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  • WULF 182
    WULF 18210 timer siden

    Keene Gluey and the Wholly Innocent cemetary.

  • Von Goldfinger
    Von Goldfinger10 timer siden

    The book of Revelation was probably written in the time of Nero. We all know Nero & what he was about.

  • Tyler Sato
    Tyler Sato10 timer siden

    Good and bad is subjective

  • Erwin Roosjen
    Erwin Roosjen10 timer siden

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard anyone specifically call Covid the Mark of the Beast yet, as it seems to have reached humans via animals. Maybe the antichrist is a bat or a pangolin!

  • TheEVEInspiration
    TheEVEInspiration10 timer siden

    It's weird to go watch this and see what humans think!

  • GrumpyGrebo
    GrumpyGrebo10 timer siden

    ""I'm tired of trying to do something worthwhile for the human race, they simply don't want to change!" -August Dovrak" -Thoughty2

  • Google Is A Cruel Mistress
    Google Is A Cruel Mistress10 timer siden

    That sounds like just what the Antichrist would want us to think!

  • Ross Coupland
    Ross Coupland10 timer siden

    I personally dont no one person who had covid ???the hospital is empty ??so what's going on?

  • MrSaemichlaus
    MrSaemichlaus10 timer siden

    Glidden: "Typewriters will enable people to write much faster!" Sholes: "Wait wait wait, let's slow them down!!"

  • Dean Young
    Dean Young10 timer siden

    Lewis Latimer invented the carbonated filament that made Thomas Edison's electric light bulb practical. Without that filament, Edison's bulb could never have been mass marketed. Lewis Latimer was a Black man.

  • Richard Mängelmann
    Richard Mängelmann10 timer siden

    Don't forget the Fungus growing in Chernobyl right at the reactor where its most radioactive. It supposedly can transform radioactivity into its own energy.

  • DeJect
    DeJect10 timer siden

    Imagine all the others throughout time that created unbelivably intelligent pieces of engineering that have been lost through some means that we don't know about

  • Lighty
    Lighty10 timer siden

    RIP for those who remember the Skeleton on keyboard thumbnail

  • Hope Ann
    Hope Ann10 timer siden

    I live in the southern United States and toxic masculinity IS real here. Due to the religious beliefs of the area, women are treated like second class citizens. Ninety percent of the worst events in my life were caused by toxic masculinity. I thought you were a smart guy until I watched this video. I am really disappointed in your way of thinking

  • Bernie Zelvis
    Bernie Zelvis10 timer siden

    Too bad Tesla stole the polyphase motor IP from Galileo Ferraris.

  • Zoltergeist
    Zoltergeist10 timer siden

    It's kinda annoying hearing him call Poe as Egdar and not Edgar. Nice vid tho

  • logan
    logan10 timer siden

    i built stonehenge

  • sebastian
    sebastian10 timer siden

    vpn that doesn't log usage lmfao..

  • Fairy King
    Fairy King10 timer siden

    thumbnail should've been a bear with crab legs

  • Kachiri Beleza
    Kachiri Beleza10 timer siden

    I love the movie _Groundhog Day_ I seen many times since it came out in the 90's.

  • Brian Elkins
    Brian Elkins10 timer siden

    You need to read your bible, or you could go watch netflix's messiah. It's not meant to be, but is actually a spot on allegory for the antichrist. He's not a destroyer but a deceiver. Most will love him and want to believe he is Christ.

    JOHN SYKES10 timer siden

    It would seem QWERTY dominance is an english pheomon, here in France and most of Europe AZERTY is more common.

  • Genji
    Genji10 timer siden

    That’s insane. If you were to bring 6 kids from America, they’d probably only last 1-2 months max.

  • Nader Rafiee
    Nader Rafiee10 timer siden

    Its amazing how we give up on our children capability to think,(and our own lazy asses to do so on that matter) and instead of teaching them critical thinking and scientific facts we brain wash them, yes, that's the way to go according to history and it has always ended well.. Oh, wait :/

  • Flamer997
    Flamer99710 timer siden

    It's quite simple really, I take the whole video, let you take me to court and whilst in court you will have to explain the mistake and I will then know the mistake, and not tell anyone 😁

  • William Altizer
    William Altizer10 timer siden

    i hate it when i waste i my time with junk. boo! now that is way scarier. and boo to this video.

  • Richard Mängelmann
    Richard Mängelmann10 timer siden

    Now I feel like the trees are watching me whilst I walk in a forest. Just imagine that. Wegotta fly over that huge plastic continent in the ocean and let it rain fungi.

