According to Science This Clown Should Scare You

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Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British NOlocalr and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos about science, tech, history, opinion and just about everything else.
Writing: David Elliott
Editing: Matt Murray
Script Development: Steven Rix


  • JoManOut
    JoManOut5 timer siden

    I've never been scared of clowns in my entire life

  • Josefina Wildflower
    Josefina Wildflower15 timer siden

    I've always liked clowns, even the scary-looking ones from the movies never scared me. I would be kind of creeped out if I saw a random clown standing perfectly still in a random place and just watching me for no reason, but that has nothing to do with the makeup or costume and everything to do with their odd behavior.

  • DarkLadyJade
    DarkLadyJadeDag siden

    I like clowns. I even met Bozo the Clown when I was little and got a photo with him. =) The only clown that I completely dislike and who actually scares me is Art the Clown; Art the Clown is a huge NOPE for me.

  • MAXIMUM caffeine
    MAXIMUM caffeineDag siden

    A quick scroll through thoughty2's uploads show that this video about scary clowns got way less views than usual. That's interesting, people are so upset by clowns that they won't even click a video about it.

  • Stupid Stories
    Stupid Stories2 dager siden

    i am in bed. i hate you for making me imagine that.

  • Senja Lönnqvist
    Senja Lönnqvist2 dager siden

    Yeah, the clown panic was a fun time. My parent's were so afraid to let me out on halloween (and I am from Finland) And we had some fun clown incidents too. It was fun, much more fun than this shitty pandemic. At least clowns are more intresting

  • TahoeBarnett
    TahoeBarnett4 dager siden

    "its just not right"

  • Fernanda Barboza
    Fernanda Barboza4 dager siden

    Comment to please NOlocal's algorithm.

  • venice
    venice5 dager siden

    If you're afraid of clowns, don't ever go to stan twitter you'd be terrified.

  • Sean Awesome
    Sean Awesome6 dager siden

    When I viewed my dead grandpa, I was so tightly wound; I kept fearing he'd look up and say "boo!" or something!

  • KommSpaeterWieder
    KommSpaeterWieder7 dager siden

    But what about the pied piper. Just a thought

  • chaos control
    chaos control7 dager siden

    That clown looks like My ex girlfriend so I should be fine (Just a joke)

  • Ik Jerz
    Ik Jerz7 dager siden

    When I was a kid, I hated clowns. Although I wasn't scared of em, I used to question why people and the other kids love them. They are boring.

  • Reaper
    Reaper8 dager siden

    This man is hilarious but insanely smart I like it.

  • Dionne Daniels
    Dionne Daniels8 dager siden

    My mum has quite a collection of clowns, which explains why they've never fazed me

  • FIRE STORM 3692
    FIRE STORM 36928 dager siden

    Ah pagliachi that one I find rather calming. Fuck all the others clowns but that one and ledger

  • No One
    No One8 dager siden

    Well... Let's read It (one more time)

  • Living Epicness
    Living Epicness8 dager siden

    Internet trolls are indeed the modern killer clowns. We may not see their ugly painted faces, but we see their ugly painted natures. I do not fear clowns though, they are just doing their jobs, wanting to get paid.

  • Deadlytiger909
    Deadlytiger9098 dager siden

    9:41 that's not the only reason u should avoid East london

  • War_Primus773YT
    War_Primus773YT9 dager siden

    The only clown I accept is the joker and that's because he is my favourite character in batman.

  • Danilos S
    Danilos S9 dager siden

    Two words my friend: Warner Brothers

  • Lemon Joyz
    Lemon Joyz9 dager siden

    But... I like clowns. Even the edgy joker is pretty cool.

  • Shane Murray
    Shane Murray10 dager siden

    They really don't

  • Ricker’s Homestead A Hobby Farm
    Ricker’s Homestead A Hobby Farm10 dager siden

    When I see a snake I get sick to my stomach. Earth worms make me sick to bc they remind me of snakes.

