siden

    "you can't hack into the radioactive decay of uranium" weeeeeeeeeellllllllllllll not so true anymore actually

  • madcatlady
    madcatlady27 dager siden

    the Cloudflare wall of lava lamps

  • Tshegofatso Phatlha
    Tshegofatso Phatlha27 dager siden

    "Whether you keeping random of videos of your CAT dashlane makes your internet IMPENETRABLE " I cant be the only one who heard this pun

  • daniel kinney
    daniel kinney28 dager siden

    I'm in love with the guy I cannot help it.

  • Gokes93
    Gokes9328 dager siden

    when did 'Arbitrary' become 'arby terry' ?

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström29 dager siden

    You talk of exciting random numbers facts - and forget to mention Lavarand! The Lava Lamp random number generator :P

  • Tiki ainapore
    Tiki ainaporeMåned siden

    As a Brit The nonce clarification was very much appreciated

  • Mal O
    Mal OMåned siden

    The lowly old Commodore 64 included a CSPRNG. The RNG algorithm was seeded by sampling the output of a hardware based white noise generator. The source of the white noise was a zener junction, whose output was dependant upon quantum effects. Some Intel chipsets, including the 820, used with Pentium 3s has similar hardware.

  • GachaCuber384
    GachaCuber384Måned siden

    I always wondered this!

  • GeeksMedia
    GeeksMediaMåned siden

    3:49 4T2. Little easter eggs like that make me love this chanel

  • Nionyx
    NionyxMåned siden

    Anyone else laugh when he said *nonce generation* aaaand then he clears up that he doesn’t mean paedo’s. Ahhh I love your videos Thoughty2

  • Peter Mainwaring
    Peter MainwaringMåned siden

    C'mon my PC switches off or crashes randomly. What about ERNIE?

  • Sawan Chauhan
    Sawan ChauhanMåned siden

    yes, finally you proved my point

  • Grant Weigel
    Grant WeigelMåned siden

    Unrelated to the video. Just wanted to share a story. My AP Bio teacher the other day was talking about evolution and how crude oil makes plastics. Then she was all like. “This is your problem” like mid lecture. She then talks about how we have to fix the energy crisis bc we only have 26 years of natural resources left. She then goes and talks about all of the extremely hard things our generation has to fix very soon if we don’t want to ruin humanity and the entire earth. So at this point the entire classes is stressing out for 2 reasons. We have to fix the earth, and the teacher stopped teaching and our test is tomorrow. Thanks for listening to my story. If anyone has any well thought out ideas on how to make flying cars (teacher said our generation is going to make that soon) or how to fix the energy crisis then hmu.

    ALAN MITCHELLMåned siden

    I don't trust random number generators like Google, I have watched them in competitions and the results were not equal

  • SlayerRaven
    SlayerRavenMåned siden

    The prayer at the end earned my like

  • ApocalypseOfSpoons
    ApocalypseOfSpoonsMåned siden

    Burma! (random comment)

  • Rudolf Wickond
    Rudolf WickondMåned siden

    My car keys end up in random spots. Thats true randomness.

  • Joseph Trillo
    Joseph TrilloMåned siden

    God not me lol no f

  • Joseph Trillo

    Joseph Trillo

    Måned siden

    A for a

  • Joseph Trillo

    Joseph Trillo

    Måned siden


  • Joseph Trillo

    Joseph Trillo

    Måned siden


  • Max CCFC
    Max CCFCMåned siden

    ahahah nonce generation nice

  • Jack
    JackMåned siden

    was it just me or does thoughty2 sounds like exurba1 at the end

  • zackishere1
    zackishere1Måned siden

    If you really think about it. Nothing is ever random. Even the roll of a dice could be calculated from the initial force of the throw, to the roll of the dice itself

  • DoppleSoddner
    DoppleSoddnerMåned siden

    Digits of Pi?

  • Daddy Sage
    Daddy SageMåned siden

    The generation of random numbers are too important to be left to chance.

  • MJcey 7 Lives
    MJcey 7 LivesMåned siden


  • Vindice Alcatraz
    Vindice AlcatrazMåned siden

    Who else saw the 69696? Lol

  • Metzen Boom
    Metzen BoomMåned siden

    Gacha games

  • k2d10tode11
    k2d10tode11Måned siden

    you i bow my head to the prayer but i just couldnt help not giggling!

  • Omar Abu Hijleh
    Omar Abu HijlehMåned siden

    Thoughty2: true random numbers are impossible for humans me: *bashes num pad*

  • Neal Durnin
    Neal DurninMåned siden

    Love the prayer. Brilliant

  • Viggo Ny Thomassen
    Viggo Ny ThomassenMåned siden

    Your videos have a good bass quality soundwise.

  • MaX St
    MaX StMåned siden

    its a fact that software developers state in their contract that they will leave themselves a backdoor open for access to their software

  • Jace Tyson
    Jace TysonMåned siden

    I have just switched Religions

  • ggghh1
    ggghh1Måned siden

    "Number from 1 to 10" about 1% choose 0. Nice.

  • Harold McBroom
    Harold McBroomMåned siden

    Is it possible that it could also be our vulnerability, if they can convince us that our encrypted codes are random and safe, while in fact they have the very fundamental keys by which to figure out any password, regardless of whether it protects your computer accounts, or bank accounts, if as you say, they are not as random as they would have us all believe? How could that be used against us! As far as password managers, I find I would forget my passwords if I let the computer fill them in all the time. Anything we can't understand from beginning to end, would be considered random, therefore I suggest we base our RNG off the Word of God.

  • eyeln9ne
    eyeln9neMåned siden


  • Vazgenius
    VazgeniusMåned siden

    For further info on this you can watch a vid on how Cloudfare generates their seeds. They use a wall of lava lamps, the camera takes a photo of it and uses the pixel data of the photo to gerenate the seed. A quite interesting implementation

  • Shiny sylveon M.L.G.
    Shiny sylveon M.L.G.Måned siden

    I have completely intuitively memorized the roblox RNG logic.

  • N. Alford
    N. AlfordMåned siden

    The casino slot machine algorithm is the worlds trickiest if you ask me....its also full of shit....

  • Savepoint
    SavepointMåned siden

    thats why i sometimes brick in yugioh duel links, the stupid rng betrays me

  • Austin Hernandez
    Austin HernandezMåned siden

    I believe randomness doesn't even exist. It's just what we used to describe what we can't understand.