  • Matt Stiglic
    Matt Stiglic10 timer siden

    Isn't one of the leading causes of death currently iatrogenic death? many prescription medications (you know, the FDA approved ones) have been recalled and shown to cause horrible side effects, up to and including death? You made a point about how much money the homeopathic industry generates, tell me, how much money does the allopathic system generate? Pfizer alone has paid out over 4 billion dollars in lawsuits due to various corrupt reasons. Thats a drop in the bucket when looking at things objectively. I dont think either system is the answer. But to vilify one while touting the other as some sort of "smart" answer? Not a great idea. Also, regarding the cancer bit at the end, tell me, whats the success rate of the top method of fighting cancer, chemotherapy? You know, shooting radioactive isotopes into people, making them horrendously ill with a 5% success rate while making billions and billions of dollars for the medical industrial complex? This is a rather reductive video to say the least.

  • Michael Meredith
    Michael Meredith10 timer siden

    Bro i understand your british but you gotta pronounce the mayas correctly..... Its mi----- yuh. Not may- yuh..... Jesus you brits can pronounce anyting rite lol 😋

  • JustDio
    JustDio10 timer siden

    Me = Born Christian Also me = Yoo frick religion let's be half atheist Also also me = Yo I dont have any meme to think Also also also me = Why im unfunny

  • Andrew_Owens
    Andrew_Owens10 timer siden

    There is no more Western Sahara. It is Morocco now officially, since they recognized Israel.

  • Walter Fechter
    Walter Fechter10 timer siden

    I was kicked off Facebook. I'll cry tomorrow.

  • Hip-Hop Rap Storage
    Hip-Hop Rap Storage10 timer siden

    I am stupidly smart

  • Jeff Cordova
    Jeff Cordova10 timer siden

    The answer is simple: N O

  • jonathan rygg-berg
    jonathan rygg-berg10 timer siden

    if god is the king of all the devil the fallen angel he woud be the prins of the world.

  • Michael Meredith
    Michael Meredith10 timer siden

    Stuff and things are fun and crap

  • wassim games
    wassim games11 timer siden

    Seems like those christian scholars stole all their ideas from muslims. Look into it

  • Richard Mängelmann
    Richard Mängelmann11 timer siden

    Maybe us poisoning ourselves has an upside if it results in us getting infertile. Less human reproduction

  • Zakaria Salem
    Zakaria Salem11 timer siden

    i think that we know the earth isn't flat since the flat earth international convention is literally called "feic"

  • Kachiri Beleza
    Kachiri Beleza11 timer siden

    When you were saying you would have put it half way up the mountain, in a cave, protected by an evil goat... I would have thought you'd say it was protected by an evil bunny... You know like that _Monty Python_ movie. You're English... the movie is English. Why not an evil bunny?!

  • Oasis Peace
    Oasis Peace11 timer siden

    Stay woke

  • Keaton Huynh
    Keaton Huynh11 timer siden

    Thanks for the tips, it was really helpful!

  • Wolf Flame
    Wolf Flame11 timer siden

    Excuse me....... Commercial airliners fly ABOVE the clouds

  • Richard Mängelmann
    Richard Mängelmann11 timer siden

    So I could kill people I don't like with cherries? I do not like humans.

  • K3lp
    K3lp11 timer siden

    Who else wishes that they live in Finland?