  • Sina Jahany
    Sina Jahany10 dager siden

    I love this man 😄❤

  • Linda H
    Linda H10 dager siden

    Ronald McDonald killed kids with his greasy nuggets, and fries. lol

  • Linda H
    Linda H10 dager siden

    I hated the Circus.

  • Linda H
    Linda H10 dager siden

    Clowns are Psychopaths that haven't got even yet.

  • Joseph Torres
    Joseph Torres11 dager siden

    Regarding the 2016 event: That was just a partial crossover from Clown Town. The SCP Foundation was able to stop it from completely consuming our world however.

  • Native Afro-Ευrasion
    Native Afro-Ευrasion11 dager siden

    13:57 that looks rather like a instagram or snapchat filter than something scary lol

  • Gamer Brine
    Gamer Brine12 dager siden

    It actually is incredibly not scary

  • Nancy Main
    Nancy Main12 dager siden

    Buff Coulrophobia

  • rudy shepherd
    rudy shepherd12 dager siden

    i missed it - what science says what clown should scare me?


    didn't make sense to be scared of clowns ever to me!...might as well be afraid of a litter of kittens!.....figured i would glean something from this to empathise with ppl who have this phobia. NOPE, nothing...

  • RideTheLightning
    RideTheLightning12 dager siden

    What's wrong with clowns? Why so serious?

  • Sean A Tron 2000
    Sean A Tron 200012 dager siden

    13:15 holy crap

    DA CARLY14 dager siden

    What if I love clowns?

  • Tripptank
    Tripptank14 dager siden


  • Cannibal Clown
    Cannibal Clown15 dager siden


  • Brilliant Sparking
    Brilliant Sparking15 dager siden

    I think clowns are hot.

  • Casteo Acer
    Casteo Acer16 dager siden

    oh yeah God bless the queen

  • Casteo Acer
    Casteo Acer16 dager siden

    Bro if I become rich you AR going to be mine my main man

  • Cheri Anne S.
    Cheri Anne S.16 dager siden

    ✨😂Thoughty 2 ,you are sooo funny! "The comical maner is appreciated,as well as your amusing 'opinions' presented ''colourfully"✌🙅✨

  • Greg Hawkins
    Greg Hawkins19 dager siden

    Stop calling people by their last names. Call them by their first names.

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy21 dag siden

    if their was a clown looking at me while I slept I would just go back to sleep.

  • Enter Posthuman
    Enter Posthuman23 dager siden

    only in western countries

  • Mark S
    Mark S24 dager siden

    When I think of clowns I think of Batman.

  • To Serve Man
    To Serve Man25 dager siden

    The Killer Klown movie is great.

  • Curtis Bryce
    Curtis Bryce26 dager siden

    And yet, they all went to see "The Joker".

  • a gamer

    a gamer

    22 dager siden

    Me too and he was not even scary and I watched it at midnight

  • Gunnar Neumann
    Gunnar Neumann26 dager siden

    Clowns are awesome and are a source of many great childhood memories for me. It is very disappointing to see the profession disapate. They are no more terrifying than plumbers or electricians.

  • Carolyn S
    Carolyn S26 dager siden

    I was interested to hear what you had to say about this but I couldn't look at the video. I call it clownaphobia but to be honest, mimes, ventriloquist dummies, Victorian porcelain dolls, Cirque de Soleil ... they are all straight from the pits of Hell. And I have never watched a scary clown movie - who needs to?

  • inkwell flood
    inkwell flood26 dager siden

    Check out how many asteroids have hit earth, that's scary. Also - john wayne gacie.

  • chrisatfl
    chrisatfl26 dager siden

    Yeah Florida !!! We have more guns than people.... way more

  • everves
    everves27 dager siden

    I think it's a cultural thing. USA got millenial generation when this fear gained popularity and that gen is a gen of pussies.

  • magnusm4
    magnusm428 dager siden

    Meanwhile at SEGA: We'll make a new original character. But let's make it a jester clown, but make it cool and _attractive_ Board: GENIUS! Meanwhile somebody on DeviantArt and other art sites: So you're afraid of clowns? What if I made clowns awesome looking! You can't make nightmare fuel awesome! DA artist: *WANNA BET?!*

  • Invisible Man
    Invisible Man28 dager siden

    I find it weird that people are scared of clowns but not by Michael Jackson. 😱

  • Hickory Lemur

    Hickory Lemur

    26 dager siden


  • Aradacator
    Aradacator29 dager siden

    So like 1980s-1990s penguin then?

  • chris sibersky
    chris sibersky29 dager siden

    I thought IT was inspired by The Pied Piper. But if it's inspired by 3 Billy Goats it explains why the clown in the remake looks deliberately evil.

  • Ryan Green
    Ryan GreenMåned siden

    Not mentioning Stephen King's It starring Tim Curry. That movie practically murdered the clown industry.

  • MarkusBx
    MarkusBxMåned siden

    Most people that claim to be afraid of clowns just say so bc they think it’s cool.. it’s dumb. “The only thing I’m scared of is clowns..” Yea YEA 🙄

  • Tik Tok Stock Market Tips

    Tik Tok Stock Market Tips

    Måned siden

    Dude shut up nobody would lie about something their not scard of Source trust me bro

  • Jason Thacker
    Jason ThackerMåned siden

    Have you ever considered reading for audio books or something similar?

  • William Erickson
    William EricksonMåned siden

    Stephen King was said in an interview (or maybe it was a speaking event) that one inspiration for Pennywise was from a man on a plane trip who was dressed as a clown was sitting next to King who spent the whole flight in clown character. That kind of dedication is definitely unnerving.

  • Spiral Down
    Spiral DownMåned siden


  • AtomicThunder 27
    AtomicThunder 27Måned siden

    IRL Yeah if it looked like the Thumbnail

  • The Boy
    The BoyMåned siden

    Hi I'm a big fan of your channel and I just wondered how old are you ?

  • dickens Dickala
    dickens DickalaMåned siden

    Titles: Thoughty2: this clown should scare you according to science Vsauce: why are things creepy?

  • Dan DA little Man
    Dan DA little ManMåned siden

    I mean. I used to be scared of them a lot when I was younger.

  • Cannons3395
    Cannons3395Måned siden

    I don't think that revolver around min 1540 had a firing pin. Although I'm not the best expert when it comes to guns

  • hyped hedgehog
    hyped hedgehogMåned siden

    My mom and older brother are terrified of clowns but they don't disturb me at all

  • Shin Drad
    Shin DradMåned siden

    im more scared of insects than i will ever be of clowns

  • Zoobie Loobie
    Zoobie LoobieMåned siden

    My mom is scared shirtless by clowns.

  • zaqzilla1
    zaqzilla1Måned siden

    I was actually surprised no clowns got shot in 2016.

  • Juan Bonet
    Juan BonetMåned siden

    My grandmother who raised me collected a s*** ton of porcelain clowns so I grew up never afraid of them

  • Lost Swamp
    Lost SwampMåned siden

    I blame Joker, pennywise and that serial killer for this phobia of clowns.

  • EinsamPibroch278
    EinsamPibroch278Måned siden

    Clowns are Unknowable? So they're Eldritch Beings?

  • Sally Kilby
    Sally KilbyMåned siden

    Never really had a fear of clowns when really young, unless their eyes or smiles were too big, Punch & Judy really creeped me out though & their annoying voices gave me a headache. 😁 But in the last few years clowns are looking horrific. I hate going by any costume shops esspecially at Halloween as they are just ridiculously scary, not just for adults ,but to kids they are terryfing. I think the really scary masks should be banned. As for the pranksters well they will only push their luck so far until one day someone probably an angry parent will get their revenge on them. 😬

  • Texas Red
    Texas RedMåned siden

    what's the matter kid, don't you like clowns? -Captain Spaulding

  • Marley Bedford
    Marley BedfordMåned siden

    You are right I loath all of the above.