  • 44 Hawk
    44 Hawk11 timer siden

    I could post a comment for the next half hour not touch app of what's wrong with this particular video. You're talking to dr. Mina who says nothing the supported by CDC or any other type of actual research done in the area of the spread of respiratory illness. I studied this for months in 2010 because of the totally inadequate response of the Obama Administration to the infections that were going around the country from 2008 to 2010 when I was attending college. There is so much wrong with every aspect of the examples that you spoke of that this is almost totally worthless. The only thing that I believe that you actually may have gotten right was that any relatively multi-layer mask interrupts the airflow enough to reduce the distance of aerosolized droplets. I usually enjoy your videos much better than this one. However one of the biggest things I learned when I studied this for several months in as much detail as possible by all the research, was that when respiratory illness droplets whether they be viral or bacterial, because of the protein casing that is on them get on a flat surface they become inert. Whether that is on your countertop on your hand or on the outside skin of your face. Less you're sticking your hand up your nose against the inside of your eyelids or into your mouth which I haven't done I think since I was 5, touching your mask or touching your face is not going to transfer the virus in to you. And unless it actually infect you and starts replicating, a huge part of whether or not you can even pass this, you'll probably be it pretty good standing. I had this virus back in April with dr. Fauci was intensely murdering people by lying to the population. Do I think that it can reduce the incidence of transmission, yes. Do I think it has on its own, killed 500,000 Americans at this point, absolutely not. The vast majority of those people had issues that were life threatening already before they caught the Cove in which means they had at least one if not multiple comorbidity issues that complicated the matter. Something that had at least in the United States turned into a political matter to be pointed directly at Donald Trump, the very first American politician who made a statement on January 25th of the Year 2020 that this could very well be quite dangerous. And then you stupidly take up the outlet valve argument. If you don't have the virus and you inhale air that doesn't have the virus in it because you've been hailed it through a filter. Exhaling clean air is not going to get other people's sick. One thing I will offer, if you take your mask off in your vehicle before you go into your home and lay it on the dashboard so that the sun strikes it it will be perfectly sterilized the next time you want to use the mask. Best thing that has happened recently is are finally realizing that did not people have had this virus that the transmission levels are dropping precipitously. Exactly what herd immunity dictates. At Bay exactly describe herd immunity what they're talking about giving people the vaccine. Because it gives them a small portion of the virus so that their body will either present itself with T Cell immunity or antibody immunity and the virus will go away. the only on Shore thing is it it is a Cove advisors which is basically the same type of virus that causes the common cold. And we know that the cold mutates quite quickly. You never ever catch the same cold twice. Because once you caught a cold who are immune to that particular strain of the cold.

  • Mark Wignall
    Mark Wignall11 timer siden

    Loving the narration haha

  • JM Dromanah 2.0
    JM Dromanah 2.011 timer siden

    Plot twist: The Antichrist is right behind you

  • Robert Glass
    Robert Glass11 timer siden

    It's Capone, not "Caponay". Everybody knows that. And don't try to blame your English accent, while you pronounce Nike brand shoes like "Mike". Dude, I love your channel, but seriously...

  • jay Sheffield
    jay Sheffield11 timer siden

    Fourty2 watched that weird girl on Joe Rogan

  • Shutup Donnie !
    Shutup Donnie !11 timer siden

    Why is this not a movie??

  • Georg Helpenstein-Michels
    Georg Helpenstein-Michels11 timer siden

    and today even we germans cannot help ourselves but laughing about "The Germans" episode of Fawlty towers, and having a fair amount of humor we could laugh about Mr Cleese even back then. But noone beats the americans they even (more then 4 years ago), voted a joke into the presidency. ;-)

  • wassim games
    wassim games11 timer siden

    2012 def had a lot of people scared more like 60%

  • Gordy Kilcollins
    Gordy Kilcollins11 timer siden

    Sukuzzz. It's dude (or chik) that wrote the bible! Patsies

  • Tyler
    Tyler11 timer siden

    man of science LOL

  • tumtuaresagitur
    tumtuaresagitur11 timer siden

    FWIW: pariNaama-traya-saMyamaad atiitaanaagatajñaanam (ati-ita-an-aagata-jñaanam).... ; ) (suutra III 16)

  • Sophie
    Sophie11 timer siden

    For some reason I have a memory of kissing my friend when I was 5 years old. I still don’t know if it’s true or not but the fact that I remember exactly where and how it happened is really disturbing. The weird thing is that I remember kissing my friend in front of my other friends which makes it even weirder. Ir’s the wierdest memory I have and I have no idea if it is even true.

  • Orange Turtle
    Orange Turtle11 timer siden

    Yes it lives in the heart and soul of mankind. The four horseman are real. War Famine Conquest Death These are all real things.

  • Kachiri Beleza
    Kachiri Beleza11 timer siden

    Wait... What?! People are not that interested in happy endings (books/movies)? What the fur ball!!! I hate so many movies having sad endings or even if the best characters end up dead part way through. For example, _(SPOILER)_ when Dobbie, A Weasley twin, Snape and Dumbledore died in the Harry Potter movies. For me, that really ruined them movies. I was P'd off about that! Sure I like the gruesome stuff, the action and deaths are okay in movies, but with a happy ending. See, for me, movies should be a fantasy world, not reality, the way things work in the real world. If I want reality, I'll just not watch movie and stick with the real world. I want the movies to be a way to get away from the real world for a while.