  • Isabell Laurila
    Isabell LaurilaMåned siden

    i am afraid of the clowns this is not a clickbait i am afraid of the clowns from isabell laurila

  • jose sampaio
    jose sampaioMåned siden

    When I was a kid my dad took me and my siblings to the circus on Christmas and our favorite act were the clowns. Until this day, clowns make me smile cause they make me think of a good time.

  • ICan'tSeemToFigureOutHowToSignInAtTheMoment
    ICan'tSeemToFigureOutHowToSignInAtTheMomentMåned siden

    John May Be In Jail But He Seems To Still Have His Smile

  • Anoahmous
    AnoahmousMåned siden

    Jokes on you, 2020 saw me develop a clown fetish

  • MingTuck Chung
    MingTuck ChungMåned siden

    Didn't understood what clowns were for as a kid until I saw the circus, then I never understood why clowns are scary even after watching IT.

  • Doomed Doggo
    Doomed DoggoMåned siden

    Watching this to get over my fear of clowns

  • Sally Kilby

    Sally Kilby

    Måned siden

    Has it worked for you though? as it hasn't for me still don't like them

  • Jim Dot Beep
    Jim Dot BeepMåned siden

    People gives clowns way too much crap.

  • Alexis Gutierrez
    Alexis GutierrezMåned siden

    I’m probably to say this but my high school had banned clown masks or any affiliated with clowns during October in 2016

  • Sally Kilby

    Sally Kilby

    Måned siden

    Not surprised really.

  • Gabriel 99
    Gabriel 99Måned siden

    DON'T talk abaut Michael Jackson,don t make fun of him,if you not understand just remein silent.

  • Reanna Davison
    Reanna DavisonMåned siden

    What if the fear was started by some sort of uncanny valley effect, someone who's job is to make you laugh, while looking terrifying? This started stories, and those stories created fear. That fear was spread through the media, and now even though clowns aren't popular anymore, we get this fear from our parents, our friends, and books and movies. What if we're afraid of clowns simply because some aspiring writer way back when thought someone in face paint was unnerving?

    IVELINAMåned siden

    Clowns are terrifying. Dolls 2

  • SalusFuturistics
    SalusFuturisticsMåned siden

    I love how you bring up Robin Williams, playing Patch Adams as "something right", when Patch Adams said he hated the Movie. That's the Level of Research

  • naoufal belkamel
    naoufal belkamelMåned siden

    Sacrificed the "stick a flag in it " promotion just to deliver that creepy ending

  • Baron Samedi
    Baron SamediMåned siden

    I can't believe that you didn't mention icp.. the clown based horror comedy rap group from the Detroit area.. they are great musicians and an awesome catalyst for many musicians to get signed to a record deal... They're quite well known for being clowns around the Midwest United States...

  • K Mitchell
    K MitchellMåned siden

    Scary clowns don't phase me... Regular clowns scare the crap out of me.

  • Llama Sugar
    Llama SugarMåned siden

    I started out watching these with captions. It was quite a while before I realized “42 here” wasn’t part of the introduction.


    Imagine being scared of a guy with makeup and a red nose

  • William Walkup
    William WalkupMåned siden

    John Wayne Gacy. Nuff said.

  • BmnGameBoy
    BmnGameBoyMåned siden

    I like clowns

  • Disaster Dinosaur
    Disaster DinosaurMåned siden

    Sweet tooth Twisted metal Especially the twisted metal black version

  • Leo Matthew
    Leo MatthewMåned siden

    Dolls period scare me. But it's to do with child hood shit me and my brother went through. Clowns as well. 3 1/2 yeats ago my neighborhood was terrorized by clowns at Halloween. They actually broke into my house when me and my brother were asleep. Thankfully we had a loaded gun and two massive battle axes. And in general weapons in our bedrooms. I guess clowns will learn to avoid a house with the children of a crazy Scotsman.

  • Steve Ross
    Steve RossMåned siden

    The only clowns that scare me are those idiotic ones in Westminster supposedly running the country. What a cock up they are making of it! The sooner we can get shot of them the better.