  • gregory baker
    gregory baker11 timer siden

    Elon musk

  • Ian Gopinath
    Ian Gopinath11 timer siden

    The Antichrist is basically anything against the truth of Christ. The spirit of the antichrist works towards this agenda. However there will be a final Antichrist in the tribulation who will ascend to highest position known to man and speak blasphemous things against God and work to change his laws. He will also be worshipped and adored by many and force people to get the mark of the beast in order to buy or sell. He will claim to be God and rule through military power. There will be no mistake to if it is the second coming of Christ. When Jesus comes back every eye and ear will see. He will return at mt olive. He will not be born again. He will descend from heaven with glory and power to destroy the Antichrist and his armies of the world. Every knee shall bow down to the King and after Jesus reigns for 1,000 years restoring the kingdom of earth back to peace and beauty the white throne of judgement will occur. This is where judgement will occur for the non believers. In order to attain life with God, you must believe in Jesus Christ. That you were a sinner, and because of sin it was deserving of death, and death means separation from God. But God so loved the world that he sent his Only begotten son, that whosever believeth on his name shall not perish but have everlasting life. Then by this you are imitating Christ in his death, burial and resurrection and living a new life for God. Since you were bought at a price, that price being Jesus Christ, a pure sinless man who lived for serving God and serving people. Those that do not accept Jesus are denying their sins and continuing to live a sinful life which in turn is serving the Devil which leads to separation for eternity.

  • Richard Mängelmann
    Richard Mängelmann11 timer siden

    I knew it. There are some people who are very much against leaving cats outside because of the birds. Which Is kinda just plain stupid, cuz we still cut down trees and destroy the birds living spaces, in the end killing more birds that the poor cats. Its weird how we try putting the blame onto other animals even. But about the bees, the wild bees are kinda endangered, not the honey bees themselves. Another kind of bee

  • Cassie Harris
    Cassie Harris11 timer siden

    Is it possible that the conditions of the very early universe alter the speed of the speed of light?

  • Eris Gh0sted
    Eris Gh0sted11 timer siden

    Asprin meth, cocaine, and 🍰. Sounds about right.

  • Fizzy
    Fizzy11 timer siden

    lol i had slow mode on so it was confusing.

  • Gordy Kilcollins
    Gordy Kilcollins11 timer siden

    Damn's ME bichezzz

  • martynas samsonas
    martynas samsonas11 timer siden

    most of the anime is adaptations of Light novels not mangas. it usually goes Light novel -> manga -> anime or Light novel -> Anime.

  • daniel_960_
    daniel_960_11 timer siden

    In 10 years you’ll just have a neuralink in your brain and just think the letters/ words you want to type

  • Ștefan Alexandru
    Ștefan Alexandru11 timer siden

    College takes your money, time and energy and in exchange indoctrinates you.

  • Yanislava Hristova
    Yanislava Hristova11 timer siden

    Fokke ... :D

  • Mike69
    Mike6911 timer siden

    Climate change ? It's bullshit ! The climate has always changed .

  • Kate Learoyd
    Kate Learoyd11 timer siden

    Many people we refer to as "friends" are really acquaintances, or work or study colleagues, but for some reason in English speaking countries it's considered rude to call someone an acquaintance. Although in Polish language and culture, one only has 2 or 3 friends - which an English speaker would refer to as a 'best friend' and everyone else is an 'acquaintance' or a 'colleague'. I would only consider a few people to actually be my friends, but then my mum is Polish and it seems in this area I tend to follow her culture.

  • ᛁ ᚨᛗ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᛗᚨᚱᛏᛁᚾ ᛒᛅᚱᛅᚾᛏᚱᛅᚴᛏ
    ᛁ ᚨᛗ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᛗᚨᚱᛏᛁᚾ ᛒᛅᚱᛅᚾᛏᚱᛅᚴᛏ11 timer siden

    Prepare to get the mark.

  • Celestial
    Celestial11 timer siden


  • Pidde Bas
    Pidde Bas11 timer siden

    I pointed Google Translate at it (set to autodetect) and it did manage to make some of the text coherent and readable.

  • Cons Piracy
    Cons Piracy11 timer siden

    what if those AI were serial killers and balls meant trophies. male testicle and female eggs. so they were competing to who can kill the most. and one was claiming all of it belongs to me to me to me

  • Chris Scamdemic
    Chris Scamdemic11 timer siden

    if you think man landed on the moon then I have a bridge to sell you.

  • Markus Pfeiffer
    Markus Pfeiffer11 timer siden

    Sry for my Bad english:/

    PROMISE PHILIPS11 timer siden

    Epic intro 👌😎

  • Markus Pfeiffer
    Markus Pfeiffer11 timer siden

    Is it possible That we can change the physical gravity of our Planet , by changing our materia and getting toi mutch People on this Planet ?

  • John Noah De Andres
    John Noah De Andres11 timer siden

    No one gonna talk about that world record.